Choosing Walls

Why? If you do not sverhestet, it is best to choose something in between, common, and then buy liked the picture, drag the furniture, change curtains, put a vase shape you like. If funds allow, it is better to order a special project company, they are now a lot, especially in large cities. It is worth it's expensive, but result justifies itself: a good designer will take into account habits, temperament, tastes, family owner of the apartment, help with the choice of materials and give information on where it will cost you less likely, and in which the firm is book repair (you have as much money, and you can not afford to think of such trifles as repairs. If the funds do not, you will have to recruit all of its aesthetic possibilities. It is quite possible, moreover, that Nobody better than you know what you want. In this case, let your imagination on a long voyage on the waves of dreams, and let his legs carry you through all possible shop on relevant topics. Buy a couple of logs on the interior.

Despite the fact that these journals of the road and their ideas are actually possible to implement only the wealthy, there are many ideas to help make your apartment into a real highlight. Walls Of course, hidden in the wall communication will create space for the vision and secure life. However, it will be very expensive, so you can choose to thin wires to sockets (I do not know what they are called correctly), but then have to choose the place laying the basis of what kind of coverage you choose for the walls. You can start up in the middle of the socket, if the walls are coated to the walls (so-called liquid wall), or, half walls treated with different kinds of materials. If the walls are papered with wallpaper, you have to lay down the socket, just above the baseboard, or on the floor.