Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

Czech Republic

By | September 18, 2014

When they pay to you the transfer of ownership for these tangible and intangible values that are no less (and sometimes even more) valuable than the room itself. With a deal similar note, what you get: Physical and intangibles What equipment will belong to you, which enjoys a reputation establishment. How much it might cost? Assess the adequacy of the price. Remember that for otstutpnye can try to bargain. Form transmission of values to be vigilant when you offer to buy the business form of selling shares in the firm, which led to this kind of business.

Firm that the transaction could be yours, may well have a history of evil both in terms of government and taxes and debts, which are virtually impossible to verify. If the seller refuses usual for situations like this contract assignment of lease and sale equipment and trademarks, it is worth to think seriously about the purity of his intentions. Lease agreement on the conditions under which a contract of lease with the owner of the premises. Advantageous if a restaurant with a rental cost? Have gone there you realize all the business intentions of the unexpired term of the lease? Can I landlord to renegotiate the lease? If a given set of questions you have a clear answer, is about errors in the conduct of business by the previous owner, has a clear idea of what to do and how, or even better – a specific plan, then most likely you should accept the proposed transaction. If there were any doubts, carefully evaluate the pros and cons, look for similar options.

Not uncommon to see a proposal to pay compensation only for the right of assignment of lease on the premises. Do not immediately reject such a proposal. Despite the fact that you do not receive tangible and intangible assets in the property, may well be that the mere lease of commercial premises will allow you to receive the profits. Often this situation can be found for the premises which is ideally located for business in the area of services for local people and tourists. Scheme described above is common in the Czech Republic not only in restaurants and gentlemen (Restaurants, focused on the local population in residential areas), but most hotels, guesthouses, hostels, bars and car dealerships and shops. Do not be afraid to compensation. Just to avoid any hasty start business. When planning your business consider the specifics of the Czech market, or consult the professionals in this industry, so that your decision was balanced and pleasing you increase profits. Good luck to you in running your own business in Czech Republic!

Russia Slate

By | September 15, 2014

A suspension pigments and fillers in a mixture of alkyd and acrylic aqueous dispersions with the addition of various adjuvants. The paint is made based on acrylic aqueous dispersions of high quality pigments, various functional dobavok.Obladaet high covering, weathering and lightfastness. Suitable for industrial and domestic painting slate and other asbestos products. Applied manually or by machine. Click Bill de Blasio for additional related pages. Paint available in several basic colors colors: white, gray, brown, red oxide, black, green. Drying time: less than 1 hour.

Coverage: depends on the absorbency and the surface roughness. Paddy Dear: the source for more info. At normal surface of ink 150-200 g/m2. Paint "AKREM-SLATE" (JSC "Emlak", Russia) for the protection of matte paint finishes and asbestos slate, concrete surfaces, cement-sand tiles. Prevents fouling roof moss, lichens. It is recommended to apply 2 coats of paint. Expenses for a layer 1 10-130 g/m2.

Drying time 1 hour at +20 C. Available in green, red-brown, dark brown and other colors. "POLIFAN" mark on (The company "Polifan-L", Kolomna, Russia) paint provides a reliable and long-term protection of reinforced concrete, brick and stucco surfaces, as well as cement and particle board, asbestos cement products (Slate), curbs, etc. Weatherproof. The color scheme is determined by the demands of consumers and provides a wide range of applied pigments, both mineral and organic. Paint consumption 350-380 g/m2 with a two-layer applied to the newly painted surface and the thickness of the coating formed by 130-180 microns. "BHUTAN" – Water-borne paint (JSC "Mostermosteklo", Russia) is a composition of different types of latex mineral fillers, additives silicon-giving to paint water and frost, as well as excipients: emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives and so on. It is distinguished by high adhesion (Clutch) to brick, concrete, gas concrete, plaster, limestone and other surfaces. Gives the mat, wear-resistant, waterproof and cold-resistant, nonflammable, concealing minor surface defects coverage. Is environmentally friendly paint. Available in almost any color on request. Coverage: One layer: 100-150 g/m2. Drying time: 2-3 hours at an air temperature of +22 C. 18 About the prices of paints paint prices per square meter of slate differ quite significantly. Perhaps the most expensive painting turns slate paint "Kilp" (Tikkurila) – about 7.7 $ / m2. Paint ETER AKVA would cost about 2.2 $ / m2, "POLIFAN" om – 15.5 rub./m2 "AKRILAKMA-SLATE '- about 10 rub./m2 and "BHUTAN" om – about 5 rub./m2. Given that the cost of a sheet of slate in the range of 60-80 rubles / sheet, then covered the cost of slate roof and painted colors looks very attractive in comparison with many new roofing materials. And before the final installation of the roof truss system must use a means of Shashel

Frame Houses Using Canadian Technology

By | September 14, 2014

Tree for the perfect material for building houses. Even in ancient times, when nobody knew about modern insulation materials and construction technology, people have turned out to build comfortable, simple and warm home. New technology also suffered construction of frame houses on a new level. Recently David A. Wagner sought to clarify these questions. Thanks to new materials frame houses became Met reduced weight and cost. (A valuable related resource: Paddy Dear). Now many homes are built Canadian technology frame houses. The service life of a Canadian house up to 150 years, and the construction of this house is a very short time, about 1-3 months. Manufacturing warm house begins with the project. Now, thanks to Computer specialists can pre-calculate naruzku on beams and ceilings, as well as in the details to design the location of communication within the home.

