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German Federal Foundation

By | April 26, 2014

INTEGRAL team of Fraunhofer MOEZ examines the impact of demographics -, technology -, and demographic change on forestry Leipzig, 25.01.2013 – meet from 28 January to 1 February in the framework of the transnational project 70 scientists from 13 countries, among them employees of the Fraunhofer MOEZ, round INTEGRAL, which is the development of a […]

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Federal Ministry Research

By | April 23, 2014

Research and development are central themes for the Bavarian J.v.G Thoma GmbH. Funds for another highly interesting research project of bewi Freystadt/Oberpfalz – were now ever more, the Sun seems better for the extraction of solar energy, the industry leader in the construction of turnkey solar plants. Might you think. However, the whole thing has […]

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European Monetary Institute

By | April 17, 2014

It is rarely seen. Not many people keep it in your hands. Only a select few are devoted to the history of its origin. This is a bill of 500 euros. The only scientifically analyze it and its smaller sisters – the smaller denominations of dignity, Manfred is Courbet. Professor of Civil Engineering Faculty of […]

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Brazilian Institute

By | April 6, 2014

In the scale politics of the Public Power, the legislation currently in vigor is centered in three levels of application, being able to be classified in federal, under responsibility of the Union; state, under the responsibility of the States and municipal, from the responsibility of the Cities. The different scales also possess distinct responsibilities, being […]

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