General Naam

I confess I made that it. I even though arrived to write a message on the 7 divings of Naam! Very pretty for signal! But still it has more. The incurable leprosy in the days of the Law, having been alone sight in the case of General Naam, was remembered by Jesus when it make a speeched regarding its coming, in the synagogue in Lucas 4. It reads there We go Already it was with the Bible opened in Lucas 5, is not same! ' ' I came to this! To cure the lepers who are it are of arraial.' ' Funny it is that, if it made one strong linking, ' ' leprosy-pecado' ' , for force of the exclusion, or ' ' leprosy? maldio' ' , for force of the Law. the Christians, make judgment the same, when ' ' they exclude the lepers, of this world and when they exclude the lepers of the life of the Igreja' '.

But they observe in Lucas 5. does not have separation between Church here and World, does not say in nationality spiritual. – ' ' Sir, if you want you will be limpo' '. – ' ' Yes I want, I am limpo' '! the leper was cured of its leprosy, the convict, however to silence and to the fulfilment of ' ' ritual' ' to testify to ' ' sacerdotes' ' , or to religious the prejudiced ones that its leprosy was cured. Since the days of Eliseu nobody cured age of leprosy, and in the days of Moises, all the lepers were of the side of are! Now the lepers are cured, and interesting who in this in case that Jesus, did not make leprosy-sin mention, only limited itself to reveal the one that came: – ' ' to cure the patients, to free captives, ' '.