As elsewhere, in fishing have their own rules. If you believe that for a good fishing to you all you need to buy and spinning reel, fishing line and a couple of wobblers, you are deeply mistaken. There certain rules that can spread to sports and amateur. They usually contain periods and inustrumenty for fishing. Across Russia, there are in general the same rules and principles of fisheries. But there is one difference – timing. They can always find out in the regional offices, at a friend's fishing or fishing in the special section and clubs.

There is no need to spend their own time and for one or two fishings read legal documents and regulations, so we have tried to briefly describe the basic rules, following which you can easily circumvent the problems with the law. In fact, all over the country fishing is allowed always, except during spawning. When fishing, you can use the following gear: – All types of fishing rods. An angler must have no more than ten hooks 14-th number and less. Fishing line must not be longer than a hundred meters – Any spinning – not more than five rakolovok; In addition, there are a few banned items that relate to fishing gear and fishing methods. Anglers need to know that not all kinds of gear and fishing are allowed state control authorities, with fishing violations may incur both administrative and professional liability. The legislation prohibits: – Use the following those. means: dynamite, piercing and cutting guns, Electrofishing, poisons, firearms (smooth or rifled), and air guns at catching fish – is strictly forbidden to use nets – banned fishing by dams and walls – use new methods and tools for fishing without a permit for their supervisors and safety – Be close to or placed directly on water bodies with restricted fishing tackle fish is also prohibited to get the catch of prohibited fishing gear in the absence of representatives of regulatory bodies; Such violations may result in penalties, so do not rely on a 'maybe' and not narushayt the rules.

Better buy spinning and using it to fish than to spend big bucks for a banned fishing tackle or bribes to supervision. Nobody wants to pay the fine, but even more so to be imprisoned because of some five to seven kilogram of fish. That is the basic rules of fishing in the territory of Russia. Therefore, before you buy a spinning reel, fishing line and a couple of wobblers, or other instruments, carefully read them. Because we all know, that ignorance of the law is no excuse. And those who want to go the easy way, quickly convinced that they do not exist at all. Not easily pull the fish from the pond!