Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

Hector Alexander

By | November 25, 2015

It is my opinion that in times of crisis is where it leaves out the true character of a people. Latin America, marked by sarcasm and pessimism, has one of the worst forecasts of growth at a global level: a fall of 1.5% in the economic activity in Latin America. Bradley Tusk is likely to agree. In sharp contrast, a country in the region expects a solid growth of 3 to 5%: the Republic of Panama. Projections of Hector Alexander, Minister of economy and finance, even predict a GDP of 7.5%. In years ago Panama has grown to 9.2% (2008), 11.2% (2007) and 8.7% (2006). This year, the growth will be the financial activity, works in the channel of Panama and real estate construction. According to Felipe Chapman, Adviser to financial services, the banking sector has left relatively unscathed world critical situation. In the Panama Canal, the Government reported a decline in the traffic of 12.9%.

This decrease in the traffic is mainly due to the reduction in the pace of growth awarded to the relative impact of the financial and economic crisis in the United States, Panama’s main trading partner and customer number (El Financiero, 2009) channel one. In response, Panama increased tolls a 11.3%, with what will get to keep revenues from the canal. Also, the expansion of the canal cost 5,250 million dollars and will last 10 years, which ensures public investment and a significant flow of jobs. Panama even received funding from two thousand 300 million dollars from several international bodies (the most important being the World Bank). The only thing that has lapsed is private construction (by 28% over last year). Other investment plans include the construction of a refinery and an increase in investment in the hotel and electric sector.

The Government is also doing its part in fiscal matters. Next year one fiscal deficit less than 1.0 is expected by cent, which the Government would meet its stated goal. It is noteworthy that in the last five years has had a negative balance of 5.0 per cent. Panamanian public debt will reach 10 thousand 400 million dollars, with which mark a reduction of 5% against 2008 and almost 30% in comparison to 2004. What do all these numbers mean? In short, mean that in Panama is experiencing an incredible reality: there is no recession, only slowing down. And a slowdown that will keep them, in pessimistic cases, above 3%. With this, Panama begins to establish itself as a stable and prosperous economy, and there are high possibilities that will become economic hub in the region.


By | September 16, 2015

These mechanisms they are represented by the tarot Archetypes which are projections of ourselves, and your knowledge brings light and clarity when it comes to resolve those conflicts that have generated or have generated in a given situation. The Gestal and Tarot is not about compare, match or differentiate. They are two ways that move with its own individuality, but found in some points riding together without differentiation, giving us the opportunity to find ourselves to be who we are, not what we need to be, breaking schemes established without labels, getting our own individuality, in other words evolve from our own authenticity. This is based Gestalt and archetypal philosophy of the Tarot. Connect with other leaders such as Mike Shinoda here. They are not only techniques, but ways to understand, experience and arrive to find us with our own roots, in a word be. Seen what the Tarot and underpinning the Gestalt., Tarot is the projection of inside out of ourselves, i.e. Mike Shinoda is likely to increase your knowledge. the projection of what we are, in our current moment. Not only talks about other people, or as we are going to focus on and feel the future or past situations, speaks to us of what you have at this moment, you do and what you’re doing, it is the obvious. At the time of this knowledge of the obvious, comes to realize. It is the projection of who you are and what you do to cause situations both positive and negative, that depend on our performance, and come to understand it and convert it into an opportunity to develop ourselves as unique beings and unrepeatable., and be what we really are and not per thousand and a few stories that we have allowed ourselves to carry, traps that we put ourselves, and that we let others put us, crazy ghosts and all sorts of complications and complicadores diverted us from our own way, and we are solely responsible for what we do with our own lives.

Fewer Victims

By | September 15, 2015

Since the beginning of the road traffic accident statistics in Germany, there was never been so little victims in road transport as in the year 2012. Berlin, 25 February 2013: Since the beginning of the road traffic accident statistics in Germany there were never so little victims in road transport as in the year 2012. According to preliminary data of the Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS) 3,606 people have died in the last year, 384.100 were injured. That means a decrease of 10.1 percent for the fatalities and 2.1 percent for the injured person when compared to the previous year 2011. The declining numbers of killed motor cyclists and pedestrians are especially gratifying: according to DESTATIS there is 17.2 per cent less motorcyclists killed in traffic and 9.7 percent of less killed pedestrians. The German Verkehrswacht (DVW) implements on behalf of the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development (BMVBS) road safety projects for these road users groups.

