British Football Club

By | June 26, 2014

In spite of the fact that the Chinese are attributed to its species karate tactics "zu ju" is very similar to football: the players were divided into two teams, won one in which there were more punches. Ironically, the "ju zu" played women. But the strong half of humanity is not liking these ladies 'fun' in 's soccer has been banned in China. For a long time about it nothing was heard. The next mention of women's football is as much to the XVII century. The story of an unusual game with the ball between married and unmarried women, which was held in a small Scottish town.

Still, the founder of the female as male football as well considered to be England. It was there in 1895 founded the first women's football club – "Lady British Football Club." In March of that year the first official football match between the lover of the northern and southern regions England. Severyanka defeated opponents with a very convincing score of 7-1. But it should be noted that this female male fun is not supported, so in December 1912 British Association banned the fair gender play in stadiums where matches are held men's league. Fairly widespread women's soccer received during the First World War. When fourteen-fifteen-year girls accounted for 12 hours day to work at defense plants. In order not to break the spirit of young working women the Ministry of Military Industry of England has decided to organize leisure time for the girls – dancing, cinema, swimming, and, oddly enough, football.

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