Brazil is a country that is full of ' ' varizes sociais' ' , provoked for the corruption, inaquality and mainly for the money shunting line that would have to be used in the education of the children who suffer with the infantile work and that they are ' ' pernas' ' of the country. The infantile work hinders the development of millions of Brazilian children, as much in the pertaining to school scope as in the civic scope. Generating consequently, men and women without instruction who could have if become good professionals and were contributing for the economic growth of the parents. The indifference with the Brazilian children who are submitted to the forced work and the precarious conditions of life, is a picture of an egoistic government that if worries only about the elites. Moreover the investments of the country are not used in the areas that really need, as in the health and education, then these services finish sucateados. The available resources in the country need to be used to eliminate all these ' ' varizes sociais' ' that Brazil loads and the infantile work over all, therefore it is who hinders that the future it country, that is the children, if develops and prospers. The governing need to perceive the varizes in the legs of these children so that the country can finally walk.