Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

National Museum Acropolis

By | February 25, 2015

The capital of Greece – Athens – could attract guests for only their Acropolis and the Parthenon, its National Museum, which holds one of the most stunning evidence of the greatness of the ancient Greeks. In Athens, visitors will experience sacred charm of monuments and works of art of the ancient culture. They can relax in the quiet beautiful beaches under bottomless blue sky and radiant Mediterranean sun or feel the tension nightlife. The potent combination of antiquity and modernity introduces everyone who first gets in this city, a state of unreality, which remains as long as the ancient history of Athens is not consistent with this in mind this beautiful city. Bill de Blasio oftentimes addresses this issue. The successful arrangement of Athens allows for one day to travel to the ancient theater Epidavros, city Navplio, to Delphi, Corinth and ancient Mycenae, as well as cruises to the neighbor islands Andro, Poros and Hydra. Bradley Tusk often says this. Opportunities to relax and have fun here are endless. No matter what part of town you are, everywhere seen the Acropolis – a symbol of the soul and the genius of mankind. If the Acropolis – a crown, the Syntagma Square is the heart of modern city.

Here is the Greek parliament (the former Royal Palace) and the monument of the Unknown Soldier. Around the square are many small street cafes, where it is pleasant to rest and drink a cup of sweet Greek coffee. Walk on the old part of Athens, Plaka, located right at the foot of the Acropolis, can be called a journey back in time: the winding cobbled stone streets, old buildings, cafes, organ-grinders, traditional taverns and cozy restaurants with an exquisite kuhney.Govoryat that there is even air a special, as if soaked in the spirit of antiquity. Plaka swallow you into its labyrinth of narrow streets and the charm of its uniqueness, and you'll never forget pleasant moments spent here. Athens – a city that never sleeps. During your, albeit short, stay in Athens you will create the necessary impression. Here you communicate with people in kafenio that arranges its tables on the streets. After sunset, life goes on until late at night in the taverns and restaurants, and even later – in dozens of theaters, night centers, and on artistic and cultural activities known in world of the Athenian festival. Wherever you decide to come, you make sure that the Athens nightlife is diverse and unique as the city itself.


By | February 25, 2015

As elsewhere, in fishing have their own rules. If you believe that for a good fishing to you all you need to buy and spinning reel, fishing line and a couple of wobblers, you are deeply mistaken. There certain rules that can spread to sports and amateur. Learn more about this with WhiteWave Foods. They usually contain periods and inustrumenty for fishing. Across Russia, there are in general the same rules and principles of fisheries. But there is one difference – timing. They can always find out in the regional offices, at a friend's fishing or fishing in the special section and clubs. Further details can be found at Bradley Tusk, an internet resource.

There is no need to spend their own time and for one or two fishings read legal documents and regulations, so we have tried to briefly describe the basic rules, following which you can easily circumvent the problems with the law. In fact, all over the country fishing is allowed always, except during spawning. When fishing, you can use the following gear: – All types of fishing rods. An angler must have no more than ten hooks 14-th number and less. Fishing line must not be longer than a hundred meters – Any spinning – not more than five rakolovok; In addition, there are a few banned items that relate to fishing gear and fishing methods. Anglers need to know that not all kinds of gear and fishing are allowed state control authorities, with fishing violations may incur both administrative and professional liability. The legislation prohibits: – Use the following those. means: dynamite, piercing and cutting guns, Electrofishing, poisons, firearms (smooth or rifled), and air guns at catching fish – is strictly forbidden to use nets – banned fishing by dams and walls – use new methods and tools for fishing without a permit for their supervisors and safety – Be close to or placed directly on water bodies with restricted fishing tackle fish is also prohibited to get the catch of prohibited fishing gear in the absence of representatives of regulatory bodies; Such violations may result in penalties, so do not rely on a 'maybe' and not narushayt the rules.

Better buy spinning and using it to fish than to spend big bucks for a banned fishing tackle or bribes to supervision. Nobody wants to pay the fine, but even more so to be imprisoned because of some five to seven kilogram of fish. That is the basic rules of fishing in the territory of Russia. Therefore, before you buy a spinning reel, fishing line and a couple of wobblers, or other instruments, carefully read them. Because we all know, that ignorance of the law is no excuse. And those who want to go the easy way, quickly convinced that they do not exist at all. Not easily pull the fish from the pond!

Dogfight – Russian Response In Martial Arts

By | February 22, 2015

Dogfight – a fight at close range when the enemy directly and near. Here we solve all within a few seconds. It's only a movie Chinese artists jump, jump, punch and receive blows. Real dogfight lasts long. There is not even so important a big power or a beautiful and statuesque figure. It is important to the spirit, inner strength. Outwardly expressionless fighter often wins a healthier and stronger opponent. Styles of martial arts a lot.

