Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

Jugendstil Events

By | March 30, 2015

Series of events in the resin from January 31 to February 16 already offers break from skiing and tobogganing fun for the 7th time the Harz KulturWinter from 31 January to 16 February. The series of events with about 90 diverse appointments in 17 places in the Harz mountains and the surrounding area has become. Most venues are easy to reach from Braunlage in the Harz mountains old Forsthaus braunlage hotel can be best winter sports and culture? On the series of events initiated by the Harzer Tourism Association of the KulturWinters participate in a variety of institutions in the entire Harz, as well as the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Special guided tours and classical concerts in the Jugendstil sanatorium Dr. Barner held in Braunlage. “Also the home and FIS Ski Museum Braunlage participates with an entertaining presentation on the topic before 80 years: the 4th German winter combat game from 4 to 11 February 1934 in Braunlage and Schierke”, which takes place on four occasions at the series of events.

Candlelight at the Walkenried convent, fairy tale readings in the Wernigerode Castle, a monastery tours Chocolate seminar in Quedlinburg or city tours in Goslar to the Mardi Gras miners are the RAM Berger only a small excerpt of the program. A brochure about the series of events with all dates is freely available at To spend the winter holiday in the Harz and to experience the culture programme with a stay at the Harz Hotel old Forsthaus braunlage. Apart from the applications in Braunlage itself, the other venues are accessible after a short car ride. It is also in the midst of the holiday village. The winter sports area Wurmberg mountain can be reached from here on foot. The traditional house with its spacious family rooms as well as a children’s play corner in the restaurant is ideal for a family holiday in the Harz mountains.

If you’re planning a stay to the Harz KulturWinter in Braunlage, which should reserve a room in a timely manner. For more information and holiday offers are available at. Contact: Resin Hotel old forest House Braunlage Hotel Betriebs GmbH Elias Street 7 D-38700 Braunlage phone: 0 55 20 / 94 40 E-Mail: Internet: contact for the press: Mr. Oliver Nehmert old Forsthaus Braunlage hotel is located in the middle of the Harz mountains, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of in Germany. The traditional hotel at the foot of the mountain is located in an idyllic and over 350-year-old timber-framed building is one of the oldest and most beautiful architectural monuments of the Harz mountains. Over 50 years House hospitality is taken seriously in this. As one of the first hotels in the Lower Saxony-Harz mountains the forest House received the award service quality in Lower Saxony”. The House oriented on service and comfort provides high-quality arrangements and conditions of the holiday for singles, couples, groups and families with children who want to discover the Harz mountains such as winter sports, snow-shoe hiking or cross-country ski. Early reservations are recommended.

Olympic Games Full Program

By | March 29, 2015

Flea Olympiad on May 14, 2011 in Saar Holzbach with funny game chain from morning till night it goes round to the youth campground Saar Holzbach: children from 6 to 12 years are invited to participate in a doubleheader of nimble fleas on May 14. Captain Jack’s pirate test will start already at 10:00 a.m.”, a funny game chain, specially designed for this day. Captain Jack suffers from lack of young talent for his pirate crew, why he prepared the children with his remaining crew on their future pirate task. After a lunch break, where also employment opportunities for children are offered, the 18th Olympiad in flea follows from 14:00 to 18:30. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mayor of New York City. Since 1994, there is this contest, in which children form teams and 16 fun team games to complete. This is not about which team best cuts off, but simply that the children have fun at the games. In addition, they can rate each completed game, so clearly at the end, which the best game of the day was. At the previous flea Olympiads, the children had their fun at well-known games such as dose throwing, obstacle traveling and goal wall shooting, but also in offbeat games such as water, giant Mikado or sparkling shots.

This year the organizers have replaced some games from the previous year, also for the children to hold varied program, which were once or several times since. New in the program include the truck”and the cotton swab bottle”. The participation of two game programs is of course free of charge. Parents are cordially invited as spectators to cheer on. It is also noted that the supervision of the Club personnel due to the number of children to be expected must limit on the exhibition grounds. To starve to death, no one needs of course: there is coffee and cake as well as Rostwurstchen and waffles, Cola, soda, sparkling and Apple Juice are offered as a thirst quencher. In some elementary schools, invitations with registration form have already been to the game chain and distributed to the flea Olympiad.