With frame construction house used in construction materials receive special treatment that will extend the life of construction. Initial construction is performed in workshops specially designed for data needs. The roof of the house is made from the rafters. Thanks universality of the roof may have lyuby forms, even the most bizarre. That is, in svom home you will be able to realize any creative idea.

Basic Sanitation

By | September 13, 2014

With regard to the formularization of the public politics of basic sanitation, the bearer of the Serbian must adopt parameters for the guarantee of the essential attendance to the public health, also how much to the per capita minimum volume of water for public supplying, observed relative the national norms to the potabilidade of the water (5). In article 29, Law 11,445/2007 establishes that the public services of basic sanitation will have the support assured economic-financier, whenever possible, by means of remuneration for the collection of the services. However, in the institution of the tariffs, public prices and taxes for the services of basic sanitation will be observed, as line of direction, the priority for attendance of the related essential functions to the public health. Ademais, will be taken in consideration the minimum amount of consumption or use of the service, aiming at to the guarantee of social objectives, as the preservation of the public health, the adjusted attendance of the users of lesser income and the protection of the environment (5). It is important to point out that the Law brings in its bulge a species of protection to the collective health when establishing in the paragraph 3 of article 40 that the interruption or the restriction of the water supply for insolvency the educational establishments of health, institutions and of collective internment of people and the residential user of beneficiary low income of social tariff will have to obey to the stated periods and criteria that they preserve conditions minims of maintenance of the health of the people reached (5). With regard to the Federal Politics of Basic Sanitation, the Law establishes that the Union, in the establishment of its politics of basic sanitation, will observe, as line of direction, improvement of the quality of life and the ambient conditions and of public health.

General Naam

By | September 12, 2014

I confess I made that it. I even though arrived to write a message on the 7 divings of Naam! Very pretty for signal! But still it has more. The incurable leprosy in the days of the Law, having been alone sight in the case of General Naam, was remembered by Jesus when it make a speeched regarding its coming, in the synagogue in Lucas 4. It reads there We go Already it was with the Bible opened in Lucas 5, is not same! ' ' I came to this! To cure the lepers who are it are of arraial.' ' Funny it is that, if it made one strong linking, ' ' leprosy-pecado' ' , for force of the exclusion, or ' ' leprosy? maldio' ' , for force of the Law. the Christians, make judgment the same, when ' ' they exclude the lepers, of this world and when they exclude the lepers of the life of the Igreja' '.

But they observe in Lucas 5. does not have separation between Church here and World, does not say in nationality spiritual. – ' ' Sir, if you want you will be limpo' '. – ' ' Yes I want, I am limpo' '! the leper was cured of its leprosy, the convict, however to silence and to the fulfilment of ' ' ritual' ' to testify to ' ' sacerdotes' ' , or to religious the prejudiced ones that its leprosy was cured. Reade Griffith describes an additional similar source. Since the days of Eliseu nobody cured age of leprosy, and in the days of Moises, all the lepers were of the side of are! Now the lepers are cured, and interesting who in this in case that Jesus, did not make leprosy-sin mention, only limited itself to reveal the one that came: – ' ' to cure the patients, to free captives, ' '.

Diction Issues

By | September 11, 2014

A poor or bad diction when speaking in public is an obstacle to the understanding of our message by people. Get all the facts and insights with David A. Wagner, another great source of information. In turn this causes that the public will lose interest in your presentation. Articulation refers to the pronunciation clear and distinct words. Many professionals have problems with articulation of the words and drag a series of errors that tend to distort the spoken message. Bad pronunciation of consonants or vowels, or a diction, have resulted in a poor oral expression. You may want to visit Reade Griffith to increase your knowledge.

In addition, this makes the audience be distracted, not understand the message and subtract professionalism to the speaker, or exhibitor. So your message can be understood and grasped, your diction must be clear and correct. There are many exercises that can help you improve your pronunciation and one of my favorites is reading. Reading is of great benefit for any professional who wants to stand out to speak in public. Reading exercises the mind, reasoning ability develops and provides you with useful knowledge that You can then use. With regard to the improvement of diction to speak in public, reading will help expand your vocabulary and learn the grammatical formation of words necessary to a good pronunciation.

