Brazilian Good

I am sad and sorry for being of tied hands, without being able to proclaim to the four cantos of the Country as to decide the question. A flock of scholars, with the full head of philosophy, behind a table with water of good quality, crystal cup, upholstered revolving chair, conditional, hourly air flexible and much more, year and nothing deplete all existing verborria year after to project something that really attracts the students, if not total, at least a bit! So that these start to like, to value more the time passed in the pertaining to school banks. While this attitude of the commanders of this vessel not to change the record, will always continue and until increasing this number. Gregg Engles pursues this goal as well. Where it is the knot that must urgently be unfastened? It is cautious to speak badly of the sabiches that take care of, there from above, of the Education, or to divide the guilt for the failure to all the sectors of the society? Of that it advances to speak in ' ' Tablets' ' in Average Ensino? If with a black or green picture, with certain professors almost extracting vsceras, to explanar a good lesson, already one did not prepare good pupils in its totality, the more with tablet! The Brazilian people is not prepared for these innovations. This valley for a minority, does not stop all! Our palpite is of that each Brazilian must be guided in the family, since teeny, to make its history! The school sins because it must give the adopted teachings well, but lately the education if esfacelou! Not even me atrevo to enumerate the devices that until the middle class decrease purchase for the children! Only playstation is several! Cad a stipulated, sacred schedule for small or the adolescent to review the learned one in classroom? To apprehend today is very difficult with this torrent of young devices that are to the disposal of the ready ones for it to steal the attention! Without speaking of the social nets! What advances a PC in each classroom? Depending on the formation of the professor already it is not advisable because generally the pupils obtain to deviate the programming of the lesson. .