Mark Pollitt, special agent for the FBI, offers a functional definition: Cyber terrorism is the deliberate one, politically motivated attack against information, the informticos systems of computers, programs, and the data that result in violence against targets of institucional data for sub national groups or agent illegal passengers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Air Force Chief of Staff and gain more knowledge.. Politically motivated the attacks that cause serious damages, such as serious econmicas difficulties or losses of energy or water, also can be characterized as ciber-terrorism. The threat Oos terrorist groups is to use the Internet to spread its message widely and to communicate and to co-ordinate the shares. However, it has few, it will be had, ataquesa net computers that fulfill the criteria to cyber terrorism. The bombardeamento 1998 email for the Black Internet Tigers of the Sri Lanka against embassies perhaps was seemed cyber terrorism that has occurred so far, but the damages because of email flooding, for example, pales in relation to the death of 240 people from the physics of the bombings the E.U embassies in Nairobi and Dar you are Salaam, in August of this year, not constiyui this crime. Ciber-terrorism is the way of the future? For a terrorist, it would have some advantages on physical methods.

It could be carried through remote anonymously, would be cheaper, they do not demand a terrorist can be capable to make more with a keyboard of what with one bomba.’ ‘ However, also it has disadvantages for the terrorists using weapons more to ciber physical. Because they are complex systems, they are difficult to control attacks and to reach a desired level of damages. Psychologically, without people wounds, have also little drama and appeal emotional. Moreover, the terrorists can be little made use to try inadequately new methods. In 1997 in a document, Collin describes some possible scenes to cyber terrorism. A ciber-terrorist hacks for the alteration in a system of one control manufacturer cereals > alterations of the levels of iron supplement cause that children are sick and die.