Enduro Motorcycles

Enduro (Spanish 'hardy') – implies a wider range of use of any equipment other than a motorcycle, namely ATV, snowmobile, bike, etc. This technique is designed for use in off-road, in real natural conditions with the possibility of movement on the roads as well outside. The obvious plus enduro gets behind what makes experience the joy all year round regardless of weather and road conditions on the ground. All-season opportunity to surf the off-road causes another advantage Enduro – a variety of sensations, as well as constant improvement of skills and techniques of driving. Fans of fitness Enduro offers adequate physical activity outdoors. Dreaming of distant voyages opportunity to get to where no man has gone before – or at least their own.

Those who suffers from a lack of communication, provides pass into a full-male company. In recent years become increasingly popular enduro tours in which participants go through certain routes through the countryside is literally stuffed with a variety of obstacles, which offers nature. The route can be from several tens to several hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, where each of the participants and their equipment must show a real endurance, strength and skill. In the enduro, but knowledge management techniques, still need and ability to overcome numerous obstacles and always different, occurring at an unknown and long-term route to can not remember. Here, each obstacle is a certain element of surprise, the response from your side that needs to be fast, but accurate. But at the same time it should be remembered that the enduro tours carried out to obtain maximum enjoyment from the process of driving on this type of technology. Now a little about the organization route.

For off-road enduro tour is impossible to prepare like a normal trip. There can not be just take the card and is of marked roads to draw a route. Wherever you go, there is simply no roads, or they are not marked on the map. There will be no marking on the road and set of pointers that indicate: for second tree, turn left. Here, you will need a sip of water in the desert – the navigator. In order to develop an interesting route length of 100-200km. Which passes through unfamiliar woods, not to mention the mountain routes, may require weeks. A man who regularly rides the roads in the region, it can afford. But the figure enduro tour in unfamiliar places far from home, without a conductor who knows this area, not something that is impossible, but it is unprofitable. Do a considerable way, to live somewhere and instead of exciting itineraries for each day, it is useless to waste time wandering is not clear where. Not to mention the possible adverse effects of these walks. But, having gone with a guide, an account of travel can be extensive and interesting.