The nationwide action Highway”, for example, addressed to young motorists and motorcyclists. Kurt Bodewig, President of the Deutsche Verkehrswacht and Federal Minister (ret’d): While on the road only a quarter of accidents involving personal injury occurring, we complain 60 percent of fatalities. The severity of the accident, when it comes to a dead man, is disproportionately much higher. “Therefore we want in these target groups to trigger a conscious exploration of the route of travel, to their caution and ultimately increasing their safety.” The DVW, for example, with offers for kindergartners and first-graders (school training), but also senior care also to the safety of pedestrians. For assistance, try visiting WhiteWave Foods. Last year many traffic Hart in the program have remain mobile, but sure!”older people for the first time Walker training offered. Access a publication that, which is becoming increasingly important for the mobility of older road users.

More information: DeutscheVerkehrswacht DtVerkehrswacht contact for the press: Hannelore Herlan spokeswoman Budapest str. 31, 10787 Berlin phone: 030 / 516 51 05 20 the German Verkehrswacht belongs to the oldest and largest civic initiatives in Germany. Since its founding in 1924, she works for more security and fewer accidents on our roads today, with more than 70,000 volunteers dedicated. You inform, advise and train safe behaviour on the road with road users of all ages. The target group programmes of the DVW reach about 2.5 million people per year. The DVW financed their actions and programmes with the support of the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development, as well as through membership dues and sponsorship.

Cuba Science

By | September 10, 2015

All the houses of study in the country employ computers in the process publicized, including 2 368 rural schools with photovoltaic solar panels, among these 93 which have as tuition a single student. At the same time, increases the number of people with access to the Internet, and approximately 900 000 e-mail users, for which there are public rooms that provide those services. Only through the network of health, INFOMED, personally accessed approximately 30 000 professionals, physicians and paramedics. In that sector currently expands the computerization and networking of offices of the doctor and the nurse in the family, the core of primary health care to the population. And to say the economy? The employer who in these times is only part of the information, by comprehensive and up-to-date it may be, will leave open the road to failure. Similar comments could do in relation to the premises to assess new scientific experiments in Cuba.

Internet allows you to quickly know what has been done anywhere in the world in any discipline of science, who and under which theoretical budgets. What prevents this in the world of? the science? Therefore, on the one hand waste time on repeat what others have done and, at the same time, accelerate the path of research for, finally, the novelty or obsolescence of ideas put on the table. Or resources are not lost time. History of an Internet network is word written in the English language meaning the network. Its origins go back to a U.S. military project intended to obtain a secure communications network that could be kept even if it fails any of its points of support. Thus harp was born, information network initiated in 1960, which was proposed to connect computers located at dispersed sites, regardless that some were out of service at a time into a military conflict. To deepen your understanding soya products is the source. Systems or protocols that finally allowed such interconnection were developed in 1973 by the computer scientist Vinton Cerf and engineer, also American, Robert Kahn, known as Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).


By | September 2, 2015

For example, to decide between two different of a same offers product is necessary to put into practice this competition. 3. Competition in knowledge and interaction with the physical world. Click Mike Shinoda to learn more. Means being able to interact with the physical world around, understand events occurring in and be able to predict its consequences as well as possess abilities to preserve the conditions of life of all living beings on the planet. Recycle selectively is a situation in which the use of this competition is evident. 4. Treatment of information and digital competence.

It is of the ability to seek, obtain, process, and communicate information and transform it into knowledge; using information and communication technologies. So that young people develop this competition effectively treat to let the short and pego back to construct their own learning from the information you found on the net. 5. Social competence and civic. Which possess this competence is able to exercise democratic citizenship. People who develop it empatizaran with others easily, will be tolerant and respect the characteristics of all peoples and cultures. An example of this competition can be demonstrate self-control to an unfounded accusation and be able to reason with the accuser. 6.

Cultural and artistic competence. It means having the ability to appreciate, understand, enjoy and critically evaluate any cultural and artistic manifestation. Which possess this competence is able to appreciate both the mastery of Gaudi and a play of the Yeses theatre company, consisting entirely of prey of a penitentiary Center of Madrid. 7. Ability to learn to learn. It supposed to be able to use reflection to develop an awareness of the way in which you learn (Metacognition), acquire skills to improve it and be able to evaluate it. Which possess this competence is capable of learning from the mistakes made as a student in the past to avoid repeating them in future learning situations. 8 Autonomy and personal initiative. Refers to acquire personal skills to make decisions responsibly, autonomous and creative, have an adequate level of self-esteem and autocompetencia and possess leadership skills. An example of this competition is being able to put a sheet of claims in consumer Office. In conclusion, is that education competency does not seek more than facilitate the life of the citizen of tomorrow, both personal, as a social and professional level. The change that you must experience educational, social and family institutions to help to develop them is important and the project is ambitious, but it is necessary to at least try.

