Fernando Jimenez

Alexis Fernando Jimenez When it hit the bed hard, Sonia said the forcefulness of his frustration: he had two years calling for her husband to change. Alexander was no longer the same man closely before. Of suitor that she met and fell in love, it was not. It was the blurred image of a past his momentole queen dream seemed like something out of a novel Coryn Tellado. “My God, is that they not hear me? Please hear me. Look at my despair, “he cried.

Every time the situation was becoming untenable. In addition to reaching home very late, usually crowded with folders of documents to keep working late into the morning, the husband spent much of the weekend drinking beer and playing pool with friends. At times I felt that could not stand it. He went to church service, but could not concentrate. “Look, if you are looking to God, things cambiaranle said Rachel, one of the sisters in the faith and closest friend. Once, while reading Bible, found a verse that caught her attention: Does God pervert justice? Do the right turns the Almighty? “(Job 8:3, NIV). He understood then that the Lord was punishing, as he thought about many times, going around in your room while watching the clock on the nightstand. “You Pastor Damian recommended further pursued. Although not want to accept it, he reasoned that there was no other way out. No doubt God heard their prayers because a l can not deny its nature as a loving Father who cares for His children, however, also understood it, had to endure to the occurrence of the response in time and God’s way .