American Idol Site

That day not what more fort, my voice or the bones of my knee were listened to moving electrically above and down (never something has succeeded me thus neither before nor after that day). The result already late at night was that they selected to me between the 6 substitutes. Once again it was by outside the selected ones for the program. Approximately a year later, a great opportunity appears.The tax exemption of American Idol comes to Latin America and one of the selected cities to make hearing is mine. The place of hearing was a site located in a quite dangerous zone but even so, around the 7 in the morning I already I was there, in the pre-start line to audicionar. I hoped very many and my turn was around the 4 p.m. Something was very strange similarity to me.

During the morning the process was very slow. Only audicionaba a person simultaneously and after the hour of lunch something changed. They qualified 10 spaces to audicionar at the same time and we advanced very fast (that change did not seem a good signal). When it is my turn, enter the hearing site and asks to me that it sings.After 5 or 10 seconds singing the judge indicates to me that she stops to me and say thank you very much to me, you are not what we are looking for, to which I talk back to him but she waits for, if nothing has listened to me, djeme although she is to finish the verse so that she really listens to to me, and the gentleman ends up saying ok, sings. Beginning to hardly sing enters another person again the site and begins to speak with the judge (I I thought, thanks to listen to me no). While he sang the judge returns to raise his hand indicating to me that she stops to me and says again to me thank you very much, you are not what we are looking for.