French Permis Card

To do this quite a bit: to rent in advance, even before the holiday. Free to book a car in all the big companies can be telephone or via the Internet. A special order form you specify all the details: date, time, place and term of lease (no passport data or credit card number to enter when booking is not necessary). In confirmation you will receive letter by fax or e-mail. In this case, companies do not take even the minimum payment, and for the mere fact of booking extra pay is not necessary. Clients trust the word, and even if he does not use armor, fine with it will not take.

To reserve a car, do not necessarily know English: sites of international operators are ready to communicate on your own, Russian. In advance booking is a serious advantage. Customer may be sure that the car he will get for the price, which operated at the time of booking. Given that the summer high season rental prices grow by 10-30%, this can be played: for example, ordered in May, spring priced car in August. Conversely, if some kind of original vzbredet occurred in the summer during the tourist season, book a car on a rainy November, instead of saving can get a net loss. Prices will fall in November – for all except unlucky customer.

Rules battlefield requirements tenants in rolling offices alike. Client necessarily need to have two things: a driver's license and bank card. In most cases, the office shall ordinary Russian law – a plastic card, where all the inscriptions in Russian and only the title of "Driving" is duplicated in French Permis de conduire.