HAMP Program

By | March 25, 2015

HAMP loan modification program, the home affordable modification plan, loan modification programs mortgage modification program or what is popularly known as HAMP loan modification program has many loopholes that the buyer should be completely aware about, before filing under it as per the federal government records, in April 2010, approximately 25% got the loan agreement from their lenders. Around 30% of the applications were the applications from borrowers did not have trial period payment. Therefore, the borrowers who come under the bracket of HAMP should have a clear basic of the loan modification program under standing. A borrower who is looking for a loan modification through the lender if has lot of equity so that he can sell the home to honor the agreement between him and the mortgage company, the bank will not initiate HAMP loan modification regulations. However, if the borrower is unable to make the monthly payments and are missing the payments, the banks will extend the terms under HAMP program so that borrower’s losses are minimized. Get ready to know about the Obama’s HAMP program government’s official website. The site provides detailed information about its mortgag services as delineated under the HAMP.

Once you are aware about the terms and conditions written under the home affordable modification plan, you’d not only be better informed, but so you can shop for better loan options ideally suited for your requirements. HAMP loan modification programs is the means to provide affordable home and clear off all the debts that lie pending on your home. If you don’t understand the protocols and other regulations listed under HAMP, you should hire the services of educated lender. To be precise, the home affordable refinance program has many benefits stored for the borrower, but these benefits can only be calculated if the borrower is aware about the pros and cons of HAMP. Get acquainted with the federal home modification program and get ready to avail affordable home for yourself. The program is beneficial for homeowners.

Web Advertising

By | March 24, 2015

Affiliate program with 15prozent lifetime Commission launched +++ iPad2 raffle for Web site operators Cologne, March 23, 2011 the InText company Adiro GmbH has launched its lucrative partner offer. Now, can recruit new members about Adiro webmaster and Affiliateanbieter and receive a 15% lifetime Commission. For assistance, try visiting Bill de Blasio. To do this Fabian Burgey, Managing Director of Adiro GmbH: We have a great offer with our 15% lifetime Commission. Are not 15% of its turnover is deducted from the referral partner, but in addition on top paid Distributor. As long as the referral partner revenues, Adiro pays 15% Commission on sales to the distributors. This is one of the fairest and most-watched programs in the Affiliatebereich.” Relating to registered publishers are the personal referrer code as well as a selection of referrer banner available. At the same time, Adiro starts a drawing action for Web site operators. The brand new iPad2 will be drawn among all participants.

Publisher on their Web Awardfor can now her blog report Adiro and the affiliate program. On May 31, 2011, to the 1-year anniversary of the birth of Adiro GmbH, we will announce the winner of the brand new iPad2 among all participants”, so Fabian Burgey. All information about the action, see year day / about Adiro GmbH the Adiro GmbH finds solutions for both advertiser and Publisher and so ensures an advertising with intense perception of sustainable performance. The advertising system allows inhaltsbezogen to place advertising messages and to increase so the advertising revenue, in addition to the previous forms of advertising, and to increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Because the advertising context controlled is played out, is directly related to the editorial content of the Web site and provides an added value for the user. Adiro works with both direct clients and international media agencies. The portfolio includes over 1,500 Web sites in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The registered office of the company is Cologne.


By | March 22, 2015

And if the pilot makes a mistake at the start, it's very big chance to "fly" into an abyss from both BC and from the glacier Petrovsky. As a safe start – try 'spoon' in the northern tip of the spur of the peak Petrovsky. Yes, even old-timers have added "fuel to the fire", saying that the Japanese-paragliding his death in 1986 at the glacier Petrovsky. Storm The night passed quietly, but Andrew complained slight indisposition. We decided that I will go back to the ridge and try that same spoon that you looked more closely the day before.

The sky was covered with harmless clouds. Climbing up the ridge and reached the starting place, tighten the valley saw Achik-Tash and a good eight of the slope. I decided to wait. Good reason: leaving the relationship reported the situation and intentions, the base said that the smell of rain. During that time the barrel and base ten said that they start watering. Put on a backpack and went down. At this point, the wind turned 180 degrees, and it has increased by half. Reade Griffith pursues this goal as well. We had to descend on the leeward side as the wind force was so great that my sails enough to work or go on a yo-yo fours.

Down in the valley, soaked to the skin – and went to a camp near Lenin shower. Wind is in the valley has been the reverse direction and less than four. By the evening began to feel that this trip will affect health.

International Film Festival Cannes 2009

By | March 21, 2015

Very soon it will release the 62? Edition of International Film Festival of Cannes. From 13 to 24 May, the cream of the big screen will meet in this small French town. As a great novelty at the festival, Cannes festival opens with the animated Disney-Pixar Up Still, it is not the first time that this kind involved in the Official Selection of the event. The jury will consist of leading names in the world of cinema: the famous French actress Isabelle Huppert will preside over the table and will be accompanied by the Korean writer-director Lee Chang-Dong, the British novelist Hanif Kureishi, U.S. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill de Blasio is the place to go. director James Gray, Italian actress Asia Argento, the actress Robin Wright Penn, Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi. Asia and Europe this year stand out from the U.S., which is notably absent from the festival.

