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Why do we have a news site? We have no news, and the time to write them too! By what they do? So, news on the corporate website: what, why and with what they eat. More information is housed here: Craig Jelinek. Or whatever you'd like to ask. First question: Why? By posting news on the website company, you immediately get to three goals with one blow. On the one hand, news – this is one of the strongest tools pr, on the other hand, they are part of a regularly updated content, meaning they can promote site in search engines, and of the third, if your newscast will be interesting and include, for example, news of all growing back, it will bring audience to the site. That is, you will receive: Formation of a positive company image promotion in search engines web site traffic increase consider more closely each time. News on the site as a tool of pr. Publishing news you can show the dynamics of development company to showcase their work, knowledge, etc.

Moreover, the potential customer can see your already present clients, that is those, that is what you trust. Talking about his work You also state advantage is your product, service. Familiarize with novelties, etc. News as a tool to promote your site. Newswires work in progress on two fronts at once. The first is that the news contain a high number of key phrases (query), thereby increasing the overall relevance of a page of interest to you request. Since the news are regularly updated on your site more often comes to a robot crawler search machines, and accordingly the latest proposals will be faster in the search engine.