Canary Islands

The temperatures in ascent of Saturday will give to passage to a slight reduction Sunday. The thermometers will return to recover as of Tuesday, with normal values for the time and little excessive heat. For Wednesday a new reduction is expected and as of Thursday they will return to raise. The thermometers will undergo a CTO ' tobogn' from this Saturday, with continuous ascents and reductions, and they will become stabilized from second half of the next week, " with normal values for poca" , according to it has advanced the spokesman of the State Agency of Meteorologa (AEMET). In particular, from the day of Saturday, the skies will be little cloudy in all Spain and the temperatures will go in ascent, having made the rounds the 37 or 38 degrees in center peninsular and the 40 in the south. Creek has needed that also they will raise in the Canary Islands, due to the warm air intake, with possibility of calimas. Also, showers in zones of the north and this peninsular one will take place, " although they will be of character little significativo" , with some storm weak and isolated in the Cantabrian mountain range, Castile and Leon and mountainous systems of half this peninsular one.

This Sunday, will predominate the instability in the northeast of the country, with probability of showers or locally strong storms in the Pyrenean one, this of Aragon and Catalonia. This situation will bring about a slight reduction of the temperatures, safe in the Mediterranean coast, where they will remain with few changes. Facing the next week, the thermometers will return to recover as of Tuesday, " with normal values for the time and heat little excesivo" , according to Creek. For Wednesday, a new reduction is expected and, as of Thursday, they will again return to raise and to become stabilized. Source of the news: Spain will live ' CTO tobogn' until Tuesday, with ascents and slopes of temperatures