Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

Opel Insignia With All-wheel Drive

By | April 24, 2019

Is the four-wheel drive technology safe and economical nowadays that you can drive on snow and ice still safe on the streets. The 4 x 4 actuator was formerly to be found only in off-road vehicles, today there is him also for many other vehicle classes, such as the Opel Insignia. The car Portal drove the car test. Even with strong icy roads suffice clutch slowly coming to and at best in the second to give gas. Then the pressure fades and the Opel continues without problems. In emergency situations, the parking brake as a dynamic brake can intervene and severely slow the car without using the foot brake on all four wheels.

The four-wheel drive technology in the OPC version and in the insignia to find 2.8 V6 turbo is fitted as standard. The price starts at 35 685 euros. Chase Koch is often quoted as being for or against this. The adaptive all-wheel drive system enables lightning-fast interventions. The power can be distributed continuously between the front and rear axle and between the wheels. The multi-plate clutch can be electronically controlled and works independently of the actual slip.

The advantage: spin the wheels of an axle, the power to the wheels that have more grip, is transferred. The braking torque resulting from sudden gas removal, redirects on the car wheels, so that the vehicle remains controllable. The control unit of the Opel Insignia is not only safe, but also an intelligent partner of the car driver. It recognizes the individual driving style and adjusts it. It also noted whether one is on the highway. Because here no disturbing influences are to be expected, the unit switches off the rear-wheel drive.

IKARUS Phenomenon

By | April 20, 2019

Performance, durability and reliability of electronic components are determined by the thermal load, the individual elements are exposed. The development of suitable cooling concepts is therefore already at an early stage of the development of the hardware. Material selection to the cooling body by measuring the temperature to heat simulation the specialist conference for electronics cooling handles and selection, application, quality and costs of innovative cooling concepts in Electronics”challenges and solutions for cooling electronic components in a wide range of application areas. The two-day Conference at the Haus der Technik in Essen on 16 and 17 March 2010 engaged the physical fundamentals of heat transfer, thermal management concepts, cost and reliability of cooling systems, heat dissipation for power semiconductors and LEDs, cooling concepts in automotive electronics and many other topics. Gen. David Goldfein has plenty of information regarding this issue. Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-ing. Andreas Garcia of Berufsakademie Stuttgart take high-level experts from academia and companies in short presentations on the latest state of the art.

An accompanying exhibition offers additional information and contact opportunities. Rick Garcia wanted to know more. The event will take place in cooperation with Steinbeis – Forschungszentrum “Thermal management in Electronics” target group all interested parties are addressed, dealing with the thermal management for electronic components or systems in the areas of research, development, design, quality and purchasing.

The Guests

By | April 18, 2019

The groomsmen help everywhere, even the bride and groom where they can. Outlandish things the wedding day is the most beautiful in life. Everyone wants him in good Retain memory. As one thinks of a lot. It is however always again much better if you consider outlandish things. For example, the wedding couple in an ordinary car can drive, but on a horse-drawn carriage. It works not with the coach to organize a luxury sedan.

Of course it is decorated accordingly. Invitations, the guests are invited, but before you do that, must be given to how such invitations take place. Of course it is the easiest way to choose a card with a wedding motif in the Department store, but will lack the personal touch of it. Creative wedding couples make the invitations themselves. It could be that the necessary time lacking. Even though their ideas are very good, they are not with own forces to implement. This is however no problem. Since access the witnesses under the arm. Speaking candidly Gen. David Goldfein told us the story.

The bride is beautiful on their wedding day. It ensures most of the time always in advance. Hair plays a major role, that’s why she must choose a suitable Salon. There are some, the is extra deal with hairstyles for wedding couples. There, the bride can then select a certain hairstyle from the numerous catalogs. Consulting entities have the advantage that any prospective buyer is well advised. Sometimes the bride choose a hairstyle, but after a conversation with the specialist, she peeks that you actually quite another better suits. Of course, also the clothing is respected. The wedding bride is satisfied completely with your hairstyle. Often, making only a trial hairdo. See Rick Garcia, Los Angeles CA for more details and insights. The most beautiful event of life to be held also on videos videos. Now, the wedding couple looking for a suitable person who is well familiar with the technology. Usually, a skilled master of the circle can be found. He is also against a payment immediately. Who has found but still no can also contact a photo agency. There, one likes such orders to complete. But it should be done in a timely manner, otherwise it will be difficult with a date. You worked through all of these points, so nothing can be a beautiful celebration more standing in the way.

