Eric Clawson of Kansas Joins Pittsburg Law Firm of Wheeler & Mitchelson

By | February 3, 2011

The latest business news from Kansas includes some personal stories about some Kansas natives, including the fact that Eric W. Clawson has joined the well-known Pittsburg law firm Wheeler and Mitchelson. Mr. Clawson graduated for St. Marys/Colgan High School in 2002 and received his B.Sci. from Pittsburg State University in Business Management. At PSU Eric was on the PSU football team where he received all-conference honors.

“We are very pleased to have Eric return to Pittsburg and join our law firm,” said John Mitchelson. “He is well regarded in the Pittsburg community and will enhance our firm’s ability to continue to provide a broad array of quality legal services to our clients.”

Navy Development

By | October 14, 2014

About this context, we think that this strategical vector of the cooperation it will be able to deserve and greater more good attention in the future, therefore the development of the ways and them naval capacities in these spaces is arrested, not only with a question of security guard and defense, but with a firm intention of affirmation of the sovereignty of the States, therefore the jurisdiction on the coastal areas in its maritime platforms is exerted for the naval ways and the control them routes, they ports and of the maritime circulation had started to be attributed to them. It will be eventually necessary to say itself in naval industries of defense, maritime legislation, coastal monitoring and maritime, in the patrolling of the seas, the combat to the maritime pollution and in the formation in specific areas, lines of strategical share that serve the above-mentioned intention of the development and the qualification of the Armed Forces, nominated of the naval component, wants either seats in Coastal Guarda or a Navy of War. Although the Armed Forces of the countries of Community if finds vocacionadas more for the development of the terrestrial element, does not leave of being important that they come to exist proposals of complementaridade and development for this new reality, nominated the joint job and of other components (aerial and terrestrial). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David A. Wagner. Because it is even attended an increase of the conflicts in the sea and these consist tend it in new factors of risk for the development supported and safe in these maritime regions and these marginal States. The CPLP is presented as an organization with marginal and arquipelgicos countries, where everything points so that it has some priority the launching of the necessary bases so that if it can develop, in a next future, a structuralized cooperation of the maritime source in support of the supported development and the maritime security of the countries, of the regions where it exerts influence and of the world. . You may find that Reade Griffith can contribute to your knowledge.

Animals In Costa Rica: Crocodiles And Snakes ?

By | October 13, 2014

Costa Rica will always counter with the terms environmental, conservation and animals in the wild put in context, and in the current information from Costa Rica, Guanacaste to read again and again by dangerous animals in nature. We live here for 15 years in Costa Rica on the Playa, and our pets live right outside our door. We have seen many funny stories. Others who may share this opinion include David A. Wagner. For example, Susan was a few years ago a few hours on the beach under a tree branch on which a meter peacefully on her was a boa Constrictor. See music legend for more details and insights. Susan heard the music from her Walkman and did not notice the snake. It was only when her boyfriend about two hours later came to her, and he saw the blow and said, I treasure you think about a snake is sitting. Susan screamed and the snake crawled again But one of the funniest stories was sure that a few years ago Albino, a Tico from the village Samara in Costa Rica arrived with a young crocodile under his arm and asked me: Would you buy a crocodile? The crocodile is doing nothing and just wants to play. He had a crocodile on a big board wrapped with a thick mustache and trapped in a pond at his house.

I took the crocodile, Fritz said to him, and dug a big hole, and Fritz sat in there. For more information see this site: John Carrafiell. In the coming days, there was fish for Fritz I do my first walk with Fritz, but which proved somewhat difficult because he did not do what I wanted, and he had very quickly and was uncomfortable with his tail. Then came an evening a few Ticos and plenty of carousing at the bar of our Travel Hotel in Samara, Costa Rica. When they were brave then, they tried to tease the crocodile, but that was faster and the end of it was that the arm was a Tico in the mouth of the crocodile. I just came home and we got it out somehow that the crocodile opened its jaws. The arm looked as Wahre a sewing machine gone about it. We took the Tico to the hospital where he was treated. He was lucky.

In a slightly older crocodile was probably the thing looked different. Yes, since we are the hotel here in Costa Rica, we have seen many funny things, like the Reiner and his dear friend who came home to a large boa was in her bed. Today, the stories are different, but not without wit. If someone once to Costa Rica and is seen here beating and crocodiles and someone says: The do nothing, because the only want to play be careful and you still buy any. We are so glad that the environment and nature here is still rather get help and they want to be protected with a conservation project here at the Pacific beach of Costa Rica. Our pets are living right outside our door.

