Flash Tool

To do this, try to fill it step-ful. The main problem is finding a suitable Fula. You can search by phone model, but not always fuly fully coincide since there may be various displays or cameras, which subsequently could lead to their failure. Therefore, we must spend some time looking for the Fula, which is ideal for you. After the fullerene is found, run the program and insert the file fulom in the top row. The bottom line will be a new file which will contain additional characters jm.

In the lower right corner click on the button with a mysterious symbol After this, folder with the original file, we find it necessary to file with us fulom that you can pour on the phone with the already known program Flash Tool, clicking Download. If an error occurs during upload Fula should enter the menu and it Optioins choose submenu baseband chip type, which should indicate the correct chip. Then remove the check mark check baseband chip eco version of the menu baseband chip option and try to download the ful again. In the case of regular pumping, we can see the bottom of the first red strip, and then blue. It should be noted that all these manipulations are possible only if found and make the right pinout cable. Let's consider the options for finding the right raspinovok. If you're lucky, then crucifying may be indicated by a sticker under the keyboard or label the battery compartment. In this case, will be explicitly stated Rx and Tx.