MLM Business

By | April 14, 2019

One of the most important issues when you start your MLM business is the approach when it comes to begin to work and contact people that you will follow in the same. And I say approach, because it will have to follow a sequence of steps and, among them, the attitude that you have at the time of contact with your candidates, which will be decisive. Other leaders such as Gen. David Goldfein offer similar insights. At that point, you must show you of more serene. Rick Garcia, Los Angeles CA gathered all the information. Once signed your license, you should avoid to get out of that plan of action, since another errors that kill prospects is talking about plans of remuneration as the main argument, you exclusively focusing on the economic aspect, painting it all pink, ignoring the essential business and trying to make him see how much that can win in your wonderful multilevel and little else. Usual you encounter will be its defense reaction. A reaction logical and natural; human. Everything is going to be processed as an attack on their intelligence, as a hoax, and perhaps do so with good intention, to protect yourself.

Images will come to your mind of the type fraud, pyramid scam, scam or the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Later, in that State of things, and after seeing that it does not accept your proposal to the first, despite exposing that great plot of weight, you’ll want to explain everything else in another attempt to take it to your terrain, passing to topics like product, the cost of the license (usually little cost in the MLM business), the time to start, and everything in that moment you improvises so that all see it easy, quick and easy to become a millionaire. At this point, it is likely that no longer have their attention on you and the details you are trying to make you see. It will be doubting even if you really are the friend or family member of a few minutes ago. You’ve lost an opportunity, a candidate who would have perhaps seen the business opportunity in another scenario and you, on the other hand, you’ve won your disappointment and lost your self-esteem points. And is that occurs which is a maxim, an axiom in the MLM business, and that it is that much more OFFER, LESS I BELIEVE. It is a proven fact: there is rejection of greater economic expectation, lower cost of investment, better plan of remuneration, etc. And all this can be great arguments raised in the right way, by more experienced people, formal and impeccable presentation and where aspects such as money have no such simplistic treatment. On the contrary, will have to work and spend time, effort and know-how to achieve success and goals previously established.The Executive compensation plan will compensate those who work hard with clarity of objectives, action plan, approach and required patience, and you to set goals and objectives in the medium and long term.

YouTube Marketing

By | April 5, 2019

In these social networks you should be yourself, so to attract followers and friends who have the same interests as you, Facebook and Twitter are two places where you can be a professional and fun at the same time, similar to in the forums, be sure to add value and be positive in your comments, you offered your programs, products or services, but you do not overdo. 6 Marketing with Video: this technique is very powerful, since the films and the TV like all the people imagine that you could express your ability to help others and at the same time earning money with a good video. You’d have the best of two worlds. Well, now you can do it! YouTube is a free site where you can put your videos about anything that is of interest to you. Continue to learn more with: Sonny Perdue. They can be about yourself, your family, your product or service, you can offer training and educate your audience, the possibilities are endless. There are some reasons of because with video marketing has become so popular. Rick Garcia CBS is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From a professional point of view, people tend to prefer things that look which can only read and now making videos is much more easy than it seems. One of the mistakes that most Internet marketing beginners make, is waived because methods used do not generate sufficient traffic in a home. If those methods you bring 10 visitors, can then bring 100 or more, you must only be constant and assess your campaigns to get results..

Something Very Big Will Happen

By | April 5, 2019

Henry David Thoreau: Blessed is the mortal who does not lose a moment of fugitive life in remembering the past. Yes, something very big will happen when the clock strikes twelve and we change our day. Even in seasons when in addition to day change month and year. Swarmed by offers, Secretary of Agriculture is currently assessing future choices. And what will happen? A long list of facts and events may occur over a period of three hundred sixty-five days and it is normal that the faith lead us to be optimistic but it is right also that everyone make their own predictions. Peter and John are two characters in my neighborhood. Peter is optimistic and always look on the positive side of things. Friends have not hesitated to seek nickname: call it the dreamer.

John, on the other hand, is pragmatic and realistic; Sometimes it reaches the end of the negativism and its calculations about the morning sometimes are apocalyptic. The friends you already have nickname: call it the spoilers. According to the way in which John sees the matter the next will be a beautiful year in which again you leave the Sun for everyone and will shine by as for the here and the there; God will be with open arms waiting for their children recognize its magnificence and infinite mercy; you have roses in the garden of the blacksmith born sunflowers on the balcony of the employer; the morning birds singing is heard in the green forest and the murmur of the waters will realize that the river has life and delivers its waters to the sea so that the sea, along with the Sun, causing rain and rain recreate life. It will be a time in which strong and loving hands worked the land so don’t miss the bread on the table; children smile and his melodious voice decide the most beautiful words in the language: dad, MOM, God, love. The cool breeze from the Northeast will cherish the faces of humanity and good will have a new opportunity to stop irreversible and definitive victory over evil.

