France Galvanized

In the eighties of last century Belgian firm ZINGAMETALLBVBAnachala corrosion testing in the laboratories of tsinkonapolnennogo prestigious University of Ghent. Composition called ZINGA (Zinga). The binder (or know-how of the company) and the solvent is made of anti-corrosion liquid and ready for use as paint. It was very convenient – the worker could apply ZINGAna protected surface with a brush, roller or spray gun. The tests have surpassed all expectations – the dry layer ZINGAokazalsya surprisingly 'sticky' to the steel surface. Moreover, he served as a double protection – the cathode (active) and contact (passive). Moreover, both features a new coating performs better than the traditional – the paint and galvanizing at lower than zinc, cost. It was a real breakthrough in corrosion science and to the forefront once popped up a marketing problem – proper promotion and positioning of goods.

The difficulty was in disbelief antikorrozionschikov experienced in the unique properties of ZINGA-too long and too often they are deceived. Testing widened in both physical and chemical perspective, and geographically. Temperature have been studied the possibility of coating, the coating process conditions, duration of protection, the limits of aggressive environments, compatibility with paints and other testing and certification made not only in Belgium but also in the UK (Laboratory Materials Technology Fulmer), France, South Africa, Germany (FMPA), Austria, Portugal, Spain, USA, Canada, Singapore (laboratory Productivityi StandardsBoard), etc. Interesting testing was conducted maritime department of France in the real world. Two marine buoy – one covered with Zinga, another hot-dip galvanized – for 4 years were in the Atlantic Ocean (very strong corrosive environment). At both buoys was done the same top layer of paint, while at the buoy, galvanized steel for better paint adhesion has been previously covered with a layer of soil. After 4 years no trace Zingapokazala rust, and a layer of hot-dip galvanized rust was severe in several places.