Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

European Monetary Institute

By | April 17, 2014

It is rarely seen. Not many people keep it in your hands. Only a select few are devoted to the history of its origin. This is a bill of 500 euros. The only scientifically analyze it and its smaller sisters – the smaller denominations of dignity, Manfred is Courbet. Professor of Civil Engineering Faculty of the Technical University of Dresden is well-versed in denominations of the euro – as a true scholar. "I watched the bridge motifs in the Capital sides of the bills, "- says Professor Courbet.

While the introduction of the euro online community is lost in the wild guesses about the origin of bridge motifs, a professor with a pronounced weakness for bridges travels throughout Europe. "The story has long been sitting in my head," – says Courbet. "In travel I put together with pleasure and compare actual bridges with motifs on banknotes." Overhead motifs belong to the Austrian artist Robert Kalina. He – Austrian National Bank employee wins in 1996 conducted by the European Monetary Institute design competition euro banknotes. As 'designer notes' on "The Age and styles in Europe," Kalina swears in its opinion is that did not use any motives actually existing European bridges in his chart. All motifs are stylized – only distinct historical periods from Romanticism to Modernism. This is a compelling reason: The euro should not be promote envy or resentment between nationalities – whereas, for example, the French know their bridge to the bill of 200 euros and the Germans in the top five.

Brazilian Institute

By | April 11, 2014

‘ It comes, We go even so, to wait is not to know. Who knows makes the hour, not espera’ ‘ For the croppers of flowers of cut and floriculturistas of Brazilian plants, the Cattleya sort is most important in the used market being comumente as synonymous of orqudea or as ‘ ‘ Queen of the Orqudeas’ ‘ Meneses (1987), surely for the exuberncia, size of the flower and incomparable fragrance. Comumente in Brazil the Cattleyas is classified as originary of the dense forests of the Amazonian basin and or the Brazilian coast with prominence for the remainders of Atlantic Mata; in this chance I want to detach the occurrence of the Cattleya Mesquitae in a closed region of in the heart of Brazil, more necessarily in the bordering lines between the cities of Guiratinga- and Torixoru-TM. More info: music legend. According to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statisticians these cities are integrant of the Legal Amaznia; they describe it to specialists as ‘ ‘ areas of tensions ecolgicas’ ‘ for being incrusted between the Amaznia the open pasture and Pantanal, adding plants and animals of three biomas, sets of ten of endemic them of this region, lacking of detailed studies more, on its especificidades. The fact is that in full century XXI the region still hides biological mysteries and wealth that the public imaginations most delirious and institutions defy even though among which I detach the not governmental universities, schools techniques and organizations that can offer important contributions for the real knowledge of the local florstico potential. Ahead of the fast transformations that the Weed open pasture comes suffering, front to the model of development sponsored throughout the years for the governmental machine, some native species are before disappearing same to be studied. In particular in the South Region of Mato Grosso with the implantation of the activity goldwasher for return of 1908 cattle parallel the extensive one and later with the introduction of the intensive culture of grains, at the beginning of the decade of 1970.

Brazilian Institute

By | April 6, 2014

In the scale politics of the Public Power, the legislation currently in vigor is centered in three levels of application, being able to be classified in federal, under responsibility of the Union; state, under the responsibility of the States and municipal, from the responsibility of the Cities. The different scales also possess distinct responsibilities, being that the federal sphere is responsible, in lower court, for the definition and establishment of generic general and normative lines of direction; the sphere state it regulates and it establishes the criteria for its respective jurisdictions whereas the municipal sphere in accordance with establishes and regulates the particularitities and especificidades the local characteristics, being that the municipal scale is always more restrictive than the state one, and this on the federal one. In accordance with Brazil (1991) to the federal agencies Secretariat of the Environment of the Presidency of Repblica (SEMAM) and Brazilian Institute of Environment and of Recursos Naturais Renovveis (IBAMA) fit the coordinating and normative task for the application of the ambient legislation in all Country. The legislation also attributes to the IBAMA the papers to act supplementary in the states where the ambient agencies are not fulfilling its functions duly and to act in the coordination and homogenization of procedures in the enterprises that are interstate. The paper of Executive Secretariat of the CONAMA still fits to the IBAMA (National Advice of the Environment), from where the ambient norms and standards in national level proceed maintenance of the units of conservation of direct and indirect use of the nature. The great responsibility attributed to the IBAMA is observed thus as regulating organism of the environment intervined in the most adverse relative situations to the environment. In the Great Letter the main abilities in the treatment of the planning questions and ambient preservation are defined. The competing legislation between Union, States and Federal District has its performance on forests, hunting, fishes, fauna, conservation of the nature, defense of the ground and the natural resources, protection of the environment and control of the pollution, as well as the protection of, cultural, artistic, tourist and paisagstico the historic site.

