They are lands with a very variable climatology and that always we must remember very. In whatever to the pilots, today has carried out a magnificent work. Marc has left with very good rate it has known and it to maintain very intelligently throughout all the day. Details can be found by clicking omega 3 or emailing the administrator. It has been first in CP1 and CP2. To leave third morning is ideal, since it is a little complicated stage due to the great affluence of public.

Jordi Viladoms has done a work brilliant. It has known to perfectly manage a glad rate next to a methodical mutual understanding with his Road Book. Once again, it has made Gallic of his great power of concentration. Henk Kniuman, however, has had a problem with the front brake, fact that has harmed to him directly in its pilotage. It is difficult to face a technical stage without front brake. I hope that tomorrow it can demonstrate his was worth like great pilot who is. Tomorrow waits for one more a more technical stage to us even.

Marc Coma, Pilot AMV (3 Classified, Time: 1 50: 45) I have been very to taste with the motorcycle. It has been a quite technical stage that required great doses of pilotage in spite of to have been quite short. It is a type of stage in which you must to maintain the concentration at any moment since a simple error can costarte very expensive. I have maintained a good rate from the beginning and, next to Jordi Viladoms we have known, it to maintain. Jordi has been very consistent, has made a work excellent. We must follow consistent that since the morning stage will be a little more complicated than the one of today. In any case, it has served to us to put all the things in its site. . Jordi Pilot Viladoms AMV (4 Classified, Time: 1 52: 27) we have left fresh and with many desire. Marc imposed a rate rather hard at the outset, which, we have tried to maintain it throughout all the day. I have been very to taste with the motorcycle and believe that we can be contentments how the things have left us. It is very important to begin with the suitable level of concentration. In this one aspect, I believe that we have realised a great work. Tomorrow it waits for another stage to us, still more technical, so the secret of our success will reside basically in the concentration, in spite of being a stage that requires great doses of pilotage.