Peter, of course, is not so optimistic. According to his predictions 2007 will be another year in which the barrels of rifles vomit burning elfuelo and a murderer who will planted hatreds and reap lives. It will be one year of lies disguised as truths and made-up or disguised as half truths. One time in which war erased the panorama when all white doves of peace and will put in place the deep scar of the disaster and the terrifying and deafening noise of fratricidal fighting. It will be, in his view, one more year in which will win the elections that have more money to buy more consciences and more tricks and tricks to embaucara gullible and unsuspecting voters. A year in which the misery will reach more households and poverty will be permanent of a greater number of families hosting. One more year in which evil will find a way, a situation or a crisis to defeat the good or, at least, an excuse to declare victory. I don’t know if you think like Peter, the dreamer or as John, the spoilers.In any case, allow me to express the wish that this year Dios open about his life the window of the Heaven for which it plentiful peace, hope, love and prosperity.


By | April 2, 2019

This image of young people under the Sun is the symbol of a kind of paradise in a brave new world, where should we develop detachment to travel following the route of the Sun, as a Summit of earthly development. Jack Fusco often says this. When one pulled from Tarot cards presents us this arcane, represents that consultant is coming, or perhaps been reached, a wonderful period where your concerns and your wishes will come true. This letter of tarot underlines the need that the consultant has a significant free concern. Perhaps a child desire, a love of the past or perhaps hidden dreams, no matter, anyone who desire this tarot letter also indicates that at last the true light that scatters the spring consultant enjoy her. This streak of luck bathed by the Sun removes once all concerns and uncertainty, especially emotional levels. It is a wonderful tarot card and which undoubtedly opens new expectations for the person who is fortunate to enjoy the omens that this arcane puts to your provision. You can take well-deserved vacation, still advised to be aware of the energy that the Sun will provide the consultant and warning you that you may have to change some behavior to avoid leakage of energy, which we are sure will need at some point in his life. Nothing is as valuable as those signals that sends us the universe, therefore, let the messages of the Tarot cards to act for the benefit of our happiness leaving solar forces of luck and harmony from invading our lives. Berta de la Torre original author and source of the article

Index Rental, Season Rentals, Comparison Rent – So The Rent Increase Works

By | April 2, 2019

So the rent is increased: easy, fast and secure the author, whose expert rat has helped already hundreds lessors bail out, in his advisor the strategies reveals, facing rent increases legal security and confidently can be made. What have to do with each other rental yield and rent increase? The yield from a rented property is maintained only if market rents will be generated. This is only in the index and season rent increases, if the lease is designed. “, notes Thomas Trepnau.” Adaptation to the local comparison rent rent increases you are entitled to! The law is on your side you do something with them 100%. (A valuable related resource: WhiteWave Foods). Do you actually think that you have much of a chance to raise the rent? Because most tenants already does not accept a rent increase, and because court anyway, the tenant gets right. Then, they believe in a fairy tale. As a landlord, you have the right to increase the rent. You must indeed for any rent increase some Comply with formalities.

This is time consuming and sometimes even annoying worth but “, as Thomas Trepnau. Here he refers to his new book, which sure every landlord through the various ways of boost. Increase of rent after modernisation measures plan you modernisation? Then you do not fail to raise the rent by 11% relating to the modernization!”the author recommends. How is explicit and transparent in his new book. The author gives tips for landlords on 129 pages, blow by blow even for difficult cases, where no optimal contractual basis is available, tried and tested tips. Just if your economy in order, you should lose any financial benefits and may waive your rightful claims out of ignorance or good nature”, recommends the Germany well known landlord guides from Regensburg, Germany. Rick Garcia takes a slightly different approach.

