Gone Down

We live to few days the Week Saint a very strong moment for us that they believe Jesus. In this week it is celebrated Passover of Jesus, moment of its Passion, Death and Resurrection. However it is undeniable that the Cross of Ours Sir has an only attraction in the heart of the people, in such a way at the time of Jesus as still today. Who participates of all celebration of the Passover of Jesus perceives that in the friday saint day where we make memory of the Passion of Christ the flow of fidiciary offices is very bigger. I am to imagine what the people of that time thought de a Cruz, what they understood when seeing that man who if said Son of God to die in the cross as as many thieves.

In the way of the multitude a phrase in the flame attention: ‘ ‘ It now goes down de a Cruz so that let us see and acreditemos’ ‘ (Mc 15,32). What it passed in the heart of Jesus: to go down de a Cruz? To go down de a Cruz would make those people to believe? It will be that giving up Jesus it would provide faith in the heart of they insulted that it? It is interesting to notice that this phrase was said by scribes the highest points priests, great opponents of Jesus. if Jesus had gone down de a Cruz? They would believe it? It will be that the project of the one of love would continue or would finish? To give up, this word did not pass in the heart of Jesus, how many times had not wanted that It kept silent, in the cross even invite if to silence it with airs of possible conversion..