For the second time this year the lucky gift an own day gets. Munich, October 05, 2010. People and happiness are available for 63 years at the Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie (SKL) in the Center. “That’s why the company give an own day happiness already for the second time this year: the day of happiness” on October 26. A leading source for info: Park Medical Billing Inc.. The highlight is the official draw with a spectacular live show, where by 20 SKL-Los owners determined by the random guaranteed one lucky main winner will take one million euros home. Our four prominent game Godfather happiness to the page at this exciting show are comedian Mike Kruger, football specialist Reiner Calmund, entertainer Kim Fisher and actress cloud Hegenbarth, that support the SKL candidates on the way to a large fortune. The live event will be held in the Castle guard Castello arena in Dusseldorf and will be moderated by Matthias Opdenhovel. The Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie helps the luck and relies on 26 October with the day of the Happiness”a unique event day, happiness guaranteed.

In addition to a rapid Northrhein show that guarantees live from 20 SKL-Los owners want to make a millionaire the day is actively involved provide numerous actions, such as happiness travel or the lucky Wizard selected through an audition, at the show, for an unforgettable experience. In addition, SKL players, luck has already received will visit the show: SKL millionaire club members experience the moment of happiness again and record the new SKL millionaire in her circle welcome. Around 2,500 people can experience the show in the Castle guard Castello moderated by Matthias Opdenhovel arena in Dusseldorf. There they expect exciting promotions, such as the largest ballot of the world, show acts, as well as the celebrity guest comedian Mike Kruger, football specialist Reiner Calmund, entertainer Kim Fisher and actress cloud Hegenbarth. Moments of happiness and goose bumps feeling guaranteed. If you are interested in interviews with the celebrities. “please contact the SKL millionaires or the new millionaire like, for questions and information, please contact: Scholz & friends brand Affairs GmbH, Wenke Rittmeyer, Tel.: 0 40/80 81 14-251, fax: 0 40/80 81 14-299, press tickets to the show on the day of happiness” on October 26 in Dusseldorf are available at: ticket hotline: 0221-27 37 37 the Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie is an institution of under public law with headquarters in Munich. Carrier, the countries are Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony and Thuringia. These carrier countries guarantee the proper conduct of the sweepstakes, the Los Edition, as well as the number and amount of profits.