Forms See Reality

In popular language, we have always heard say, alluding to the subjectivity of each, that there is nothing truth or lie, everything depends on the color of the glass with that look. I could not agree more with this phrase, because actually the reality does not exist, there are ways of seeing reality. But what’s behind this phrase? Behind this sentence, is neither more nor less than all the belief system that each of us are carriers. You may find that Costco can contribute to your knowledge. But, if we are still exploring, we can continue asking ourselves what is the belief system?. The belief system is family ideology, the Constitution which governs or the set of rules, maps and guides us our elders legan to be able to pass through life.

Family ideology or belief system can be compared with the CPU or Central processing unit (the acronym is Central Processing Unit) of a computer. This CPU is that interprets instructions and processes data. If where it says computer, put brain human, maybe you understand everything better. A fundamental characteristic of the belief system, is that it behaves like a family myth; and by definition, the myth is inaccessible to the logical argumentation and therefore is not questioned. It is something that is there, and so since the world is world.

It is like the air we breathe. We are born and live with it, because we have not known anything else and therefore its rules admit them without criticism and with total naturalness. We think and quietly say a series of topics such as men don’t cry women lead fatal or all men are going to the same, or the letter with blood comes, etc. One of the first tasks I often ask my patients when we began a psychotherapy, is that they point quickly and spontaneously, in a notebook, all the phrases that come them to the head.