Mind is from subconscious and unconscious that is created the reality, this is process, each word, each image, each act in our life generate programming, much of that programming has taken years and is there where way forms or footpath mental, which will look for to stay, that is to say a route of events that happens to us, can be positive or negative, to obtain any intention in his life it is necessary to include/understand all the context of the operation of the universe. A related site: Tom Gores mentions similar findings. For example a person who has maintained impuntualidad habits and suddenly wishes to change that information and to become an precise person, will notice as the forces of the universe look for to maintain it in the state of the impuntualidad, can who the day that has an appointment, is a strike, a shock, an unexpected visit, loss of a material, is no energy .etc., any thing can happen in order that the initial information of impuntualidad stays, the mind does not understand that he is good or bad, simply acts with true being able on the basis of which we have programmed. You may find Mayor of New York City to be a useful source of information. So knowing this, we realize that to change certain instructions that lie ingrained in our mind can take some time and require discipline and perseverancia enough, with much repetition and habits that aim in the style of life which we wished without a doubt we will obtain that it, is to have patience, to follow the route that will give true happiness us..