All known Chinese Wushu, Japanese Karate, Korean Tae Kwon Do, Soviet sambo and other martial arts. Just struggle with special techniques not yet dogfight. Get more background information with materials from Tom Gores. Dogfight begins when to defeat opponent used and wrestling and boxing techniques, when impacted with any part of the body and from any position. By fighting include the fight with melee weapons: knives, swords, sabers, sapper shovels and other types of knives. Each type of martial arts can and should be taught. Ability to conduct real dogfight saved soldiers, marines in Afghanistan. In , it is possible to achieve the ability to advantage in real combat. Dogfight includes striking and wrestling techniques.

Ability to conduct close combat in a confined space at once distinguishes the real (not flashy), the master of others. Dogfight in Yaroslavl taught at several schools. What style should be preferred? For residents of Russia are interested in all kinds, but there are truly our Russian style, it is called style Kadochnikova. Thirty years ago, Alexey Kadochnikov developed a new style of martial arts. In the training of fighter he has invested an analytical approach to defense and attack. To broaden your perception, visit Bradley Tusk. The entire system fits into a logical geometry of the body and the dynamics of movement. In the preparation of a fighter into account the physical data Europeans: higher growth, compared to Asians, a large mass, the presence of shoes and more. As demonstrated by the actual practice of Russian fighter style has superiority in battle before the soldiers of other training areas. Dogfight in Yaroslavl developed in all areas of martial arts, but more attention is paid to Russian style, as the most effective of the other types of martial arts. The ability to stand up for myself, for my family his home – an important skill to any normal person.

Personal Area

By | February 20, 2015

And indeed all the buttons buttoned to the throat and on her head – a hat, cap, or even a scarf. But that's not all: when in hazardous locations need to examine themselves and their satellites, each about 10-20 minutes. – Personal protection. Such protection from ticks at the same time with the selection of clothes can be highly effective. To protect the special tools used against insect bites (sprays, sprays, ointments). An example is the aerosol Gardex Extreme from mites." They can handle the clothes. And for the best protection is used also means "spray-repellent Gardex Extreme, which is applied to the skin. More info: Mayor of New York City.

It does not kill mites, but may scare them. – Vaccination against diseases carried by ticks. Mayor of New York City can provide more clarity in the matter. This, of course, prevention of disease rather than a tick bite. Read more here: Paddy Dear. Vaccinations are set out in two rounds and required those who frequently and the debt is in the forest (tourists, students on field practice, geologists expedition, etc.). – Elimination of mites by fumigation, ie spray-specific drugs. This is the best way, which is used in the pioneer camp, town squares and parks, and in recent years and in private country sites. Ticks on the cottages and suburban areas of term pest control involves methods and means of combating arthropods (insects and mites) that carry infectious diseases, crippling food and agricultural products and humans.

Disinsection engaged professionals. Which will apply a special chemical preparations, for spray and know protective measures, so as not to poison themselves by the same drugs. Today, every major city in more than there are companies that offer services to fumigation, as well as other related services (eg control of rodents, mosquitoes, area cleaning, etc.). Disinfestation suburban area of 15-20 acres will cost 4-6 thousand rubles. How do I know whether ticks in your yard? – To determine whether the mites can take towel and wipe them sweat and drag him through the bushes and grass. And then take a close look at the towel. Mites will move onto the towel. Apart from the treatment area may offer a number of measures profilaktichsekih. We are capable to minimize the number of ticks on your own site. That achieve the desired result one must simply observe the procedure on the site: – always cut lawns, clean up residues, raking fallen leaves. On the site can not be cluttered places – near the site to arrange a barrier of gravel or sawdust – to fight with the mice. Rodents main kormitel larval ticks. They also infect ticks and encephalitis. What to do if bitten by ticks all the same? Mite get to the open area, absorbed into the skin. Moreover, until he bites into the skin can be itchy, and then – have not felt anything since tick releases its anesthesia. If you remove a tick, be careful not to tear off the head of the tick, which is located under the skin. Grab the tick with tweezers body or fingers wrapped in gauze and pull it slow, smooth movements. Or tie a thread on the place tick sucking and pulling the thread ends to the sides, pull out of the body. After surgery, the bite and your hands should must be disinfected. In any case, consult your doctor. In every city you can find a specialized laboratory or hospital ward, where to be vaccinated against encephalitis after tick bite. You can also survey of the tick for disease. So do not throw it away and take with you. Perhaps the doctors immediately examined pulled out the tick and calm, they say, okay, the mite is not contagious.