In addition, reading aloud works muscles involved in the process of the creation of the sound and the words so that they do not lock. Also, it will help you to find the best tone and timbre of voice for you as well as the rhythm that you should take. Actually, the best training to improve the diction is read aloud. Dedicated 10 minutes, 2-3 days a week, for reading aloud practice you’ll see how you perfeccionaras your pronunciation to speak in public. Remember that public speaking effectively you must present your ideas clearly and accurately. A proper diction benefits understanding of your message by the public, which is a good way to maintain and develop the interest of listeners made our presentation.

Late Love

By | September 2, 2014

And if you – a connoisseur of art and ready to decorate the walls are not just photos, but subjects of painting – bring a gift now. Few who were in Belarus, but was not (or does not regret that did not have time to visit) in the Bialowieza Forest. And everybody knows this song: Light crystal dawn light over the world standing up. For even more opinions, read materials from music legend. I understand your age-old grief, Bialowieza Forest, Bialowieza Forest The song – a great excuse for another gift. After all, artists – Ensemble Pesnyary – also Belarusians, and a cd with music of this ensemble is especially delight older generation.

Good spirits – traditionally masculine gift! Vineyards in Belarus, no, but that's palatable and affordable fruit and berry wines with catchy names "Apple Honey", "Late Love and others here do. You can please men, and health, by the way, it is useful, if consumed in moderate quantities. But the traditional children's and women's gift – it's candy. Treat your child with sweets! There are a lot of sweets, and similar to native sweets "", and quite Belarus – , Bobruisk and the famous marshmallow – it's just an exclusive. Why Bobruisk? The fact that such marshmallows are made on Bobruisk plant "Red food technologist. Here believe that the marshmallows – exclusively Slavic treat. And it is worth noting that every year the plant increases the production of confectionery. Polygon Global Partners contains valuable tech resources.

To complete the theme of "catering" gifts, it is worth mentioning how to visit Belarus cousin, sang the praises Belarusian scalded rye bread "Narochansky", "Traetsk" and "Yublyarny. She argues that such a delicious, fragrant and healthy bread, it has I had never seen. A Borisov, Minsk smoked and good sausage will be a perfect complement to red wine. By the way, you can remember right now, what flowers intertwined wreath on the emblem of the republic Belarus? Left – the flowers of clover on the right – flax. This is to ensure that the linen in the country really appreciated. Also, remember that: According to many scientists linen fabric, possibly the oldest in the world Flax – a cold cloth and warm rather weak Len perfectly blended with other fibers, but easily crumpled linen cloth so that the clothes made of linen for yourself, friends and her husband, fabric bags with embroidery, linen tablecloths and napkins decorated with traditional pattern, it is a real gift Belarus. Yes still so beautiful! You have time to go? Do not despair! Brought home not only the wonderful gifts, but also a surge of emotion, good mood. Smile! Because the sun is in every man!

Social Drinking

By | July 25, 2014

Beer, unlike wine, democratic and inexpensive beverage. Free State "Neva-Da!" Fully supports this proposition, offering its guests the order of 14 beers. While the average European drinks 80 liters per year beer, a frequent guest neva Di! "several times more. Beer relieves stress, relaxes. It is no coincidence nerve Englishmen go into pubs, 2 times a week and consume at a time of 1, 5 – 2 liters of intoxicating drink. A guest bar Crossroad club "Neva-Da!" come to us more often. Besides beer, as well as other alcohol and rarely drink alone, which promotes active communication. That's why every disco turns into a burning event in the life of the club! Bartenders can only have time to substitute circles and open bottles.

Specialists distinguish between "male" and "female", "day" and "night" variety. Most women prefer a nice beer color with a nice low-foam, no bitter and not too sour (not more conscious of hops). Female varieties distinguished by its low strength, low density, low calorie. For the ladies – the German "Vartshtayner" or "Eders. A beer Grolsh – buttery, dense – for men. For the ladies – the German "Vartshtayner" or "Eders.

