Chicken With Garlic

Make chicken with garlic is a recipe for more easy. It does make a chicken in its own sauce. Well, not exactly, well then add some ingredients to this sauce, but it is still something really simple. Helen Fry has many thoughts on the issue. 4 thighs of chicken u 8 tablespoons oil oliva.4 contramuslos.8 teeth ajo.1 sprig of parsley. We season the chicken pieces and saute them with the oil in a large skillet, until brown.

Chop the garlic and add them, lowered the intensity of fire to a minimum, cover the skillet, and leave you to do for 45 minutes. According to Julio Franco, who has experience with these questions. While they do, we remove and will give back to the chicken occasionally. When it’s done, we will sever the sauce that has generated the chicken in a bowl, add chopped parsley and mix well. Serve chicken on a source, freshly made and with its sauce over. Beth Israel Lung Transplant understands that this is vital information. Search among thousands of recipes, and find fabulous recipes as the chicken with garlic. Original author and source of the article.