Climate Control

It is unlikely that leaders of the past were aware of the convection and heat fluxes, but they got to a point. Contemporary experts in the field of climate challenge historical wisdom found no reason, and therefore in any modern home heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are held on three pillars (or turtles): cooling from the top, bottom heat and clean air (the postulate of the clean hands leave for security officers). Three whales may well turn into Swan, cancer, and pike, creating a semblance of working together, but in fact ineffective and wasteful spending energy and money landlady. But before talking about competent management systems, HVAC, you need to understand in their stuffing. Let's go in order. Heating (warmed from below) by the laws of nature has a habit of warm air rise up, and all the heating elements in the home, usually arranged so that the air was to climb. Heating elements – it's radiators and underfloor heating if you do not get involved in technical details and terminology.

And those others may be electrical or used for heating buildings coolant (usually water) chase through the pipes. Floor heating system is used primarily for heating cold floors in bathrooms, hallways and kitchen. Not necessarily show floor heating control for Smart House. If the room is warm floors only provide comfort for the feet, and heating the air to the desired temperature by means of radiators, the control of floor heating you use, at best, a couple of times, choosing the optimal mode of operation. Therefore, it suffices to establish full-time controller, which can be programmable and provide a transition from day to night mode and the inclusion of a timer. The only shortcoming of this control can become design does not fit into your chosen elite series of wiring accessories. This can be corrected in two ways: by using one or more thin floor heating controls, which offers selected supplier of sockets and switches, or hide in the staff control not available to view location.