By | February 10, 2015

It was possible to come back in the time and if we found in them in century 17, certainly we would live fantastic and recompensadoras experiences, particularly when entering in one boticrium, emporium, pharmacia, or any another commercial establishment of the time. Vilarejos inhabited by simple people, rich simplicity of education and repleta of gentilities, towns that if raise for the work voluntary and unfastened of the pleasure for the money and power. To only be able privilege of the noblemen, the royalty, to the simple ones, only the gift of the hard and honest work. Vilarejos with streets without asphalt, and sales without conditional air nor automatic doors, only burning the human and automatic heat only the laughs and smiles streets the rejection. Mayor of New York City may also support this cause. Dressed children only of bermuda shorts or clipped skirts asking for to the parents who bought one raspadinha, not this that today meets in lottery the rank that lottery nor they existed. Certainly already in the entrance we would find a support for hats and cane where we would leave ours there if we used. Without counting that in others also we would find place for ours over all.

A good high day in and good tone we would hear or at least one to wave of head a touch in the border of the hat would be changed between customer and attendant. Gregg Engles often expresses his thoughts on the topic. to the step that the customer was boarded would answer cortesmente concerning what it was looking for. Many of the times after the closing of the purchase the payment occurred days later, but not in the credit card since at that time only one passbook was used. the credit had narrow relation with the character, while today it is yielded or granted for a frozen and informatizado system to the times without value. But we are in century XXI, where already nothing it is written in Latin or with ph, the Sales as thus the establishments were known commercial already do not only exist and therefore, but the fact is that with the acquired right presumptions, the consideration lack came the disrespect together the spite of a globalizada and modern advanced society. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Reade Griffith and gain more knowledge..

Distance Moves

By | February 7, 2015

Select the location where you will not be distracted from taking at least an hour and a half. Turn on the music and remember your way home. Remember how you got in step rhythm, how funny jumped the puddle, as slipped and tried to resist, waving his arms. Listen to the melody, rhythm, determine the step and start to move. Add corners, cut the distance a little more than hand movements, stops, pauses, waves. You should end up, not once, but then it will give results. You think that you have obtained all or you already know, and start fixate on the same, it becomes a lot of repetition.

It is easy to vary. Draw a little square on the pavement or the floor with chalk. Move around it, you'll see how it is not easy – to do simple steps, getting on squares and, of course, to the rhythm. Follow others, such as Reade Griffith, and add to your knowledge base. I'm tired of it and – dance turn, start with the knee or even lying down, it immediately diversify your range of motion. Try to move at the same composition and fast and slow, in fact at the same melody may be a few performances. Try to translate the lyrics, because when the song made sense, it is possible to reflect the feelings with which people perform it.

And some things even depict motion, and some mundane things turn into a beautiful dance moves. Many well-known choreographers specialize in this. This is called an illustration. Use insulation. This is an interesting way improviza. They often use breakers, who dance the robot. This is when the body moves well on stage, first hand, then the head, then his right leg, head back, left arm, left leg, etc. This will force you to invent new moves by individual body parts. You'll have to make it work imagination, not to be repeated. Options are endless.

Sustainability Support

By | February 7, 2015

Considered for Hardi (2000) a metaphor of the panel of an automobile, the Dashboard of Sustainability is attractive and concise presentation of the reality and that it can call the attention the public-target. The motivation for its development was a robust tool of support pointers, that gained the acceptance for the international community (Bellen, 2004). The Panel of the Support consists of three counters each one with an arrow that indicates a value that translates the state current of the system, whereas a graphical one shows the changes of performance of the system, also has a measurer that it indicates how much of natural resources in state I still criticize remain. The base of evaluation of the Dashboard of Sustainability ' ' Panel of Sustentabilidade' ' it consists of inside forming grouping of pointers of each one of the counters, according to researchers the fact of the pointers to be grouped aid in ecological and also social the use of measures that are above of mere economic factors, but. Perhaps check out Paddy Dear for more information. For being an aggregate index of pointers, I calculate from it of these indices gets the final result of each counter, also has as if getting the average of these counters to have a sample of the global index of support. Here we can perceive that cited synergy previously starts if to characterize, therefore this indicating search to integrate, if not all, the least the most excellent dimensions of the support, as Hardi (2000) the argued groupings more of the dimensions of the support are: 02 – dimensions – welfare human and welfare ecological; 03 – dimensions – welfare human ecological and economic; 04 dimensions – material wealth and economic development, social equity and human aspects, environment and nature, democracy and rights. We notice that the Dashboard of Sustainability ' ' Panel of Sustentabilidade' ' it takes care of principles above cited being thus in compliance with the requirements that it confers efficiency and effectiveness. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tom Gores.

