Emperor Frederick II

I confess that I like very much to go to the Dome Cathedral, because I still have very close Dondee I was staying, also known as the Cathedral Church of S. Juan Bautista, was built between 1098 and 1132. It was almost entirely rebuilt following the original design, after the earthquake of 1743. Inside one can admire a polychrome mosaic of 1178 and a wooden crown 1594. Here Ruggiero's son Tancredi, was crowned King of Sicily in 1191 and in 1225 celebrated the wedding of Isabella of Brienne Queen of Jerusalem, the Emperor Frederick II. Hea attended his ceremonies, public events made it religious, as I have also come to reflect, to meditate, because I love the simplicity of the Dumo and its atmosphere of peace that it reflects. a Every morning for dwelling near the chair, I am pleased to hear their campaigns to where the bell tower was completed in 1795 and the nearby Bishop's palace and Seminary building, built in 1720 using the materials of the demolished Basilica S.

Leucio. I love going out of that place A Roman column, enjoy them intensely. I am happy to travel constantly to Corso Umberto I, which as has been written about him is a pleasant promenade with beautiful and unusual gift palm trees that give an Oriental touch to this port city and the promenade, which is precisely where you are most of tourists waiting for the release of his boat to Greece. After a while I go to the central station, single station, but cozy, from time to time I stop to drink a coffee.