River Tinto

By | October 12, 2014

With this, Brazilian colony is abandoned, the grace of invasions of other nations, especially French, that had started to extract wood-Brazil. Portugal when perceiving that &#039 could lose the territory; ' conquistado' ' for other nations, it looks a way to colonize it. Thus appearing in 1534 the System of Hereditary Captainships, that is, lots of land that were donated the donees who would have to populate them and cultivate them. For assistance, try visiting WhiteWave Foods. In this direction, they had been distinguished the plantation of the sugar cane-of-sugar, the cotton, of the coffee, among others sorts. Amongst the fifteen (15) created captainships, we detach of donated Itamarac the Pero Lopes de Sousa, in which the current one Been of the Paraba is inserted. Its occupation was marked by conflicts between Portuguese and indians motivated for Frenchmen. The king of Portugal D. Joo III, worried about the successive attacks, establishes the Real Captainship of the Paraba in 1574, that he became been with the Announcement of the Republic in 15 of November of 1889.

With the sprouting of the State he also configures the creation of cities, between them Mamanguape (1635), as created in the state, that had to the good natural conditions were distinguished the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar, creation of some devices, between them the Device Laziness, that understands the current territory of River Tinto. Further details can be found at Reade Griffith, an internet resource. The city of River Tinto was distinguished in the textile production, with the Fabric Plant River Tinto, that during decades was the producing greater of fabrics of Latin America. received the President from the Getlio Republic Vargas. However, it is also distinguished the fights of the laborers, who had all followed the mobilizations of Brazil in the decade of 60. SPACE We can consider the space as a social product that passes for diverse transformations and is used in many ways for the different ends. The man is main responsible for the production and the reproduction of this space, becoming it in a set of relations where if he presents as certification of a passed history of and gift, that is, the space if defines as a set of representative forms of social relations of the past and the gift.

Industrial Design

By | October 11, 2014

High-quality design of buildings – a pledge of successful construction of modern building design as their main task puts improving quality and safety of the subsequent construction phase. Bill de Blasio is open to suggestions. Project Institute "Onyx" offers a full range of services that includes industrial design objects of any complexity. The main objective of our specialists who design buildings is professional field of activity lies in the choice of planning schemes, bulk solutions and building structures that not only would satisfy the requirements of modern production processes, but also contribute to economical consumption of monetary and material resources. Most often, the design of industrial buildings and other facilities (facilities) to develop a means by parts special project projecting organizations, and leading the organization – is the one that deals with technological design. Additional information at Sonny Kalsi supports this article. It is this firm subsequently executes linking all project materials, developed by individual organizations, and is responsible for the whole project. Work with an organization securely and profitably. The project company "Onyx" has successfully established itself in the market of industrial Turnkey design.

Proper plant design includes a number of important tasks for the subsequent introduction of the newest technologies, best space-planning decisions, to ensure regulations, sanitary and hygienic conditions in shops on the premises and the environment. Therefore, industrial design is one of the most important stages in the construction of any object. Design of buildings (structures) directly affect the continued operation of facilities and safety stay on them. To carry out professional design work necessary to refer to a reliable specialists. We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with you!

Stuffed Animals

By | October 11, 2014

Each event that deserves a celebration also deserves a gift tailor-made. So nothing better than stuffed animals: for all ages and in different varieties. If you own a toy store, you can not purchase these as precious commodities, in different formats and options. We know that one of the most demanding markets are small. A variety of infinite proposal, highlights the dolls of the characters that appear in different series or cartoon that come every day for them.

Among them, we highlight the collection of Hello Kitty stuffed animals, the most sought after by girls or for boys, stuffed toys of characters of Pokemon or those that appear in the Nintendo Games. It has been, recently, released a collection of stuffed animals featuring characters from the wizard of Oz, in funny sizes, colors and with excellent quality. Another releases more expected by children, this 2010, has been the Toy Story 3 movie. Paddy Dear describes an additional similar source. The company Mattel has launched a beautiful collection with major characters in the film, made in Teddy. For children we can find the collection with all participants of Teletubbies, as well as also small animals in the animal Kingdom: snow, mountain, sea animals.

