As Samuel

Only cafes and some small food shops have opened throughout. 4 stage: Soller retains not only serpentine form to Fornalutx the road from Soller. As Samuel in a Valley is located, must overcome first many meters around the surrounding mountains to overcome towards the SA Calobra. At various viewpoints a fabulous view of the Valley of Soller or subsequent valleys offers. According to Fornalutx you will need for the line 30 minutes without any obstacles (coaches), at normal speed.

The village of Fornalutx voted several times to the most beautiful village of Spain. The village built from light sandstone holds many small alleys, as well as a small market place + ready Church. 5 stage: Fornalutx after SA leaving Fornalutx, pass Calobra two mountain lakes, to which the most strenuous part of the tour join. Direction of SA Calobra is it to travel many meters. The road to partly more and more you Beach about 270-degree curves and switchbacks.

You should Calobra well consider a journey on SA in the morning, because many coaches also morning many day visitors on this stone beaches. That means for you that travel time quickly can be duplicated Calobra Soller to SA (by approx. 70 minutes). George Shapiro may not feel the same. SA Calobra: this stone dream state is surrounded by high rocks. Tourists should also bear in mind that they have to turn off Calobra their car at a pay parking lot in SA”(approx. 3.50 per hour) and must pay the local restaurants and cafes more than usual for beverages or food! Park in SA Calobra: Please note that the paid parking is not directly on the water. To do about 20 minutes walking from the parking lot, until you reach the beach. You must wear heavy coolers, umbrellas and other heavy beach items so even longer time! 6th stage: Sa Calobra should look back Calobra SA from the shortest route for Palma after Inca, we recommend you the line, Selva, Inca.