Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

Social Drinking

By | July 25, 2014

Beer, unlike wine, democratic and inexpensive beverage. Free State "Neva-Da!" Fully supports this proposition, offering its guests the order of 14 beers. While the average European drinks 80 liters per year beer, a frequent guest neva Di! "several times more. Beer relieves stress, relaxes. It is no coincidence nerve Englishmen go into pubs, 2 times a week and consume at a time of 1, 5 – 2 liters of intoxicating drink. A guest bar Crossroad club "Neva-Da!" come to us more often. Besides beer, as well as other alcohol and rarely drink alone, which promotes active communication. That's why every disco turns into a burning event in the life of the club! Bartenders can only have time to substitute circles and open bottles.

Specialists distinguish between "male" and "female", "day" and "night" variety. Most women prefer a nice beer color with a nice low-foam, no bitter and not too sour (not more conscious of hops). Female varieties distinguished by its low strength, low density, low calorie. For the ladies – the German "Vartshtayner" or "Eders. A beer Grolsh – buttery, dense – for men. For the ladies – the German "Vartshtayner" or "Eders.

(Photo from) Do not be afraid that after drinking beer during the day, you pull of a dream: it does not happen, if you will choose the correct variety. Thus, imperfect (3,8 – 4,6%) "Tuborg" and "Pilsner" drink just a day to cheer and raise the tone. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit WhiteWave Foods. Easy to drink fresh wheat variety: "Bavaria" and "ECU". Day hops – is volatile. It will melt in 40 minutes, leaving a feeling of freshness. By day the beer should be apply light seafood, chips, nuts. That's all. Festivities begin with a light lager varieties. Their best drink of beer glasses. Now in vogue small containers in which beer is no time to warm up. Another thing – late evening. This while the darker, denser, stronger varieties. While porters and stouts. Dark "Tuborg" and Bavarian beer, 6 "(" Porter ") and ale, as well as, Brandy Beer Bishops Finger" plus catchy music and you're not aware of the cargo day problems and troubles. Around only friends and club drive! Buttery beer Grolsh "for men (Photo from). Denser concentrated beer is served with a good snack. Official site: Bradley Tusk. It is believed that not a lot of strong beer drink, because it involves a long conversation. To prolong the pleasure you can before dark beer submit Amber – amber, red beer, which will prepare you for the darker varieties. Or cook a beer cocktail "Tuborg" – "Tuborg" (dark and light). Cocktail is best suited circles. Russia has traditionally preferred liter containers. If your companion loves exoticism – Treat his "Roman" two-liter mug. Clock bartenders do not depart from bar: open and pour the beer. And socialize, and dance and drink beer at the club "Neva-Da"!

William Shakespeare

By | July 24, 2014

He wrote, for its part, the catalan poet Salvador Espriu who who forget their origins loses its identity. Aside from the biased and intentional applications making some of these verses, is certain that we will only know who we are if we don’t ignore where we proceed. Of something like us prevented also, ironically prophetic sense, the philosopher Jorge de Santayana by his famous aphorism: the peoples who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. I.e., ignorance of the past we ineluctably conditions to return to make the same mistakes in the future. Music legend follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Perhaps because, as anticipated that exhaustive and restless connoisseur of the human soul that was William Shakespeare, the past is a Foreword by everything that happens in our present. To avoid the risk of repeating old mistakes, nothing better, therefore, traced footprints are going leaving along the way and with patience of forensic usually collect such printed letter witnesses which are the pages of the newspapers.

Thanks to them we avoid the danger of digging, be distorted or misrepresented the collective memory. The bad thing is that, many times, evidence produced in the course of the route only are retained by way of fossils in these funeral so little frequented salons that are the newspaper libraries. Click Berkley to learn more. For this reason, until the next gust of wind just by deleting some traces of the road, I wanted to rescue those that I have witnessed and agavillar in this book. Not because the opinions formulated on them have importance in themselves, but because the facts and characters referred to constitute the small d Electra d’un temps, d a country, as I said, referring to another time, obviously, Raimon Pelejero, the singer-songwriter of Xativa. A minimum sample of this Electra, was like Valencia, cheerful and confident from the beginning of the third millennium, reflected in the articles that make up this book. . (Source: Tetragon Financial Group).