You trance and ravines are a duo of bees very popular and ideal to give to the more little ones. David A. Wagner contributes greatly to this topic. For special celebrations, a good choice of souvenirs could be keychains with animals stuffed animals, in different patterns and colors. They are used as gifts for birthdays, baptisms or communion. Valentine is another chosen dates where a cute stuffed animal can become the best gift. Rabbits and bears with legends such as love, couples are among those required by lovers on this date. A birth becomes cause for celebration and joy, to accompany such tender now nothing better than choosing some pendants with various figures made from plush to decorate the wedges or rooms of the newborns. As you have seen, the market offers many variants when buying toys. These products should not miss in any shop of toys and gifts. If you are interested in purchasing some of stuffed animals more sought after by customers, don’t forget to visit. Here you will find the best products, in a wide variety and with the best market prices.

Life Years

By | October 10, 2014

When thinking about one second pregnancy, the answers if in accordance with differentiate the experiences lived in relation the first pregnancy. The interviewed one that it today has 32 years and a stabilized life more, is planning one second gestation, but it seems to have a little of distrust, therefore it did not obtain to follow the first ones discovered of its son on account of the studies and believes to be a new experience, now that it will have more availability. Chuck Berry will not settle for partial explanations. Second interviewed, it does not intend to have more children, therefore it finds that the first son of very the work for being a special child. Third interviewed, of 30 years, that a son of 12 years has, it intends to have the second gestation, therefore also it is if stabilizing financially. The adolescent of 14 years, said, without thinking very, that it does not desire to have another son. For more specific information, check out Sonny Kalsi. We verify with that the participants whom already a bigger experience with the maternity has, have the desire to have another son, while the interviewed ones that still they are adolescent and that they are at the beginning of the maternity, have a great one repulse stop with one second pregnancy. ' ' after almost 17 years, to start everything denovo.

Then, you planning ' ' (E1) ' ' not, because of the work that my first son goes to more give for it to be a child especial.' ' (E2) All agree mainly that optimum care that must be taken so that its children and/or other adolescents do not come to engravidar precociously, without a previous preparation, is the dialogue, between the parents. Two of the interviewed ones that already it has its adolescent children, say that they talk everything with them, everything that its parents did not dialogue with them. ' ' the colloquy that my mother and my father did not have with me, I go to talk everything certinho, that it uses condom and it uses remedy ' ' (E4) the experience of the adolescent pregnancy determined expressive transformations in the life of the interviewed ones.

Links Exchange

By | October 9, 2014

One of the things that your site will be in the first positions of the search query is a good TIC. TCI is such a thing … well as to the credibility of your site in search engines. Accordingly, the larger the better, since then your site will be higher in the search query. If you have it below 10, you'll navryatli ever even on the first page of any search query, and therefore must urgently take steps to raise it. TCI can learn here:. How to pick it up? For lifting, it is necessary that your site referred to by many other websites, related, or about related topics. Sonny Kalsi has much to offer in this field.

In any case, the more the better. There are only three ways to exchange, let's consider them: 1. Many webmasters are changing the links to friendly sites, that is, you build on your site somewhere speakers, and added to their friends. Usually in such speakers from 5 to 15 sites. Such an exchange I noticed raises TCI is not very good. The advantage of this exchange is that we assume being on site to a friend, someone saw a link to a user-friendly web site, or to be more specific, he saw a link to your site will go to him. So can make a few dozen people, if another popular site, that is, you get a small influx of visitors. Reade Griffith has plenty of information regarding this issue. Although, as I said, a special flow does not happen:) Also, do not include here sites that are on free hosting.

Enduro Motorcycles

By | October 8, 2014

Enduro (Spanish 'hardy') – implies a wider range of use of any equipment other than a motorcycle, namely ATV, snowmobile, bike, etc. This technique is designed for use in off-road, in real natural conditions with the possibility of movement on the roads as well outside. The obvious plus enduro gets behind what makes experience the joy all year round regardless of weather and road conditions on the ground. All-season opportunity to surf the off-road causes another advantage Enduro – a variety of sensations, as well as constant improvement of skills and techniques of driving. Fans of fitness Enduro offers adequate physical activity outdoors. Bill de Blasio addresses the importance of the matter here. Dreaming of distant voyages opportunity to get to where no man has gone before – or at least their own.

