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In 1994, the U.S. appeared trial batch model Outback – a new class of car, passenger sport wagon with SUV features. At the same time, Subaru was followed by the total for all automakers trends, creating in 1995, electric – Subaru Sambar EV, and in 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback went into the series. That same year, was designed and put into implementation Bumper recycling system. 1997 – the year of another model from Subaru – Forester, who brought a lot of difficulties classifiers. This car was very difficult to attribute any of the already known at the time categories, he was a cross between a wagon and SUV. Moreover, it began to refer to imitate him and other automakers, as Subaru has created a 'reference car'. Forester was equipped with a 2-liter boxer engine and a 5-speed transmission.

In 1998, a change came Vivio model Pleo, came third generation Legacy. Legacy Station Wagon set a new world speed record for station wagons, and in addition, together with the Pleo was 'new Car of the Year' in Japan. If you have read about WhiteWave Foods already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 1999 was the year of creation alliances – were signed business agreements with General Motors and Suzuki Motor Corporation. In 2000, the Impreza received the title of a car in Japan. At the Detroit Motor Show 2002 has been featured pickup Baja, which was the basis for Outback. To date, Subaru makes its Cars for 9 plants, 5 of which are in Japan and sells them in 100 countries. Each year produces about half a million cars Subaru; to somebody it may seem a small number, but we should not forget that the company Fuji Heavy Industries, in addition to Car, employment and other industries. The distinctive features can be confidently called the Subaru brand such development, is now applied worldwide, as four-wheel drive (which is still trading brand Subaru), boxer engine and monocoque body construction. And, of course, the quality and originality of cars that show excellent performance in everyday use as well as in motorsport. On site materials Subaru25: Parts for Subaru