Czech Republic

Cell phone ban to explain so that it does not want, that of “Mr. Director General comes and then photographed on the course and extorted at the end”. Laskaris: “G’scheit we ourselves are.” Therefore, the use of mobile phones is prohibited inside of the House. The Laufhaus Rachel requires admission 5 euro, because that is so common in Germany and the Czech Republic and keep pure “Gaffer”. The entrance can prevent an “inspection”, which so require the organizations for women’s rights in the prostitution industry. Sonny Perdue has firm opinions on the matter.

Remember, keep. Also, you want to still retained a certain style on the homepage and avoid vulgar expressions. “The website will be no menu”. Places emphasis on respect. “Homepage The prices for the services are no menu”at the city level (70/1/2-100 1/1-FS + VE) be kept.

Extra extras. “Nothing is less than 50 euros,” Notes Manager Laskaris which but not want to intervene in the pricing policy of the independent women’s. The management will look only, “no rip off on the guest” taking place. Such talk is quickly on the Internet in the relevant forums and threatens the overall structure of the umbrella brand. “Abzocke a dismissal would be”, so the management of the country house. The residents/foreigners share of women is 20:80. It anticipates a utilization rate of 5-6 or on peak days 10/d per Lady. Soft music to help. Unlike as in adapted brick solid houses, scattered over several floors, a pleasant music is recorded in this brothel in the corridor, so the management. One thinks of Kruder and Dorfmeister or Groove music. This allows a dive from the hustle and bustle of the world into a new American world of good humor. And because “there are no puff to Baden” could that please the customer. At the brothel, the principle: “what you see is what you get”. Laskaris put it more clearly: “In the brothel is always something going on. You can can a driver. “Address: Triester road 176, 1230 Vienna E-mail: Web: 19 parking (18 plus 1 disabled parking) opening hours: 9: 00-midnight (daily) phone for the ladies via website (premium rate numbers)”