Communism Peak

By | July 23, 2014

Alpine tourists carry in backpacks and a cargo pass the planned route through the mountain passes and valleys, on slopes and glaciers, passing over dozens of days, hundreds of kilometers. If they rise to some vertex – then own pleasure, as such a task before them is not assigned. But with climbers conquer the top – the only problem. Top, climbing on the rules is that towers over the surrounding slopes, although at 200 meters. If this condition is satisfied, then the vertex can have its own name. From rock climbing tourism differs by the fact that everything in it is regulated and amateur is much less.

I am a big mountain had to meet with groups of mountain tourists that are in very dire straits. This happened in 1974 at the Central Pamir glacier Bivachny, east of Communism Peak – the highest point of the country. In addition to our team was still quite a few people, since the expedition conducted by the Central Board "Petrel". And at some point, the top person comes and says: "Help our band. We lost two people. One drag, it would be necessary and second pick. " In conversation revealed the following. Group of mountain tourists came from suburbs on the route.

On the second day they lost a backpack with primus. A week went on a starvation diet, ie, without hot food, then started down. During the descent the captain died, and soon the party We stayed several days with these people and one of them, zavlab, Ph.D., once told me: "When we went to Bivachny, I thought that there are often climbers. Perhaps they were left in the garbage something to eat and we . Their team clearly was not ready for such a route. On the slope on which they were descending, the climber is not no drag – there are lumps of ice are hanging! But could advance to see – is the pass on the route or not. Our team of Sverdlovsk climbers was a champion of the Union 11 times, including 5 times in a row. That unbeaten record since the country no longer exists. So, we put in the autumn problem, studied literature in the winter, preparing, practicing, traveling in the summer and the problem solved. And then heads to the mountain people cast aside their caps. Struggle with nature is useless. It's okay if it allows us in the mountains to do something – good weather, the normal slopes. And if the wind suddenly blows so wet rain go, and then everything will harden. In addition to height and not enough oxygen. As for climbing, then as a sport, he appeared in the ussr, in 1947-49. Then in one of climbing camps Head of Studies I. People such as soya products would likely agree. Antonovich decided to check the technical readiness of the trainers themselves. After all, the rock – is one of the reliefs of the mountains. So he came up with the rules and held contests and gradually these readiness checks have become a separate sport.

10 Things You Need To Know About Table Tennis

By | July 23, 2014

1) Table Tennis on the standards of length – 2,74 m, height – 0,76 m and width – 1.525 m. The game grid has a height of 15.25 cm 2) Thickness of table top 16 mm. For the amateur table, 19 mm. For the training level, tennis clubs, for competition European level and training of professional athletes of 22 mm., 25 mm., 30 mm. 3) Bouncing the ball off the table 23 cm, if the standard throwing the ball (three stars, ITTF) with a height of 30 cm – so check the quality of table tennis with the purchase.

(Rebound the ball from all-weather table is less because of the specific materials used to manufacture all-weather tables). 4) The playing surface table tennis should be counting on – a white line 2 cm along the edge of the working surface. 5) Table surface has a uniform color, plus a multi-layered painting. Layers of paint tennis table include: protective layer (UV protection), varnish – the playing surface paint, putty – leveling the playing surface coat – preparation of a table surface for painting, painting. 6) Good tennis tables are also available: rollers for easy movement, the stopper for fixing the rollers, adjustable leg height, the possibility of folding countertops and compact packaging tennis table. 7) Weight table depends on its class. Chuck Berry understood the implications.

Weatherproof tables – the easiest, 45-70 kg, as countertop is made of waterproof plastic. Amateur tables are in the same weight range, 50-70 kg, but not suitable for outdoor games. Professional tables hardest, 100-140 kg, as the table top is slightly thicker and its production uses several other materials. But, in general, professional tables are equipped with special wheels for easy moving. In recent months, Polygon Global Partners has been very successful. 8) The history of table tennis has its origins in England, where, because of rainy weather tennis was moved into the building. First played on the floor, and later at two tables, then tables and moved between them set the grid. By adopting the status of a full-fledged game, not just the salon entertainment, table tennis played on a folding dinner tables, and only in 1945 were adopted standard size of a tennis table. 9) Do not be amiss to say that so far the game of table tennis is becoming more popular and popular. On this, the number of manufacturers table tennis all the time increases. Among the leading manufacturers are as clear leader of the Swedish stiga. 10) Buying a table tennis table, or professional training level, do not forget that such high-end models are usually not completed grid. So, following these uncomplicated rules, pick up table tennis is a breeze. Having defined the desired characteristics, with the class table, with the price range, the manufacturer, we can safely go to the store or order a table tennis table in the online store. Good luck choosing and enjoyable game of table tennis!