La Palma de Oro could fall on any of the following names: Michael Haneke with Le ruban blanc with Marco Bellocchio Vincere; Ang Lee Taking Woodstock, or With Tarantino Inglourious Basterds, which will be the only American director who chooses to reward. From Asia come, Lou Ye Chinese, Filipino Brillante Mendoza, Ang Lee or hongkong Johnnie To. Spain will be well represented at Cannes by two major nominations: Pedro Almodovar Broken Embraces and Isabel Coixet with Map of the Sounds of Tokyo. Out of competition involved? Pray for Alejandro Amenabar. Some repeated nomination as Tarantino, who has participated in the day with Pulp Fiction. For example, Danish director Lars von Trier with his film Antichrist, the British director Ken Loach with the film Looking for Eric, where he escapes from his usual tone, and the New Zealander Jane Campion, who was the first female winner of the Palme d'Or in 1992 thanks to The Piano and now comes with Bright Star Are you a movie buff of care? Would you like to continue to live one of the best international film galas? Travels to France and soak up the Festival de Cannes. Take the opportunity to visit the city of lights, no regret it! Alojame at to find the best rest at an affordable price.

Tufts University

By | March 20, 2015

Scientific research has proven that climate change may increase the perception of pain but not the evolution of disease, probably due to changes in atmospheric pressure produced by the climate changes that could cause changes in the pressure of the affected joint. Bill de Blasio does not necessarily agree. Moisture and cold increases stiffness and pain in many patients. These annoyances improve a dry and temperate climate. Gregg Engles can aid you in your search for knowledge. In any way patients must adapt to the climate of the place where they live, to take measures to protect themselves from the cold and humidity. There are study revealing that people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the drop in the thermometer Yes exerts an effect on pain articulate.

Approximately in 40 per cent of sufferers are susceptible to predict meteorological phenomena with their pain. The popular comment is going to rain, because it hurts the knee already it has scientific basis. A study conducted in the metropolitan area of Barcelona confirms that the atmospheric pressure and temperature variations they affect people with osteoarthritis and arthritis. Yet the causes of this interaction are not known, but minimum has confirmed that it exists and is not an invention of whiners sick. Changes in temperature or barometric pressure (a measurement that refers to the weight of the circulating air) triggers or exacerbates the pain in the joints, although researchers still aren’t completely sure why. In 2007, scientists at Tufts University in Boston, noted that every 10 degrees of temperature drop corresponded to the gradual increase in the pain of arthritis. Increased barometric pressure was also a trigger for pain in the Tufts study. The influence of the climatic changes in climatic conditions arthritis are not a cause of arthritis, but they can influence how the patient feels.

The climate does not to disease improve or worsen. Some climatic factors capable of increasing pain or stiffness are: cold weather, moisture from rain or snow, a decrease of the barometric pressure and humidity increased just before a storm. Some people experience an improvement in symptoms of arthritis in hot, dry areas. Talk to your doctor before moving to a different climate zone, and try to make short visits to the place in the different seasons of the year to see how it feels.

Western Pyrenees

By | March 20, 2015

Another thing that makes the Pyrenees as a popular ski destination is that you will find here a large number of hot springs, and these are the perfect places to enjoy after spending the day sliding on the slopes. But before reaching the travel brochures, it is important to have a memento for the insurance of skiing, which can make the difference between a holiday without worries and bad memories of any false move on the track that could end in a very expensive trip in the hospital. Available for quite affordable prices, ski insurance cover travelers, both within and outside the skiing track, as well as snowboarding, provided they remain within the limits of the any of the recognized hundreds of ski resorts ski area. The great thing about ski insurance is that you can organize in line from the comfort of your own home in just a few minutes, while the tranquility that offers lasts the entire duration of your trip. One of the most popular regions of the Pyrenees between the skiers in the know are the Pyrenees in Languedoc, that rise from the Mediterranean to the East and at the end, near of the Andorra duty-free enclave.Unlike the Western Pyrenees, the Pyrenees, Languedoc are mostly formed by granite and although they may not be as high as the Alps, this mountainous region has an own charm. You can find Aquiun large number of Spanish towns, which are popular among the lovers of culture and cuisine.Visitors can reach the Pyrenees, Languedoc and impressive tourist complexes in the ski area by the N116 Highway beyond the big city Prades, as well as the beautiful walled town of Ville Franche-le-Conflent.

