Fresh And Colorful: Clay Colour BRAVO Comes Garden & Home Factory

Clay color is particularly low in pollutants and stay healthy – and is there at Lesando in up to 200 different colors. If the autumn fog hole up in house and home, comes the time for the renovation of the own four walls: new, fresh colors work during the dark season mood-elevating and make sure that we feel. Obtained modern surfaces with the new wall colors BRAVO by Lesando produced based on clay and without any chemical additives. See medical billing software for more details and insights. With a range of up to 200 different colors are Lehmfarben BRAVO unique in their variety and leave no creative wish unfulfilled. Because they are delivered dry, they are unlimited life and come in contrast to wet”colors without preservatives and solvents from.

Unlike some lime or glutinous paints the color of clay is abrasion-resistant. Their natural composition with ton flour, marble sand, chalk and vegetable starch has a positive effect on the environment. Because chemical binders, which could put strain on the air, are due to the good binding properties of clay and vegetable starch superfluous; the color will remain open to diffusion and let the wall breathe. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad. Touched the clay color as in times of old masters: depending on the desired color, the dry components in the right quantity in the bucket are first mixed before the color is mixed with water. Who for this kind of natural decides, but today no artist should be.

You can be just as easily as conventional wall colors. The clay colour Bravo was examined by the renowned on BUS analysis Institute in Furth and suitable as in particularly for allergy sufferers”classified. For more information, reference sources and trade partners, see.