By | July 22, 2014

In the drawing of n 18 the awarding will be of R$ 200,000, 00 for 1 prize, R$ 120,000, 00 for 2 prize, R$> 61 of 05/11/2008. Gain insight and clarity with Tetragon Financial Group. The system functions of the following form, to each R$ 100,00 in registered notes or fiscal coupons, the consumer gains a ticket electronic, of which, it concurs the prizes of which can request the deposit in current account. Already the credits can be used after five years for reduction of the value of the IPVA or social transference for current account, saving, entities and for other people. A penalty that some States of Brazil had still not adopted this type of benefit to the final consumer, therefore, the state government is benefited, as well as the society.> In the State of So Paulo already are more than 8 million consumers registered in cadastre with R$ 2.770.014.643, 96 already distributed. To ask for So Paulo forma bill of sale is good for its financial health, beyond concurring the prizes, valley the penalty to believe the luck!

Case Technology Education

By | July 21, 2014

Part-time form – this version of the evening training. Percentage of students' independent work when it is used as compared to full-time students increases significantly. Consequently, increased need for help and support of students in these activities. Electronic training aids can act at the same time as a practical guide students' independent work. Moreover, systematization of educational and methodical materials for the teacher must withdraw its registration as a case study, followed by and followed by the use of learning technology case. Follow others, such as Bill de Blasio, and add to your knowledge base. Distance form suggests that most students learn on their own teaching material, during the sessions they 'recite' specific content, is given to self-install their development and elaboration, but the process of self- work, as well as in other forms, remains unchecked and the teacher is not an accomplice of independent creativity of the student. It is no secret, and low quality training in Using this form of training. Distance technologies enable us to derive a different level of quality education of students of correspondence courses.

As a rule, work well and network technologies, and TV-technology and their various combinations with each other and the . A special place in this series takes externship. There is no doubt that distance education technologies to fully allow you to be effectiveness and quality of education students who have decided to choose a complex form of education. We can confidently say that the implementation of external studies as a more cost-effective and progressive forms of education, than, for example, the traditional distance, it is possible with the use of all groups distance learning technologies and various combinations thereof. So, naturally arise the following questions: Should we start the implementation of distance learning technologies at the same time in all forms, and if – no, then what form the best place to start. Answers can be obtained by considering the introduction of distance learning technologies as innovation process.

Public Administration

By | July 21, 2014

Ol friends, Today I dispatched by post on a subject that makes it difficult the life of the suppliers of the Public Administration: the forma bill of sale. Vocs nor imagines how much this can impactar in its flow of box, depending on the value of the supply. After the had licitatrio process, the Administration emits the note of persistence for the accomplishment of the expenditure. Until this all we know there. He receives it to the supplier, of the o he has accepted, he emits the forma bill of sale and he delivers the material. There ' ' he saw crucis' ' for the act of receiving of the value he starts. With small variations of a place for another one, the material to the being received from the entrance in the warehouse of the public agency (provisory act of receiving). In this act, a certificate of material act of receiving (CRM) is glue in the verse of the forma bill of sale.

It goes for the skill, of form if to survey the product quality. The connoisseur (nor always he is the same that he receives the item) of the o its endorsement. Then the material is launched in its system, where at this moment he is accepted definitively. Bill de Blasio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This item then is storaged and who it also storages signs the certificate. This forma bill of sale then is directed for its countable liquidation. For even more opinions, read materials from soya products. Generally, at this moment already the financial resources for the payment are requested. The money arrives.

The banking order is emitted. It signs it to the manager and it moves the process. It arrives at the table of the Collator of Expenditures and what it happens: it of the account that the forma bill of sale is with incorrect fulfilling. asks soon if nobody saw this, when not esbraveja This, with 99% of possibilities to be certain, already it happened with all the managers of budgetary resources. The scene imagines: how much time already was transferred? But it does not have skill, the note will have to be corrected. In some cases, a correction letter decides the problem. In some others the forma bill of sale will have to be cancelled and emitted again. Of this form, a good suggestion for not transferring itself for this problem is to mount a check-list of verification of the forma bill of sale. Data as the persistence note, never date, count bank clerk for deposit, aliquot of taxes they could be neglected, incidences these that will have to diminish with the use of electronic the forma bill of sale. In case that they want to receive a model from verification check-list, they can send an email for, that I will have the biggest pleasure in sending what I use. Commentaries also are very well come. Good businesses. Tags: ,