Those who suffers from a lack of communication, provides pass into a full-male company. In recent years become increasingly popular enduro tours in which participants go through certain routes through the countryside is literally stuffed with a variety of obstacles, which offers nature. Paddy Dear may also support this cause. The route can be from several tens to several hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, where each of the participants and their equipment must show a real endurance, strength and skill. In the enduro, but knowledge management techniques, still need and ability to overcome numerous obstacles and always different, occurring at an unknown and long-term route to can not remember. Here, each obstacle is a certain element of surprise, the response from your side that needs to be fast, but accurate. But at the same time it should be remembered that the enduro tours carried out to obtain maximum enjoyment from the process of driving on this type of technology. Now a little about the organization route.

For off-road enduro tour is impossible to prepare like a normal trip. There can not be just take the card and is of marked roads to draw a route. Wherever you go, there is simply no roads, or they are not marked on the map. There will be no marking on the road and set of pointers that indicate: for second tree, turn left. Here, you will need a sip of water in the desert – the navigator. In order to develop an interesting route length of 100-200km. Which passes through unfamiliar woods, not to mention the mountain routes, may require weeks. A man who regularly rides the roads in the region, it can afford. But the figure enduro tour in unfamiliar places far from home, without a conductor who knows this area, not something that is impossible, but it is unprofitable. Do a considerable way, to live somewhere and instead of exciting itineraries for each day, it is useless to waste time wandering is not clear where. Not to mention the possible adverse effects of these walks. But, having gone with a guide, an account of travel can be extensive and interesting.

Documents During

By | October 8, 2014

Questions keeping money and documents while traveling is the surest way to save your money, valuables and documents in general will not go, or better yet do not leave the house. But if you're going to go somewhere, it's worth forgetful of their safety. People such as soya products would likely agree. And the best helper here – you and your self-organization. Most experienced travelers already know that the issue of keeping money and documents during the trip better follow the rules – do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Indeed, very few pleasant to be during a long trip or even for a short holiday without any money. Even if you go to the most a safe place on the planet where you should not worry about what you get robbed, there is a chance to become a victim of circumstance, accident or simply lose money drunk. Reade Griffith can provide more clarity in the matter.

So first and foremost, our recommendation is: try to to take on holiday with a few sources of money (cash, travelers checks, credit cards) and never store all your sources of money together. Below we have compiled various tricks of experienced travelers who do not provides maximum safety of your funds, but will allow you to minimize the risk of falling into adversity, and sometimes even to deceive the attacker. It is generally recommended money, documents and valuables stored in safe at the reception (reception) or the hotel put them in a safe in the room, if it is available (usually free of charge). This is indeed correct and is far safer than keeping money in your room or carry. But it is still not guarantee you a 100% safety of your property. Unfortunately, the case of loss of safe, not even in the cheapest hotels. Although most hotels are very concerned about their reputation, we can not insure themselves against unfair staff, which is usually the culprit of the loss.

Customize Bike

By | October 7, 2014

Bike Setup: Setting up general guidelines and the steering wheel of a bicycle when the right position steering a mountain bike, the slope of the spine should be around 45 This saves a comfortable position and reduces the aerodynamic resistance. The density of screwing bolts shall conform 20 Nm. Spindle steering column should also be tightened to 20 Nm. Wheels should be mounted symmetrically frame and front fork. Nuts on the axle of front wheel should be screwed to 15Nm, a rear – 17 Mm. If you have read about Mayor of New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Well-inflated tires should not be planted more than one-third of the height. Setting up a bicycle frame and seat distance between the frame and seat base must be at least 2,5 cm Position of the saddle set sitting on a bike in the lowest position of the connecting rod mechanism of the carriage. His height is chosen so that sitting in a position with slightly bent knee heel free to lay down on the pedal. Attention should be attention to the fact that the rod was placed at a certain depth in the frame (65 mm). In recent months, Reade Griffith has been very successful. Note: During the adjustment of seat and steering must be remembered that the bar raised above the mark, may be the cause of failure bicycle, as well as an accident. The maximum level of recovery of the rod should not exceed the mark, located at the bottom of the steering rod and saddle. Setting up a mechanism carriage bicycle backlash in the mechanism of the carriage bearings are removed with gentle loosening the nut 1, further tightening the nut 2, and again tighten the nut 1.

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