Emmanuel God

There are parishes that before the celebration of the Eucharist in the afternoon, because they expose the Blessed Sacrament during one hour, two hours, or half an hour, etc. And is curious in the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament there are many candles, many lights, the reservation has been made and will begin mass what happens? The sacristan or whoever, begins to turn off candles, turn off lights, because it will start mass. This is a sign anti, is antipedagogico. So what is more important?, exposure, or mass? Let’s start by discern: If there is an exhibition before the Eucharist, let all the candles and lights, and if there are more lights turn them to mass, because the mass is more important than the exhibition. Do not fall into the opposite, we must know combine things, the Eucharist and the worship of the Eucharist outside mass. The Ritual of the worship of the Eucharist outside mass says: while the Eucharist is preserved in the churches, is truly the Emmanuel God with us, as day and night is in our midst, living with us, full of grace and truth. Risen and glorious, seated to the right of the father, Christ is really present in the sacrament, its presence standing in the sacramental species, is an extension of its presence in the Eucharist.

In the Eucharist Christ currently appears and its presence is a presence that has a presence that is given, and a presence that remains, is also a creator of communion and founder of Church presence, because Christ is with men and women and their body, makes them by the sacramental communion, say that Christ’s real presenceIt is not referred to as an aesthetic fact but as a dynamic fact, auto donation and facing the communion. The Church however saved the sacred presence with the utmost respect, your body has been given, remains and belongs to the Church. The Church is the wife who saves with the sacred body of the Lord, to give it to the faithful who embark on the path of the definitive meeting and for those who have not been able to participate with the community at the breaking of the bread. While you save with great reverence the Lord’s body, the Church invites the faithful enter into communion with him, not in a sacramental way, but also a spiritual and mystical way. Continuous.