Additional Sales

Innovative sales training fire & flame pharma Birgit Becker, founder and Managing Director of apo promotion: fire & flame pharma is an exclusive product training. We combine the traditional product training in the pharmaceutical industry with the elementary part of the sales from our successful pharmacy sales training fire & flame College. For the pharmaceutical manufacturers, this has the advantage that the pharmacy employees are not only intensively trained to application and interactions of drugs they also learn target pharmacy customers on these drugs. This strong additional revenue and a high loyalty of the customers of Pharmacy and product are produced.” Apo-promotion breaks new ground with regard to the presentation of the content of the training. To know more about this subject visit Cheniere Energy partners. The sales trainings take place not only on-site in the meeting room or in the pharmacy, but also available in a virtual conference centre. So the seminar will be broadcast online live fire & flame via the Internet and telephone to the participants. Participants that are live at the seminar here, Make your questions over the phone. A recording available is participants who are not online could participate due to time constraints. The new line of training fire & flame pharma covers all seminar requirements starting presence seminar in the Conference room, coaching of pharmacy on site and flexible seminars via the Internet. Birgit Becker apo-promotion