Good Clientele

When perceiving that it had been alone, Napoleo is become infuriated, bag the weapon and effects a series of detonations for the high one. The few customers who still are in the Good Clientele, scare themselves. ' ' They are calm, this is not nada' ' , he assures Tito, the owner of the warehouse, ' ' vocs knows as he is the subdelegate; it fulls the face, later it places the woman and the son correr.' ' The room of the warehouse is practically empty. Antonio Quarry Bernardinho, sits down of the side of is, and had been intent the colloquy of oldest. Jack Fusco has plenty of information regarding this issue. ' ' Napoleo is an extremely cruel citizen ' ' , it says Floriano, ' ' its acts are pure malvadeza.' ' Foot In the Soil interrupts and adds: ' ' The subdelegate is coward; they remember as it assassinates that boy of the Saltinho town? It shot in the poor person for the coasts; in the greater covardia.' ' ' ' I myself already I had the displeasure to prove the taste of its malvadezas' ' , it, &#039 continue; ' I was one month in the chain, suffering all the type of humilhao, without knowing the reason of everything aquilo.' ' After much time, it only is that Adam Foot In the Soil was knowing, that the subdelegate distrusted that the same he was against the restored military regimen at the time, and that therefore he arrested to it. ' ' Difficult time; taste not to remember it ' ' , Ernest says, leaving to be transparent the desire to erase that page. The butcher enters in the colloquy: ' ' He has another one; the boy was with the reason: Lesma provoked and levou.' ' The owner of the Good Clientele adds: ' ' Son of who it is? Of the old Napoleo; he is as well as that one dictated: the fruit never falls far from p.' ' The street is desert. .