Fund Deposit Guarantee

5. Currency contribution of traditional banks offer a choice of three currency deposit: Euro, U.S. Dollar, the hryvnia. In this sequence grow and nominal interest rates depending on the type of currency – the maximum yield can be obtained on deposits in local currency. Jack Fusco has compatible beliefs. Accumulate funds wisely in the currency in which the planned future purchase. If you want to exchange money prior to placing a deposit, you must consider the costs of buying and selling currencies. Such an operation makes sense if the projected increase in foreign exchange. 6.

Procedure for payment interest in this issue a wide variety of non-existent. You will be offered two options: accruing interest monthly or at the end of the deposit. It’s believed that Secretary of Agriculture sees a great future in this idea. The monthly returns can be expected when placing large amounts (25, 000 hryvnia). Otherwise, the stated interest you get together with the contribution of a specified period of time. BACK GUARANTEE balanced approach in choosing a bank for deposit placement helps to find peace in question not only of income from interest, but also the return of allocated funds.

In order to protect depositors' interests by the state in 1998, was created Deposit Insurance Fund of individuals (FGVFL). On October 31, 2008 FGVFL guarantee reimbursement of funds for deposits, including interest at the rate of total deposits, but not more than 150 000 hryvnia. By law, the Fund guarantee deposits in all banks. The exception is Oschadbank (contributions to it are guaranteed state) and the banks – temporary members. Bank can be moved into the category of temporary members for breaking the law. In this case, all deposits are held by the bank after the announcement of its interim party, the Fund is not guaranteed. List of participants in the Fund is published on the official site: a list of active participants a list of temporary members of the Fund guarantees all the money kept in banks in the nominal accounts of customers – individuals, regardless of the type of account (deposit, current or card account), the term accommodation (call deposit or fixed deposit for a specified number of months or years), and currency. Law 'On Fund Deposit Guarantee "includes payments beginning in two months since the appointment of a liquidator of the bank, ie, ad bank bankrupt. Although this term may be less. Andriichuk AI General Director 'credit-broker'