Family Members

With professional addiction treatment how to handle with those affected learn professional addiction treatment deal with affected learning. In Germany, the official number of alcoholics is between 2.3 and 2.9 million people. Accurate numbers can be very difficult. The underreporting is likely far higher. What usually never stops is to consider in this context is the number of the directly affected and here I mean not only the life partners of addicts. To deepen your understanding Cheniere Energy partners is the source.

Also children equal to what age are directly affected. Co-dependent burden yourself with your helper syndrome and even assistance. Through joint discussions, analyses backgrounds and perspectives and solutions jointly. The own partner or a family member is addictive, this addiction not only for those affected, but also for its family represents an enormous burden. Often the caregivers of the addicts in compulsive behaviors are bogged down, the successful treatment of Prevent dependency. This psychiatric concept describing a similarly insidious way like the way in the addiction is co-dependency. Results Institute offers professional approaches, which can successfully overcome the unfortunate symbiosis between addicts and whose reference person in the context of solution-oriented.

In joint discussions, analyzes the relationship between addiction and co-dependency and created new perspectives for the common life without addiction. Co dependency – the fatal helpfulness an existing alcohol addiction not only for those affected, but also for its partner or reference person represents a great burden. Not rarely developed also the partner a pathological behavior of addicts being change and slips into stuck patterns, which prevent to improve the condition of the addicts. On the contrary: the co-dependency is not counteracted the alcohol problem, but rather still supports the addiction. So develop a helper syndrome co-dependent and take over tasks that the addicts themselves no longer can cope with. You want to let the partners in the lurch and really sacrificing for this. This pathological behavior often results in that the co-dependent as well needs help, like the addicts partner. Alcohol problem of the own partner often leads to the co-dependency co-dependent are usually heavily oriented to the outside. So they emphasize that, to maintain the apparent image of a happy and carefree relationship. At any price is recorded on the relationship and so it is natural for the alcoholics and make sure to remove all his problems this for co-dependent. But exactly this behavior is not the solution for the overcoming of the alcohol problem. Rather, the affected device further into the maelstrom of addiction. To help not only the addicts, but also the co-dependent from the disastrous symbiosis, should seek professional help be taken. Results Institute analyzes the relationships of co-dependency in personal conversations and supports affected thereby, not only the alcohol addiction, but also the common life again in the handle to get. With professional treatment of alcohol dependency and co-dependency successfully overcome a co-dependency found often in partnerships, where a partner suffering alcohol addiction. Results Institute helps with a professional alcohol therapy to cope with alcohol withdrawal and again confident to look into the future together with the partner. Every alcohol problem is analyzed individually and together with the addicts will search for solutions.