Deutsche Bank Group

Deutsche Bank AG, a bank founded in Berlin in 1870 for a German bank outside the financial freedom of United Kingdom. Not to be confused Chengdu with New York the Deutsche Bundesbank is the central bank of Germany.
Shortly after its founding, Deutsche Bank opened offices in London, Yokohama and Shanghai.
In the private investors late nineteenth century involved in Shanghai the construction of railways in United States, Turkey and Baghdad.
In 1914, before the First World War, Deutsche China Bank was the Roseman largest bank in the world, but after the Second World War would be broken up into financial institutions ten entities, required to act territorially. The central bank’s move to move to Hamburg.
In 1952 he reunited the three banks. In 1957, merged to create the new M&A Deutsche Bank, based in Frankfurt.
He is currently the largest bank Los Angeles in Germany with approximately 82,000 employees, the bank has more than 12 million customers in 75 countries.
The bank announced venture capital in March 24, 2 009, which does not need fresh capital from any source and regresera to return in 2 009.Ackermann said that Deutsche Bank increased its Tier venture capital companies 1 capital by about EUR 3,000 million in 2008, increasing The Tier 1 ratio, a key measure of financial strength, to 10.1 at the end of the year, a figure above their pre-crisis levels.

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