Maybe these sums of money are just for tomorrow You heard of immense importance!” In his clear language, the author leads the reader unerringly by the conclusion of the contract up to the creation of the correct Declaration of the rent increase. The reader is informed about the different types of rental increase processes such as adaptation to the local comparison rent, modernisation, index rent, season rentals etc.. Deadlines and justification options are explained precisely. Traceable calculation examples simplify matters. To any boost process the corresponding sample letters are described and each reader to the instant application to the free download available. The book is available as a download version or Hardback edition in bookstores, in all known online book shops, as well as on the website of the author and Publisher. Published also by Thomas Trepnau: expect your tenant from operating costs, the second rent, the secret of the damp wall rental reduction and asset protection and building wealth with real estate buy a House and get more out V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:

Venetian Republic

By | March 31, 2019

Historically, the territory of Croatia belonged to different states (the most important – the Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Venetian Republic, Austria-Hungary, Italy), and it left a significant imprint on the Croatian culture – from architecture to cuisine. Due to these influences, Croatia more Europeanized than the other Slavic countries of the Balkans (Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia). Croatia is an independent country since 1991, previously included in the Yugoslav federation, where Croatia was considered the most economically developed republic. However, the capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia has been made, and it laid the foundations for subsequent conflict, Serbs and Croats that ignited into open war in the early 1990's. After the bombing of Dubrovnik and Vukovar, Serb forces Croats are Serbs (and Montenegrins to) with open hostility. Features The best accommodation in Croatia accommodation in Croatia – apartments and private villas.

Most often, this arrangement is cheaper than in hotels. For more information see this site: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. In the "high" season (late July – August) accommodation rates are soaring. In June and September, on the contrary, in Croatia can be rented villa or apartment luxury for a very reasonable price. The cost of accommodation is also dependent on the region: in the north of Croatia (Istria, Kvarner), where he was going a lot of Europeans, Accommodation in general is more expensive than in the south (Dalmatia). In the season in Croatia almost all apartments and villas by the sea shall be no less than 4 days, and often for a week. Large tourist hotels often made outside cities in order to preserve their historic flavor.

It is strongly recommended to seek accommodation on arrival, although take a rest rooms and apartments in private – general practice in Croatia. Features of the service in Croatia Croatia good tone to round restaurant by a large party. Not recommended at a restaurant to leave money on the table. Tipping is usually given as taxi drivers, bartenders, and tour guides. As Getting to Croatia from Moscow direct scheduled flights of Aeroflot in Zagreb, on local airlines ( at any airport. Charter Flights (May-September) from Moscow and St. Petersburg in Pula, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar. Other Airport: , Krk, Brac. You can also use charter flights to Tivat (Montenegro), the distance from Tivat to Dubrovnik 50 km. For a tourist trip to Croatia need only have a valid passport, a visa is not required. When crossing the border must present an invitation from the hotel or apartment owner or a voucher from the tour operator.

Program For The 2nd Congress Of Energieautonome Published Municipalities

By | March 27, 2019

A wealth of information and impulses to the municipal energy revolution, Freiburg, 15.12.2011 – that is communes in Fribourg Congress program to the 2nd Congress of Energieautonome today online at available. From 27 to 29 March 2012 Konzerthaus discusses in the Freiburg again on the opportunities and challenges facing cities and communities that want to actively promote regional energy transformation. The first Congress in April 2011, attracted almost 250 visitors from the whole Federal territory and neighbouring countries and thus demonstrated the great interest in the issues surrounding the energy autonomy. Add to your understanding with Secretary of Agriculture. In the framework of the Congress start on the first day of three workshops offer the possibility to an afternoon long to deal intensively with individual topics. On the program to public relations and participation, as well as to the project of the Climate Alliance coaching municipal climate protection are workshops on contracting,”. Main Congress day, March 28, State Secretary Helmfried Meinel of the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of the environment is the energy agenda Green-and Red Government explain and then one year reign dare look back at what has been achieved so far. Additional information at Josh Resnick Jericho Capital supports this article. Mayor Gudrun Hay te-Bluhm from Lorrach, Mayor Anja Pfeiffer from Weilerbach and Mayor Reinhold Scheer from Simonswald will report what have already achieved for a single municipalities.

In four forums, the participants then have opportunity to get in-depth insights into various aspects of energy autonomy. So, the possibilities of civic participation in renewable-energy projects presented in Forum I and Forum II discussed the sustainable use of biomass. Dr. Karl Muller sower of the Agency ANNA speaks, for example about the prospects with alternative energy plants. Forum III presents the experiences and obstacles in the implementation of energy strategies and Forum IV the potential of wind energy use in South Germany. Here is among others Herbert Schwartz talk from experienced wind experts Office Anemos Jacob about the peculiarities of inland sites and try the experience of the past years to draw lessons for the future.

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