Diet Issues

When we are put under a diet regime, we prepared our mind to be able to implement it as well as possible. We follow the steps suitably, we eat the indispensable thing, we took the necessary thing so that our diet has total success. We obtain satisfactory results and we wished that no longer we must resort to the diet, but that it happens we finished when it, because we raised again of weight? To lose weight it can be a headache when we do not know as it affects the consumption of calories in our organism. It analyzes its situation with these data: By each pound that weighs (0,453 kg), every day 12 calories are needed to maintain their weight corporal. If you weigh 120 you free (54,43 kg) has 120 xs 12 calories, that is to say, 1440 calories per day to maintain the corporal weight. If you eat or drink more calories of those than its body needs, the excess of energy is stored like fat.

3,600 calories in excess are needed to make a pound of fat. In this example, if its typical daily caloric consumption is of 2000 calories, in about 30 days it will have between 4-5 extra fat pounds! Then to lose weight will be everything a challenge for the next days. If it wishes to begin a restrictive diet and to reduce to half its caloric consumption, that is to say 1,000 calories per day. When following this diet by around a month, manages to lose 10 pounds now (4,53 kg) and weight 110 pounds (49,89 kg). One feels fantastic to lose that weight, but it is not sufficient for a restrictive regime, since one is very irritable and it does not have energy. That you do then? If it is certain, one moves away of his diet and it returns to his habitual routine from 2,000 calories to the day. It remembers that you are now lighter and than its body requires less energy to maintain its new weight. Now 110 xs 12, that is to say, 1320 calories per day are required.

In this case, by the consumption of 2,000 calories daily, and considering that is lighter than before, it will raise again of weight, in only 24 or 25 days! Where I am the mission to lose weight of constant and safe way? You must develop a constant change in their nutritional habits to make sure that it does not consume more than his body require. It is not possible to be continued eating the same amounts and/or combinations of foods that caused the overweight. It is necessary to develop to an understanding of the nutritional content of foods and the increase of metabolism of his body through increase of muscular mass and the exercise. If he wishes to have more advice of CLICK HERE original Author and source of the article