Brazilian Institute

By | March 31, 2014

Using for this end the dialtico method that will lead more not to the exhaustion of the subject to abalizado knowledge more of the same, of this form cooperating to future academic works. 2 the geography of New Discovery According to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) 2008, the State of Pernambuco bes situated north-eastern of Brazil and is characterized for being one of the twenty federative units of the country. It is located in the Northeast region and it has as limits: The east bathed for the Atlantic Ocean, to the been north of the Paraba, to the been northwest of the Cear, of Alagoas to the Southeast, the south of the Bahia and the Piau to the west, Occupies a 311 area of 98 km. The pernambucano space presents a set of diversified physicist-natural landscapes, being distinguished littoral plains, the mountain ranges, plateaus, heaths and the half-barren one of the hinterland. Click David A. Wagner to learn more. The littoral plains have low altitude of until 200m, presenting relief to mamelonar, and some points of the Borborema exceed 1000m of altitude. In the edge West of the Wasteland, it has the Sertaneja Depression, a relative depression with average altitude of 400m that it is extended until the edge of the Chapada of the Araripe. The relief is moderate: 76% of the territory are below of 600m. In the Wasteland altitude m has peaks with 1.000. Frequently Bill de Blasio has said that publicly.

The Plateaus of Borborema has average altitude of 600m, with prominence for the dmico bulk of Garanhuns, with average altitude of 800m. The Chapada of the Araripe has average altitude of 800m. The quarter of New Discovery is situated in the Region Metropolitan of Recife, that in turn presents the following characteristics: it is formed by 14 cities and its bigger part is characterized by areas of mounts, with 30% declivities, being situated in the coastal zone of the state of Pernambuco, with 9.050.000 limits UTM of and 9.150.000m N and 250,000 and 300.m.E subordinating it the regimen of the ean band of continent transistion. . The newspapers mentioned Ian Sinclair not as a source, but as a related topic.

Central Gymnastic Institute

By | March 25, 2014

Siglo XIX Among the initiators of this modern gymnastics Francisco Amoros, whose work is education and moral gymnastics enjoyed enormous success throughout Europe. Much of the rapid development of gymnastics movement is due to Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839), founder of the Central Gymnastic Institute in Stockholm, whose thesis was “physical and moral perfection” of citizens through the exercise. His greatest contribution was to introduce the systematic exercise, and dosage instructions. Ling gymnastics divided into 4 branches: educational, medical, military and aesthetics. Although left no written work, their treaties were made known by his disciples and Georgii Liedbek in general fundamentals of gymnastics in 1840 which includes the term physical therapy, understood as the general notion of methodical exercises running the sick alone prescription medical, the therapist of a passive patient, or therapist and patient together.Ling’s system required a continuous exercise therapist’s personal attention. Gustav Zander concluded that with levers, pulleys and weights (mechano) could provide both resistance and support, eliminating the therapist, except to get the patient started treatment and regular monitoring. Weir Mitchell was the one who moved the European gymnastics skills to universities in the United States. Following the discovery of Galvani and Volta, many authors began to publish on healing by galvanism. Following the discovery of electric induction by Michael Faraday in 1831, this type of electricity joined therapy. Soon after, Douchene de Boulogne (1806-1875) highlighted the fact that certain excitability remain paralyzed muscles by faradic current, while others lost. From this we could differentiate between central and peripheral paralysis, leading to the practical application of electro.At the end of the century Jaques-Ars ne d’Arsonval began performing applications of high frequency currents determining the importance of tension and intensity. Inexcitability demonstrated neuromuscular and deep heat production in these streams. The use of macrosomic forces (air, water, soil and sunlight) resulted in the systematization of hydrotherapy and spa treatments. Anton Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), German pastor, was one of the major drivers of hydrotherapy. The applications used were the jets, cold baths, steam and hot washes and medicinal plants. His method was called “Kneipp cure. Wilhelm Winternitz (1835-1917), Viennese physician, consolidated hydrotherapy as medical science, laying its physiological bases and setting its directions, which led to the introduction into university teaching.Blunot Dowen and showed that solar radiation could destroy certain bacteria that led to some diseases, which provided the scientific support heliotherapy. But the use of sunlight as therapy was popularized by Arnold Rikli, who designed a sanatorium in Austria and achieved great results. At the beginning of the next century, and Rollier Benhard performed work that helped to sustain heliotherapy scientific foundation. The practice of massage revived by Johan Georg Metzger (1838-1913), who published in the late nineteenth century Ling methods applied to medicine in his book Treatise on dislocations of the foot by massage, which was very successful. Rated the gentle friction massage, friction, kneading and tapping. Championiere Lucas introduced the massage and the need for early mobility in fractures and sequelae.Faraday’s electromagnetic induction was carried mathematically by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), who enunciated the equations governing electromagnetic phenomena and bright. Traditional mechanics, built by Newton and Galileo, was challenged by demonstrations of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894) and Henri Poincar (1854-1912) on the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Were established at this time the principles of thermodynamics and they started to incorporate electromagnetic radiation treatment, ultraviolet and infrared produced artificially. Sys

