The theme is the operation of reconstructive surgery known as plastic breast or breast surgery. This is a very delicate operation that requires mastery of technique and having great abilities apply it. The doctor must prepare the patient both physically and psychologically by what the operation entails in the emotional and aesthetic order. After saying roughly some steps of the surgical procedure I told the Auditorium experience about a situation that I know of. This experience associated with a lady who underwent such surgery because excess or abundance of breasts it was affecting the column.

However, what was his surprise when at the end of the operation the breasts were you with certain deformations. A sinus pointed upwards and the other downwards. I haven’t finished them describe the experience and already the Auditorium begins to laugh. Time then to give the situation seriously explain that they laugh, but that Madam was traumada. Traumada so that the daughter had to struggle with her long to lead to another classroom of operations and undergo a new operation that their halos pointed in the right direction again. Once finished the narration of this experience, they have been laughed and I have demonstrated the seriousness of the matter, as well as having them demonstrated some knowledge wonder women from the Auditorium if they cease will undergo this operation being I the external auditor. Regularly, a choir, all women scream than Noooooo!. I ask why if I explained to them how this technique is used, but they tell me that they believe I not mastered the technique in detail because I am not a doctor and, in addition, do not have the skills necessary. It is precisely this response which I need to launch more precise, clear and direct question I want at this time. Then why are allowed to take on leadership roles people who do not know the techniques and not have the? necessary skills? The silence is so overwhelming in this case that we can feel the noise of a fly or a mosquito.