Black Sea

Any guest of the resort Sandy be able to choose the kind of rest that he more pleasant, or even combine the most diverse kinds of active leisure in the evening promenade on the coast of the blue sea, or spending time in a wonderful green park resort areas Sandy. If you take a few tens of meters, and there erected a number of different houses, hotels, recreation and children's camp. If you wanted to, you can reserve an apartment in a holiday home or hotel, or even rent a cottage on the shore Black Sea. But many people want to want to immediately go into a private pension, because choosing this option, you can afford to provide service personnel work at the highest level. The private sector provides an opportunity choose your favorite type of vacation and personal approach to every visitor. In addition, you will not be typical of the multi-boarding, painted day mode, so you can do what you want and when want. Private pensions are choosing the people living in big cities and residents of large gorodov.Na resort has sandy beaches, and fine pebble.

The depth of the seabed and the flatness depends on the kind of beach you choose. If you prefer to relax with his family, the resort village of Sandy beaches are located separated for children and their parents. In this case, go to the beach is available for free at any time of day. If you extreme person, then, in the resort of Sandy has a 'wild beaches. " To go down to the shore, you need to get off the mountain, on the slopes of which are semi-precious stones and galka. who want to improve your health and tidy himself up, married couples with children – all will receive lots of positive emotions from a pleasant holiday, together with the Crimean sun and blue sea.

Useful and pleasant air coast and beaches with clean and warm sand will not leave indifferent to any visitor. If you are tired of everyday problems, if you want a sense of freedom, then there is no better place than the beach and over the fresh air. Only being on the beach and watching the sea breeze, look inside yourself and not pay attention to the whole world around. Territory of the resort is located where the road vehicle communications for one of the largest settlements of the Crimea, so guests of the village Sandy remain cut off from the outside world, and tourists have no problems with finding a car. In summer the resort almost every day walking taxis, because of this access and find this amazing beach resort is not even difficult. C territory of the resort village Sandy possibly other resorts of Crimea, or visit Simferopol – the capital of the Crimean peninsula. For one day you can visit several of the Crimean towns, and in the evening return to hotel in the village of Sandy.