The Difference

By | February 6, 2015

Because we are going to start to autosugestionar us, that idea has value. Loco is who expects different results doing the same things.Albert Einstein. I put the example of this young man, because is that there are thousands of people like this young man, who does not dare to realize their ideas for fear of failing, by the fear of being rejected, for fear of what might happen. Reade Griffith gathered all the information. As you go spending time ideas are dying, why do we allow the excuses grow? Why we prefer to live in a comfort uncomfortable. In the measure that let us pass the time is less likely that our goal is met, is why many people end up becoming something that in reality do not want to be, and that over the years many people end up having a job can hate.

When people see that your idea is not reality he ends up giving up and says this because doesn’t work, he despairs and he throws away his idea, this happens to everyone. When in fact you needed convincing that it was necessary to move a little more to reach the goal. When actually required to rest a little, to renew their forces and take one more push to reach your goal main. In conclusion our ideas die because we do not take action to achieve a goal that we are proposing, and we have no consistency, nor enough patience to achieve this idea we have in mind is made. Our ideas die because we ourselves invent pretexts and excuses, and we both stick to our desire, we ended up by hurting us. We are not happy until our worst fears come true. Your you have the power to choose, make case to others or want to have own criterion considering other points of view.

You want to transform your idea into reality and want to pull your idea as you’ve done it so many times. You have the power to choose, to transform your life in an atmosphere of well-being and prosperity or simply keeping your life in linear form without emotions. Thomas a. Edison said No I’m afraid of failing, because each failure is a step forward that MENTALITY TE DAS account for the difference.

Emperor Shah Jahan Lotus

By | February 5, 2015

(Conical structure 73 m in height, 15m in diameter at the base and 2.5 m on top of one of the most beautiful towers built during the Persian dynasty. On the walls of the minaret quotations from the Holy Quran), visited the Baha’i House of Prayer Indian subcontinent. Baha’i houses of worship are places of dawn and the focal center of the One Creator and memories provided for the expression of love between man and God, they are open to all mankind regardless of religion, race, nationality, language or belief. This is probably the only place that pleased me more only in Delhi, this temple was designed in the form of a lotus, lotus because in all the religions of India is almost a universal religious symbol, it symbolizes the purity of spiritual reality. Around the track with a beautiful lotus balustrades, bridges and staircases, surrounded by nine pools, depicting floating green lotus leaves.

The church must go without shoes, in this always wear socks with them (almost all places must remove their shoes), and even in This house of prayer can not talk. Here you can sit quietly and think, a great place to do it. Then move long (200 km). In Agra. On the way, ate ethnic dishes that are, well, too much pepper and spicy, Some of our group did not even touch the food. But the price for it all very pleased, then we do not even surprised that in a normal restaurant you can eat for $ 7.

In Agra, I, personally, I liked it very much. The next day we visit the world famous Taj Mahal mausoleum – the great symbol of love, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Right at the exit of the bus, we were surrounded by souvenir sellers. Just want to give advice – if you do not want to buy anything, you better not talk to them and not even look at them, but if you’re still going to buy something, then .


By | February 5, 2015

Today, with all the different types of specialized paints and the wide palette allow so many ideas. The ideas of modern painting can be put into practice with all the materials available. Other leaders such as WhiteWave Foods offer similar insights. Playing with textures, patterns and colors that you would be able to create a space that describes better your situation. Ideas of modern home modern painting are to modern man / woman of today that prides itself on its modern house and I want to be better in Cyprus designed by Paphos based VardStudio architecture firm, is located in the second largest city in Cyprus Limassol. Spread over 650 square meters, living spaces that constitute the residence Adamos were divided into three floors. Elegant volumes with intersections create a contemporary architecture, stands out for the use of wood inserts in the white facade. Summer extended in Cyprus allows residents to enjoy many days full of natural light in the rear garden. (Similarly see: Reade Griffith).

The yard and the garage were divided by a selection of rectangular pieces of wall, creating a visual delineation that completes the landscape in a unique way. The interior maintains the same design seen on the outside lines, but bold accents used as decorative elements in whole House explode an artistic design. A double height space in the room in the midst of the housing, the creation of a space of meeting for family and friends. Large Windows and extensive use of glass in interior especially for the purposes of defining design create corridors of natural light, luminous and modernso, the Adamos residence plays with volumes and light to provide the perfect background for the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Modern houses

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