Crimea Vacation

The roads leading to vacation in Crimea The vast majority of happy holiday-makers going for the coveted vacation in Crimea, arriving in Simferopol – the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and from there driving around in a different paradise Holiday corners of this amazing and unique peninsula. You can get there in various ways and means of transport. Train. The most popular and accessible – it's rail. Rail transport is characterized as the most inexpensive and relatively comfortable, so buy train tickets must be as early as possible (the normal situation when in July, just simply difficult to purchase tickets to Simferopol in August). Plane. In Simferopol, running an international airport.

Plane tickets are more expensive than the train or bus. What makes them more accessible at the right time of the summer. Satisfied that the weather in Crimea as always sunny, the sea is warm and the beaches are waiting just for you, you can collect things. However, it is still about purchasing tickets in advance is better care. More and more people because of the convenient comfortable and fast safe way to travel, use the services of different airlines, attributing high prices to the background. But do not forget – it is possible that in high season, when crowds besieged sunny Crimea, you at the ticket office can say, 'no available spaces! " Bus. If you use the services of trucking companies, you can arrive at a favorite resort of Yalta, the Crimea or the other, Feadosiyu for example, in a comfortable bus, bypassing the transplantation. It is convenient, but somewhat tedious as it may have to sit as almost motionless a few long hours.

After a trip you should spend some time on the recovery rest on the sandy beach, in a cozy bar, or just sleep off in the room. Buses cozy, comfortable, TV sets, offer drinks, but still, you can not relish a good sleep, as it can be done, for example, in a train compartment. Tickets for the bus more accessible than the train, but they are expensive. Car. If you are lucky enough to own a car – you can use it to travel to the Crimea to the most of the Black Sea. This is very exciting and romantic, as you yourself are 'Captain' and can choose any route. Your vacation starts much earlier than the scheduled arrival at the point of rest. In Crimea, so many interesting places in which you want to visit and it can be done by way of your repetition. A trip to the car frees you from having to pre-purchase tickets for other means of transport, you can manually move when he was on vacation – it's a big plus, but think about booking for placement on vacation in the Crimea you still have to advance! Simferopol is located in the heart of the peninsula, and relatively close to all major resorts on the coasts. So rest of the way to selected hotel or boarding house will not be very tedious. People such as financial planner would likely agree. You can use the bus, trolley or taxi. The time spent in a taxi or shuttle bus, will not differ greatly, most buses are used for communications between the cities are small in size, designed for 15 – 20 seats, and little inferior in speed and comfort of passenger cars.