Breast Surgery

Women's breasts can be rightly called one of the assets of the human race. While many may ask why? After all, the same monkeys, there is no such "eminent authority", some nipples and nothing else. And why? It has long been known that from Breast milk production is completely independent. However, adipose tissue, which gives a woman's breasts so attractive shape and has no physiological significance, has to date cultural and symbolic importance. The story, which originated in primitive times, remember the statue, which depicts a woman with a huge (hypertrophied) breasts, because the size of the breasts for a long time associated "Fertile" women of quality.

Such sexual selection gradually moved to the category of unconditioned reflexes turned into a kind of "erotic message", like the magnificent tails in birds or bright plumage. Although not all cultures of breast chanted and carried to the standard of beauty. Thus, the Polynesians managiya believe that a woman's breasts can be only interested in a hungry baby. And in Japan have long been tightly rewind breast girls, so how can more to reduce its size. Be that as it did not develop, to date, for a woman to have beautiful breasts is not only to be sexually attractive, and often successful in their careers. Let's start with the history of Breast Surgery. It begins in the 19th century, when in 1887 Dzhersani proposed to use the correction form and an increase in breast size liquid paraffin, but it caused a circulatory disorders, inflammatory reactions leads to blindness and death.