Although this article could have a philosophical nuance, it is actually completely practical. But it will depend on you get to work on what I have to say. I categorically say that if you want to be a leading auto motivated all the time and stress in your professional work, is vitally important to define what is your mission and your vision of life. This will make you do reckless things in the eyes of others; You’ll be more open to taking risks; will you be more creative; develop more sense of perseverance; in a nutshell: you empower. The mission is your purpose for being, the purpose of your existence. What is what you intend to comply in your environment, what intend to do, for who going it to do, how are you going to contribute to make this world better. The vision is the scenario to which you go, i.e. How can you imagine that you materializaras your mission in life? How will carry it to real life? The vision will guide your own strategic decisions of growth and in the you’re going to convert.

To know what your mission and vision of life, you brainwashed to think about it. Some ideas so that you know what your raison d ‘ etre as leader are as follows: detects what are the major skills you have. What you feel you’re good and notes signals that people recognize you. Analyzes what you enjoy doing and that even would do without that nobody will pay for this. What fills you with satisfaction everytime you do it. What can you do to make the practice of that wonderful ability that you have or what you enjoy can become it the way to earn a living? Maybe tell me that you are on a timer job, but what you you like always is painting; or you are a psychologist but life wanted to study international relations; or that you love fishing but you have 4 children keep. Are you a lost case? of course that does not.

Remember that the world is waiting for you to express this gift or gifts (talents, aspirations, and dreams) that you were given. When you exert them, this same causes that you fill out an inexhaustible energy, projecting strength and conviction in everything you do. If you refuse you’re mutilating your growth and that of the people who are to your around also, because who his gift expresses expands also to persons with which it interacts. Looking for the way to carry it out. And if you can’t leave your work even if it does not satisfy both, it then finds the opportunity, outside or within, to perform that really fills you up. If you’re really determined, you’ll find the way. You will not stay seated and idly. Everything depends on you because no one but you can take action in what corresponds to you. Cheer up! Leaves behind the inaction, fight your true happiness and become a leader auto motivated all the time! Leticia neighborhoods / of leadership and motivation skills Leticia neighbourhoods helps executives with positions of command of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their leadership skills and motivation for the achievement of results. Subscribe to his newsletter at receives free strategies that will help you to become an Executive (a) with power. Original author and source of the article.