(Photo from) Do not be afraid that after drinking beer during the day, you pull of a dream: it does not happen, if you will choose the correct variety. Thus, imperfect (3,8 – 4,6%) "Tuborg" and "Pilsner" drink just a day to cheer and raise the tone. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit WhiteWave Foods. Easy to drink fresh wheat variety: "Bavaria" and "ECU". Day hops – is volatile. It will melt in 40 minutes, leaving a feeling of freshness. By day the beer should be apply light seafood, chips, nuts. That's all. Festivities begin with a light lager varieties. Their best drink of beer glasses. Now in vogue small containers in which beer is no time to warm up. Another thing – late evening. This while the darker, denser, stronger varieties. While porters and stouts. Dark "Tuborg" and Bavarian beer, 6 "(" Porter ") and ale, as well as, Brandy Beer Bishops Finger" plus catchy music and you're not aware of the cargo day problems and troubles. Around only friends and club drive! Buttery beer Grolsh "for men (Photo from). Denser concentrated beer is served with a good snack. Official site: Bradley Tusk. It is believed that not a lot of strong beer drink, because it involves a long conversation. To prolong the pleasure you can before dark beer submit Amber – amber, red beer, which will prepare you for the darker varieties. Or cook a beer cocktail "Tuborg" – "Tuborg" (dark and light). Cocktail is best suited circles. Russia has traditionally preferred liter containers. If your companion loves exoticism – Treat his "Roman" two-liter mug. Clock bartenders do not depart from bar: open and pour the beer. And socialize, and dance and drink beer at the club "Neva-Da"!

William Shakespeare

By | July 24, 2014

He wrote, for its part, the catalan poet Salvador Espriu who who forget their origins loses its identity. Aside from the biased and intentional applications making some of these verses, is certain that we will only know who we are if we don’t ignore where we proceed. Of something like us prevented also, ironically prophetic sense, the philosopher Jorge de Santayana by his famous aphorism: the peoples who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. I.e., ignorance of the past we ineluctably conditions to return to make the same mistakes in the future. Music legend follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Perhaps because, as anticipated that exhaustive and restless connoisseur of the human soul that was William Shakespeare, the past is a Foreword by everything that happens in our present. To avoid the risk of repeating old mistakes, nothing better, therefore, traced footprints are going leaving along the way and with patience of forensic usually collect such printed letter witnesses which are the pages of the newspapers.

Thanks to them we avoid the danger of digging, be distorted or misrepresented the collective memory. The bad thing is that, many times, evidence produced in the course of the route only are retained by way of fossils in these funeral so little frequented salons that are the newspaper libraries. Click Berkley to learn more. For this reason, until the next gust of wind just by deleting some traces of the road, I wanted to rescue those that I have witnessed and agavillar in this book. Not because the opinions formulated on them have importance in themselves, but because the facts and characters referred to constitute the small d Electra d’un temps, d a country, as I said, referring to another time, obviously, Raimon Pelejero, the singer-songwriter of Xativa. A minimum sample of this Electra, was like Valencia, cheerful and confident from the beginning of the third millennium, reflected in the articles that make up this book. . (Source: Tetragon Financial Group).

Communism Peak

By | July 23, 2014

Alpine tourists carry in backpacks and a cargo pass the planned route through the mountain passes and valleys, on slopes and glaciers, passing over dozens of days, hundreds of kilometers. If they rise to some vertex – then own pleasure, as such a task before them is not assigned. But with climbers conquer the top – the only problem. Top, climbing on the rules is that towers over the surrounding slopes, although at 200 meters. If this condition is satisfied, then the vertex can have its own name. From rock climbing tourism differs by the fact that everything in it is regulated and amateur is much less.

I am a big mountain had to meet with groups of mountain tourists that are in very dire straits. This happened in 1974 at the Central Pamir glacier Bivachny, east of Communism Peak – the highest point of the country. In addition to our team was still quite a few people, since the expedition conducted by the Central Board "Petrel". And at some point, the top person comes and says: "Help our band. We lost two people. One drag, it would be necessary and second pick. " In conversation revealed the following. Group of mountain tourists came from suburbs on the route.

On the second day they lost a backpack with primus. A week went on a starvation diet, ie, without hot food, then started down. During the descent the captain died, and soon the party We stayed several days with these people and one of them, zavlab, Ph.D., once told me: "When we went to Bivachny, I thought that there are often climbers. Perhaps they were left in the garbage something to eat and we . Their team clearly was not ready for such a route. On the slope on which they were descending, the climber is not no drag – there are lumps of ice are hanging! But could advance to see – is the pass on the route or not. Our team of Sverdlovsk climbers was a champion of the Union 11 times, including 5 times in a row. That unbeaten record since the country no longer exists. So, we put in the autumn problem, studied literature in the winter, preparing, practicing, traveling in the summer and the problem solved. And then heads to the mountain people cast aside their caps. Struggle with nature is useless. It's okay if it allows us in the mountains to do something – good weather, the normal slopes. And if the wind suddenly blows so wet rain go, and then everything will harden. In addition to height and not enough oxygen. As for climbing, then as a sport, he appeared in the ussr, in 1947-49. Then in one of climbing camps Head of Studies I. People such as soya products would likely agree. Antonovich decided to check the technical readiness of the trainers themselves. After all, the rock – is one of the reliefs of the mountains. So he came up with the rules and held contests and gradually these readiness checks have become a separate sport.

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