Continuous Form

We are conditional to a conception of continuous urban area. That is, the occupation of the territory in the urban form has implied in, to if confrotting with a part of the area that if it shows inadequate for the use and of difficult occupation, to pass superficially, to adapt it in marra areas if consolidate, are crystallized in the form where we find today them, the spite of the problems that suffer regularly. The adensamento of the constructed areas, in turn, leads to the continuous advance in direction the new areas, many of which, one more time, if they present inadequate to the occupation and the use. But we insist on advancing on them. In the end, we are in confrotting with what we attend in the news articles of the reporters. A proposal of this type means that the occupation of the territory must go until the point where the conditions are favorable, it are lingered there and to continue from the point where the conditions if become again favorable. This wants to say that we would have a discontinous urbanization, that is, an urbanization process (together houses, ways, companies) if extending until one determined point.

From then on, in them we would confrot with natural spaces, that is, found left areas as form, in the primrdios of the systematic occupation of a discontinous urban standard and a road system with curves, instead of a linear standard, which we are accustomed. Beyond preventing the costs and upheavals that its occupation would cause, these same areas if would constitute in areas of leisure and shelter for the wild life of the region. Unquestionably, an awareness process would be imperative (which we can doubt that currently it exists in our societies) so that the natural areas of preservation are natural areas of preservation, and not, rubbish garbage deposits, etc.