Federal Institute

By | March 19, 2014

To the Federal Institute Minas Gerais? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista for yielding the space for the accomplishment of the research. ' ' The education is a social process, is development. It is not the preparation for the life, is proper vida' '. John Dewey SUMMARY the objective of this study was to inside analyze the index of accidents of the lessons of physical education in the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – campuses Are Joo Evangelista. For such end it looked for to identify the types of occured injuries in the lessons of physical education and to make an identification of factors that favor the possible injuries. The collection of the data was carried through, through a questionnaire destined to the learning.

In the total had been 391 interviewed pupils, all of average education, occurring 5% of injuries in 1 year, 3% in 2 year and 0% in 3 year. The types of injuries that had occurred had been cimbra, luxao, excoriations, entorse. The reached region more had been the inferior members. The causes of these they had been detached by the pupils, the incoherence on the part of the same ones at the moment practising the exercises, and in some cases it was for the shaken nervous system, and another reason was in relation to the exercises badly executed, the physical fatigue also was one of the injury reasons. For the number of occured practical lessons inside of the Federal Institute Minas Gerais? Campuses Are Joo Evangelista, can be considered minimum the number of occurred accidents. Although that each accident is an accident and we must prevent it the maximum. Words key: Accidents, physical Education, injuries RESUMEN The objective of that study was you analyze the index of accidents inside of the physical education classrooms in the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – campuses Are Joo Evangelista. An will be such end it tried you identify the types of lesions happened in the physical education classrooms and you of an identification of factors that you/they favor the possible lesions.

Brazilian Institute

By | March 13, 2014

The fauna comes back to get fat. In the Caatinga the ararinha-blue one lives, threatened of extinguishing. The last unit of the species living in the nature more was not seen since the 2000 end. Other animals of the region are the frog – cururu, wing-white, agouti, opossum, pre, deer-catingueiro, armadillo-peba and the sagi-do-northeast, among others. It exists a proposal of creation in captivity of small animals of the half-barren fauna, the example of the agouti, pre, capivara etc. as inhibition of the predatory hunting (MENDES, 1987, p.65).

About 20 million Brazilians they live in the region covered for the Caatinga, in almost 800 a thousand km of area. When it does not rain, the man of the hinterland and its family needs to walk kilometers in search of the water of dams. The climatic irregularity is one of the factors that more intervene with the life of sertanejo. Exactly when it rains, the ground pedregoso does not obtain to store the water that falls and the high temperature (average between 25 C and 29 C) provokes intense evaporation. In the long estiagem the sertes are, many times, semideserts that, although the darkened weather, does not costumam to receive rain. The Creation of Areas Protected in the Caatinga With the objective to protect biomas Brazilian, also caatinga, comes all growing in the country the creation of Units of Conservation with the incentive of the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and of the Natural resources You renewed – Ibama. Having for base the Decree n.

Geological Institute

By | March 7, 2014

The site, which will deepen the knowledge of the ecosystems in the age of dinosaurs to several generations of paleontologists, has surfaced during the works of the access road to the cave of El Soplao, which is three kilometres, and is the first achievement of the work you are doing in this area after the agreement which was signed in December 2007 the Geological Institute and the Ministry of culture, tourism and sport of the Government of Cantabria. It will also provide information on climate change because it 110 million years – 45 million years ago until a Meteor ended with the dinosaurs-, this region of the planet had a very warm subtropical climate, the atmosphere was much more rich in CC that the current and thus the greenhouse effect was very pronounced. The archaeological site of El Soplao is also very well dated, something that happens with others of the same was, like the of the Lebanon, which are ten million years older than this. Extraction and trade in amber amber extraction is performed mainly in two ways: opencast and underground. By the same author: Clarion Fund. Mines are tunnels of shooting and are open on steep slopes; men are digging the Hill until you find the coal layer which contains the heart of amber for which Pierce holes through which sometimes come crawling. Amber from the Dominican Republic was originated from a species of the genus Hymenea, an extinct species of tropical trees of the legume family, whose closest relative is still found in East Africa. WhiteWave Foods follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, in the Caribbean and Central and South America grows still another relative of this ancient species called carob. Depending on their quality, you can have commercial interest as a material for elaborate jewelry, this being their main use today.