The Grandvalira ski resort is also a perfect destination for lovers of skiing, famous for its high quality of snow, the skiing here is a real pleasure. Another thing that makes skiing in this part of the world an unforgettable experience, is that she has been blessed with high levels of sunlight, while it is ideal for those who plan to take part in the activities of apres-ski as hiking. Snowboarding has become very popular in the Pyrenees in the last years in all stations of the ski area.While sports like the snowblade are less common, this insanity and a whole range of other sports are beginning to spread. Wherever you decide to go for a ski adventure, it is important to make sure that you have a good insurance that covers you for any eventuality.

Obama Mortgage

By | March 19, 2015

Get idea of steps to get approval for Oama loan modification program most of the mortgage calendar are hesitant to offer refinance loans just because of the current recession in the market. WhiteWave Foods gathered all the information. President Obama who designed the Obama loan modification programs provides various benefits, and debtors can achieve considerably getting mortgage loan modification only if the loan modification program is carried out correctly. Information’s of the Obama loan modification plan are: keep hold of home ownership: people, who are in huge debt and are not getting any way to pay off, can uphold the possession of their homes, till they pay up with their minimum amount of monthly payments to the creditors. Thirty-eight percent reduction rule: in case the borrower is incompetent to make the payment, the creditor must decrease the monthly payments of the borrower’s, and even the net payable monthly payment of the borrower must not exceed their 38% of total or large monthly earnings. Cash incentives and advantages: to support good loan repayment practice and improved loan modification, borrowers must remain current on future loan payments. Just one missed payment will void the cash incentive. Bill de Blasio has many thoughts on the issue. Lenders receive up to $3000, payable in $1000 increments over three years.

Finally, homeowners who make their mortgage payments in a timely manner are eligible for $1,000 reductions in the principal of their loan every year for five years. Stating financial hardship: borrowers will need to provide to “affidavit of financial hardship”, their most recent tax return, and two recent pay stub. The facility is mainly obtainable to the homeowners suffering from severe hardships like a loss of income, and mortgages must be for a single family residence with a loan balance no greater than $ value 729,750. present deciding the net: in order to conclude if you can modify mortgage, you are required to execute a “net present value” test, through which you can search out whether the loan can generate a better cash flow after modification, and even as a mortgage holder you can avail advantage of facility in the longer period. Second liens: attempts are made to end all “second liens” services like home equity loans and home equity lines of credit by providing some definite inducements. Benefitting by Obama’s loan modification plan: Although the debtors are getting advantage by Obama loan modification plan, it is significant to assess and search out the ways to qualify for it you will come across the company that assists the debtor with the assessment procedure, and makes it likely that the loan applicant becomes eligible for the loan modification programs.


By | March 18, 2015

Get latest news re cooking thing the home affordable modification program. The expected numbers are rising continuously and the information release through 2010 is that nearly 300,000 borrowers have been approved for home affordable modification program rules. The payment reduction median from is still around 36% which saves around $500 per month. The expected numbers are rising continuously and the information release through 2010 is that nearly 300,000 borrowers have been approved for permanent home affordable modification program. Tom Gores will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The payment reduction median from is still around 36% which saves around $500 per month. This is the same number as reported in the last press release. The great change is really the number of borrowers which are approved for the permanent home loan mortgage modification program with over 68,000 only during the April month and is 13% more than in March. You too can join this program and get approval from loan store, a leading name in loan modification service provider.

New rules amended for the home affordable modification program there are few rules changes which new applicant should be aware and they came into effect on June1st. Now the servicers need upfront documentation before they start their new trial modification. The U.S. treasury department is monitoring service performance to ensure that the borrowers demand is met and the modification requests are reviewed on time. Even the HAMP loan modification guidelines should be strictly practiced by homeowners to get instant approval. There are many reports from the people on the aspect of HAMP loan modifications services where the highest complaint likes of lost paperwork and slow response.

Servicers on the other hand are’re that the most common causes of cancellation include unverifiable documentation and missed trial payments. Thus getting the documentation upfront can improve the efficiency of the service. And for missed payments, folks have to demonstrate that they can meet the new payments before a permanent loan modification is offered to them. There are even statistics which shows the servicers that those who initiate their trials with verified documents usually are provided with high conversion Council. Obama loan modification assistances can be taken from different service providers or banks. You can even contact Loansstore regarding complete details and terms of the programs. As in Asia, its perhaps worth knowing that the home affordable refinance program is due to end on the 30th of June 2011, thus if you are considering this option, than you probably have to make a move soon.

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