A Flower For Catalina

Love, today I read the title of a book that I have echo remind you both, being almost a girl I met you and from there every November 25 a huge bouquet of gladiolus in a beautiful tone that is confused came me between an orange and a rose.There was a high vase beside the piano at home and placed them there. It was the admiration of all who came to greet me on my birthday.Then the austerity succeeded the bonanza. People such as RCP Companies would likely agree. Not arrived more thing beautiful galdiolos, but if your you brandished early and our garden had a flower that you colocabas on my pillow telling me a flower to another flower next to the kiss of my birthday.Your’re gone forever many years ago and I cried when reading the title of the book, made me evoke everything that I have written, not is if that huge bouquet of gladiolus had the tenderness of that flower that you were leaving on my pillow that makes many years this empty each November 25.Gladys Murissich existporti.blogspot.com original author and source of the article.