Some of the specific types of amber include gedanita, simetita and birmita. False amber there is unfortunately a peddling counterfeits of amber, that may be variants of plastic or glass. It is not easy to perform tests that demonstrate the authenticity of the Amber.

National Institute

By | March 1, 2014

The norms possess commitments with these principles, therefore they establish the rules of procedure how much to the treatment to be given to the measurements, to the systems, the methods, the devices, and the processes of measurement in order to take care of the minimum requirements of guarantee the metrolgica trustworthiness 19. In recent months, Clarion Project has been very successful. The standardization and the uniformizao in the metrologia are techniques that also represent the beddings, and aim at to reduce the variability of the processes of work without harming its flexibility, being basic for the rastreabilidade and comparabilidade of the materialized measures, of the metrolgicos said standards of reference, which they obey a hierarquizao and they reproduce the largenesses of ITSELF. Beyond the principles, and of the beddings, the metrologia has its service, a national and international physical structure, with organisms of reference, scientific laboratories, public and private institutions, associations, and systems of spreading, that has as objective, to keep the uniformity of the procedures, and the trustworthiness in the measurements by means of the comparison with the corresponding primary standards the materialization of the physical largenesses, guaranteeing the rastreabilidade in the world. In Brazil, the Institute National of Metrologia, Normalization and Industrial Quality, it has this paper, as central executive agency of the SINMETRO, national system of metrologia, that together with the Conmetro, normative agency, watches over for the metrologia in the 20 Country. The Inmetro from its organizacional structure, with its areas of Scientific and Industrial Metrologia, Legal Metrologia, and of the Quality (Evaluation and Conformity), being associated the international agencies of metrologia, divulges the metrolgica culture from its attributions established for 21 law . 2,3 Metrologia in the Education Since basic formal education, the largenesses and the measures are slight knowledge absorbed for the common activities to the children in the pertaining to school environment. To compare heights and weights of knapsacks, to classify, esteem dimensions, to command objects with same characteristics and to quantify attributes, to define properties physicist-chemistries (hot, cold, humid, dry) are some of the metrolgicos knowledge, acquired of course (informal education).

The Referee

By | February 24, 2014

Balls pocketed with violations of the rules are not counted and displayed in accordance with the rules of each game. 14. Dangling balls. If the ball hovering over Luza at the unstable equilibrium, it remains motionless for five seconds or more after completion of the stroke, and then falls into a pocket, then the referee will restore it to its original position and play continues. Without hesitation Online Degree Programs explained all about the problem. As received and if the hovering ball is pocketed after the apparent shock or shake a billiard table. If hovering ball is pocketed before the expiration of five seconds after impact, it is considered a sinking in the pocket produced as a result of stroke, and the game goes on general grounds. If a player performs on cue-shock unresponsive object ball and the last before the collision falls into a pocket, then the referee will restore the original position and strike repeated, with a penalty is not imposed.

15. "Blank" position. If the balls are grouped near one of the pockets and at the same pocket was blocked, as well as in other cases, where after a long series of winning back the position at table essentially unchanged, which leads to unjustified delay in the game, the referee, after warning the players have the right to place the remaining object balls on the table in the shape of a pyramid (a truncated pyramid) with apex on the foot spot, the right of subsequent stroke is determined by the draw and the game continues with his hands out of the house. 16. The intervention of an outsider.

If during the game balls are set in motion by the intervention of any an outside person (directly or through any impact on the player taking the kick), then the referee will restore the original position and strike repeated, with the penalty is not imposed. So do in the event any extraordinary circumstances: a gust of wind, falling lights, accident, breakdown, etc. If an outsider interfere in the game intentionally, the game will be suspended until such time as he leaves the venue competitions. 17. Interference with an opponent. If an opponent playing touch, move or stop a ball moving in the direction of the pocket, the ball is played and playing makes subsequent strokes. Intervention considered as any action an opponent to distraction gaming and the creation of his interference in making a stroke. If the opponent interferes with the game intentionally, the referee uses the following measures Impacts: – comment – warning – read out defeat – a disqualification. 18. Intentionally delaying the game. If playing on the judge's opinion, intentionally delays the game, the referee after a warning has the right to enter one-minute time limit for preparation and execution of impact. 19. Protest. Protest over the interpretation of the rules the judge must be filed before applying any subsequent impact. Game while suspended, and final decision is made chief judge of the competition. The question of whether there has been a particular game event is the prerogative of the judge at the table and can not be subject to challenge.

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