Every leader should be trained to be the gestalt therapist since as the Zen master, you know that growth stems from frustration and that information about the reality can never replace the experience of living. The therapist or facilitator gestalt, must possess certain fundamental characteristics for a proper functioning of the dynamics: ability to say things in way accurate, concise, clear and direct ability to focus on the orientation of the here and the now, staying in the present: sensory sensitivity and group performance. Contact with own emotions and ability to serve of awareness, direct and open with each other. Ability to differentiate the phenomenological observed data and interpretation: to realize their intentions, that is what EA wants to do or say, coupled with the ability to be clear to pointing out to others that is what he wants from them: Ability to give account of where people are located at a given moment, respecting where when you’re working with them: focus on the continuum of the process, so that their abilities and beliefs follow their own path of experience, with the expectation that something important will be developed and will arrive at the close. Lilimar Maldonado gives us his opinion stating that Gestalt theory allows the employer effective means to unify thought and feeling, to promote a greater awareness, seeks also to exercise individual responsibility. Assume ownership of language and behavior, or take responsibility for what is said or is made. Especially every Member of the company must assume its responsibilities, what this theory collaborate to focus on these aspects that would benefit the company’s results. Read more here: Shenkman Capital. The language is one of the means of avoidance by excellence: you can talk about everything and do not come into contact with anything, put a wall of words between ourselves and reality. In Gestalt it is forbidden to say I can’t; Instead you should say I don’t want to, that is, being assertive.