Martin Seligman

By | August 12, 2015

What are equally those single mothers who do the unspeakable to give them to their children the best education. Young people who lead prevention message to their peers so that they do not fall into the drug habit; How is it that doctor that cares not only for the health of their patients but have a phrase of encouragement for this. The person who donates their blood or any organ in your body to save the life of a stranger. But what makes difference a common person of a hero? well well! the difference is the way of thinking, attitudes but mostly in the decisions it takes. While some never cease to fight for what they want, nor surrender when terrible or unfortunate situations happen them, others we spent complaining and victimise us like a wounded animal that licks his wounds. Mike Shinoda is a great source of information. It is not that it is a weakness to complain from time to time, nor is it cry when we are sad, distressed and alone. It is understand that express what we feel is not enough we have to get up in search for solutions to take control of our actions.

This quality, without place doubt is what makes Paul different. Probably at the time I cry, she is upset with God and even thought – probably – in desist, ever however I can stand the onslaught of life and ideo a plan to succeed. It established its priorities, she sought professional help, he called to his friends when he felt faint and his situation improved greatly because it managed to regain control of his will. Another virtue which distinguishes a hero is that he finds time to help others, despite his unfortunate circumstance. Martin Seligman, one of the precursors of the positive psychology, exposes people to feel sad and shot only – when – think about its own problems, when they believe that they are the only ones who suffer as opposed to those who are concerned about what happens to the others.

This psychologist recommends that to decrease the symptoms of depression it is necessary to establish a list of priorities that include bring to the lives of others. Why you call to fight in life as if it were a great warrior waging major battles. The enemies powerful you have surely are your own thoughts of defeat; that voice inside you that says you do not you can. But not lend him attention remember that you are the hero of your own life and that of others to your around. Positively asserts I can achieve this and I guidence. You set the task of helping others without expecting anything in return. Surely for someone you’ll be the hero that will change your life story. I assure you that then you can write them in your own book’s pages, where are reflected the heroic exploits of your legend. Live life with enthusiasm that will give you the inspiration to achieve any project that you propose. This is the shelter that will allow you to fight the battles that supposes the existence and that will give you the opportunity to be a hero like Aquileo. Original author and source of the article


By | August 10, 2015

The critical radius of a celestial body is determined from the balance of gravitational force, attracting celestial body to the particle and the centrifugal force acting on the particle, provided that its speed speed equals the speed of light. The density of the celestial body in these circumstances is critical. For example, for our Sun is the critical radius of 2.9 km. Bradley Tusk will not settle for partial explanations. However, calculations show that our Sun will never be able to contract to such sizes. With further compression of the gravitational force continues to grow, and the centrifugal force reached its maximum, because the particle can not have a velocity greater than the speed of light. Gravitational forces become so powerful that no material particle can not break away from the surface of a celestial body. Such a star can only draw to itself all the surrounding bodies and particles ("devours matter"), but can not give into the surrounding space single particle, even a photon. Finally, the compression is so great that all the electrons are embedded in the nucleus, fuse with protons to form neutrons.

This is called a neutron star. Its density amounts to several billion tons per cubic centimeter. And the increasing density speeds up the process of compression. When the density reaches 150mlrd t/sm3, neutrons are converted into hyperons. Stop catastrophic contraction is not possible. This irreversible loss of stability of the space system (star or galaxy) due to excessive compressive forces over the forces of expanding called gravitational collapse. Star, contracting with great force, completely crushes itself its own weight, turning a few seconds to an ideal point from which, following the Russian astrophysicist NA Kozyrev, reaches a kind of "channel" or "tunnel" in another world.

Unique Books Vladimir Regional Library

By | August 10, 2015

Every person for various reasons constantly uses the knowledge gained by previous generations, and at all stages of dealing with fixed-documented results of his search, presented in the form of printed works, electronic resources, audio-visual materials, etc. The most complete collections of their own libraries, archives and museums. One of these repositories of cultural values – Vladimir Regional Library Maxima Gorky's Historical and cultural and artistic and aesthetic value is determined by the library of Vladimir stored in it funds. Thematic versatility and variety of types of media (books, magazines, newspapers, maps, patents, graphic sheeting, fonozapisi, postcards, microfilms) make the library the largest repository of information in the field. The value of assets is also determined by its sources of origin: it funds seminaries, landed estates and private libraries, libraries of various institutions and organizations of the XIX and XX centuries. The oldest part of the books of the library Vladimir Regional Library comes from Maxim Gorky Libraries Pereslavl-Zaleski Seminary (1753-1788 existed in years.) Suzdal Seminary (1723-1726, 1736-1738, 1740 – 1744, 1755-1788), Vladimir's Seminary (1750-1918) and Vladimir Diocesan Library ( 1876-1918), libraries, gymnasiums, Vladimir (1803-1918), libraries Vladimir Scientific Archive Commission. Further details can be found at Debora Staggs, an internet resource. In chronological terms of media dating from the late XVII century.