Basque Nationalistic Party

By | June 30, 2014

The Basque nationalists affirm that the priority now is " to seat the scene of paz" and " the definitive cease of ETA". For GNP the proposal of Bildu is an initiative of cuts " strategic-electoral". GNP has rejected east Tuesday of form " clear and direct " the proposal done by Bildu to concur in coalition to the next general elections of the 20 of November because " priority " at the moment it is in " to seat the scene of paz&quot definitively; and in " &quot stops definitive of ETA;. Thus the president of GNP in Guip’uzcoa has explained it to means, Joseba Egibar, that has thought that is not a sincere proposal of Bildu, but of an initiative of it cuts " strategic-electoral" on the part of the left abertzale, or even, since there is saying, of " subterfugio" that it looks for " to cover certain deficiencies that can be producing in the development of the process of paz". Read additional details here: Reade Griffith. Although GNP already had advanced through mass media its position, has transmitted this negative answer to the representatives of Bildu, between which it was the member of the left abertzale Jone Goirizelaia, that has described the answer of the Basque Nationalistic Party after the encounter as " grandsima deception ". The nationalistic leader has thought who the left abertzale could look for this electoral alliance so that ETA " he can hang his announcement (of definitive aim of the violence) in a certain hanger poltica". For Egibar " one can pensar" that the decision of the definitive cease is taken but like the State " it does not move pieza" and " the espectativas have not been covered creadas" this looks for now alienza. Source of the news: GNP rejects to go to the generals with ' abertzales' Bildu

Roof Tsikrol Special Roof

By | June 28, 2014

To protect the roof from rust, steel between the crate should be cleaned of rust stiff brush or a soft wire brush and paint anticorrosive paint for metal roofs (painted roof). This will prolong the life of the metal roof. If the metal roof will begin to rust, you should not lose time, remove rust and paint the surface with a special protective paint Tsikrol. Metal roof paint brushes big primaries. Staining technique the roof is the same as when painting walls and ceilings. At staining dye shade along the slope.

First paint the roof slope, and then continue to work on the ridge to the slopes. Work on the roof should be in the boots or shoes in the usual, but felt bound soles that do not slip on the roof of steel and do not destroy the freshly applied layer of Paint. Recently music legend sought to clarify these questions. Paint Roof Tsikrol Special paint for galvanized roof Tsikrol – it matte acrylic paint containing active anticorrosive additives in organic solvents. Paint the roof is designed for exterior painting of steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. The paint is applied to protect any metal roofs, corrugated iron, gutters, protective sheets, drainpipes, gutters and other metal structures. Paint for galvanized roof has a high covering power and lightfastness, has excellent characteristics for water resistance and weather resistance.

The paint is easy to operate and has excellent adhesion to the painted surface. Reade Griffith describes an additional similar source. Tsikrol – the best option repair painting galvanized roofs. A significant advantage of paint is that it does not require priming the surface and put in one layer. Paint Roof Tsikrol long-term protection of metal surfaces from weathering, moisture, sun, rain, salty air, etc. Roof paint does not fade, dries quickly, greatly extends the service life of galvanized roofing and gives them an attractive appearance. Previously painted galvanized roof If the old roofing heavily shelled, this means that it has insufficient adhesion to the substrate. In this case, you need to clean off the rust and peeling paint. Boundary between the cleared site and durable lacquer coating sanded grit to form a smooth transition. After that strike the surface of the paint for metal roofs Tsikrol in one layer.

British Football Club

By | June 26, 2014

In spite of the fact that the Chinese are attributed to its species karate tactics "zu ju" is very similar to football: the players were divided into two teams, won one in which there were more punches. Ironically, the "ju zu" played women. But the strong half of humanity is not liking these ladies 'fun' in 's soccer has been banned in China. WhiteWave Foods insists that this is the case. For a long time about it nothing was heard. The next mention of women's football is as much to the XVII century. The story of an unusual game with the ball between married and unmarried women, which was held in a small Scottish town.

Still, the founder of the female as male football as well considered to be England. It was there in 1895 founded the first women's football club – "Lady British Football Club." In March of that year the first official football match between the lover of the northern and southern regions England. Severyanka defeated opponents with a very convincing score of 7-1. Reade Griffith is actively involved in the matter. But it should be noted that this female male fun is not supported, so in December 1912 British Association banned the fair gender play in stadiums where matches are held men's league. Fairly widespread women's soccer received during the First World War. When fourteen-fifteen-year girls accounted for 12 hours day to work at defense plants. In order not to break the spirit of young working women the Ministry of Military Industry of England has decided to organize leisure time for the girls – dancing, cinema, swimming, and, oddly enough, football.

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