Gentle Methodology

What actually happens when the liposuction? Liposuction liposuction also called, is suitable for problem areas such as hips or belly. Smaller fat deposits such as Chin and knee are good to get away with a liposuction. Previously taken large needles with large diameter. It had to be solved with much movement and force the belly fat or the love handles. The fat went away but was an ordeal for the aesthetic plastic surgeons and patients so. The cosmetic surgery evolved quickly, the technology and methodology have been refined and gentle in the liposuction. Liposuction revolutionized conquered as the Tumessenz on the market of plastic aesthetic surgery.

The Tumessenz is a solution that is inserted just under the skin in the adipose tissue. It solves, for example, the fat belly so the fat pad on. You can say the belly fat liquefies. When it is first dissolved in the cells, the plastic surgeon takes a small thin needle and using liposuction, the fat goes away. The resulting lean Space, abdominal wall must grow again with the. If of course the Po fat was extracted then it must grow again in this region of the skin. Even figuratively to describe it: A sandwich has up and down a slice of toast.

In the middle is ham and salad. We take it out from the Center is a hollow space as the liposuction between abdominal wall and muscle. So that the skin beautifully again adapts to the abdominal a compression garment must be worn after the liposuction so that a permanent, low pressure wound healing is perfect. It is medically impossible to remove all fat cells by means of liposuction. Also known as Megaliposuktionen from 5000-6000 ml health are subject to a high risk. The plastic surgery liposuction, become increasingly in today’s society. Also riding pants (FAT on thighs) can well be eliminated and the liposuction can have a positive influence on the cellulite in stages 1 and 2. Liposuction is of course not to the take off the suited. The fat belly can be minimized and with much Excess skin is to recommend a subsequent tummy tuck liposuction. With a change of diet and exercise, the results of liposuction can be kept in the long term. It is also a fallacy if the belly fat away “that just never again has which attaches. Many think that E.g. the Po or thighs the character suffers from elsewhere at a weight gain. This is not right because with increasing by appetite fat cells themselves can extend and thus have not thousands small fat cells that make up your belly fat but the proportions no longer accept hundreds more (fuller) fat cells which are not so move your figure.