General San Martin

Mendoza is rich in nature reserves of great beauty thanks to the exuberant vitality of its nature. Located just 60 Km from the capital of the province, the Natural Reserve of Villavicencio is a highly attractive destination when planning an excursion during our vacation in Mendoza. In the Natural Reserve of Villavicencio coexist with incredible landscapes, a population of flora and fauna to the astonishment and a road marking of historical landmarks of the great epic deeds. The central region of the Department of Las Heras must pass through to get to the reserve from the city of Mendoza. It is time to be astonished with the desert landscape and the ancient mouths of vending in which, several years ago, the inhabitants of the province served free of charge mineral water from springs in the region.

The first packaging of Villavicencio, one of the natural mineral waters preferred by Argentines functioned for many years there. The Canota monument reminds tourists that they are following in the footsteps of the glorious army of the Andes. This monument remember the point that General San Martin decided to divide into 2 his army to be able to attack with greater efficiency to the Chilean royalists. Later, the desert fades within a lush forest greenery that announces the beginning of the reserve. Between paths of cornice and deep ravines, the guanaco, a species of the immense variety of flora and fauna of the reserve, greet visitors. 2200 Meters. height, the Mirador de los Caracoles offers an overview of the beauty of the valleys and mountains that cut the breath.

Far away, there is the roof of the hotel Villavicencio, a visit required within the reserve. Witness to an era of splendor, the hotel to which high society from around the country came to enjoy thermal cures closed its doors in 1978, but preserves all the luxury that characterized it. This splendid building, opened in 1940, realizes that the high level that distinguishes the hotel in Mendoza is not recent thing, but a tradition of many years. In the former kitchen of this hotel whose stays were book a year in advance, a renovated field bar welcomes weary hikers with the specialty of the House: good Malbec and incredible sandwiches of ham. The finishing touch for a magical day.