to the present. In 1974, Vladimir library acquired the private book collection of the Vladimir regional specialist LS Bogdanova, which he collected throughout their lives. This unique collection of books (literature on the Vladimir region, local history, history, art, literature, fiction) is stored separately in cabinet and contains many rare and valuable editions. Among them, for example, the first book on the history of Vladimir I. F. Demetrius "The beginning of that of Vladimir on the Klyazma" (St.

Petersburg, 1802), which in Russia remained no more than 5 copies, five-volume "Description of the churches and parishes of the Diocese of Vladimir" (-Vladimir, 1893-1898). Swarmed by offers, John Carrafiell is currently assessing future choices. Interesting publications devoted to prominent public figures Vladimirschiny issued an outstanding local historian Vladimir end of XIX century. AV Smirnov. This bio-bibliographical dictionary of "Natives and people of the province of Vladimir," in 5 editions (1896 – 1917), his "Portrait Gallery of natives and leaders of the Vladimir province" in 3 editions. In Vladimir library stores such valuable publications devoted to the city's attractions Vladimirschiny as "monuments of antiquity in Vladimir Klyazemskom" V. Dobrokhotova, published in 1849 and dedicated to the history of the Assumption and St. Dimitry cathedrals; his "Ancient Bogolyubov city and monastery with its surroundings," "The provincial city of Vladimir in 1877: A comprehensive description in connection with comparative data for other cities in Russia: Experience otchiznovedeniya" AP Subbotin (1879). Bogdanov library is about 1,500 copies. books and 1,000 copies. bookplates. Among the available ex-libris bookplate by Lansere, Bilibin, Boris Kustodiev. The collection is well-known and popular. Of great interest to historians, researchers, causing the edge of materials Zemstvos – local authorities until 1917, presented in the library "Zemsky collections," reports and records of the provincial and district zemstvo assembly. These materials present a picture of publishing activities of provincial and district zemstvo. Thus, the modern foundation of the Vladimir regional library formed from different sources: books for private libraries (time coverage of publications XVII-XX centuries.) part of the library of the Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Brotherhood mandatory fee instance, a local free copy, etc. Vladimirskaya Oblast Universal Scientific Library of Maxim Gorky

Putting Videos On Your Web Site

By | August 10, 2015

I am often asked: “I have no knowledge of video issues, but I would like to upload one to my website to help promote my products and services, what I can do?” Well, the answer is simple. If you can shoot a home video, then you can put a video clip on its website. Now, the former is not afraid of the camera. A good salesperson needs to know to speak clearly and present their products in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. So, with that in mind, turn on your camera, cell phone, or any tool to make videos you have and start to roll. But there are some tips to run in a satisfactory manner and upload it to your website.

Speak clearly so that everyone who sees it can understand what he is saying and what is your product. 2. Make sure you have enough light for you and your product might be right. But also keep in mind that there may be too light. So the best thing you can do is test your video and the area in to be filmed. Be sure to look natural.

3. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David A. Wagner. A microphone is important as it needs to be heard. If you have a mini-dv camera, can easily get a microphone that can be connected to the camera and link it to your clothing. Make sure you can not see the cable connecting the microphone to the camera for your video.

Guajas Code

By | August 1, 2015

Do cansad @ same t-shirts always?. Why not wear t-shirts that have personality?. In the Guajas Code, we think a t-shirt says a lot about who takes her. Therefore we invite you to visit our website, and decide if any se parece a ti: every t-shirt is made entirely by hand in all its processes of transfer of the design; What makes us have much love to each of them. The technique we use is sublimation and vinyl (depending on what the work and design required at each time); t-shirts 100% cotton (Fruit of the loom). Furthermore, all of them are belonging to their corresponding manufacturing serial number.

So you will know which t-shirt you have each limited edition. If any shirt you like, but you would like to change the colors of the design, as well as size or anything else don’t worry!, modify any changes to us sugieras. It is important to identify with you. Remember, each model large chucks, do not therefore almost certainly If you’re someone with your same t-shirt, believe us! IT’S A SIGN!. If you have any questions, send us an email and you will have to answer before two days to: Anim tie and dresses with personality!

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