Home Insulation

Wooden Finnish house of timber can be privlekatelnymy to the eye, but the disadvantages of home you can feel when the cold weather. Very often the construction of wooden houses admit error, which are seen immediately. Proper insulation will ensure that a wooden house is comfortable in any season. Insulation, however, is not something that can be done in the last minute and expect a good result. You want to build a house in which the insulation is a key element during the early stages of the planning process. Once completed, you'll save on heating and enjoy a cozy during the winter. Insulation material should be is the fiber into the home side, some types of insulation have insulation fibers from both sides. Insulation should be placed directly into the walls and attic of the building.

Make sure the insulation is against the surface and tightly attached to it, any gaps will allow air to freely enter and your work will be useless. Reinforce the insulating material with high-quality glue to fix the insulation firmly in place. The adhesive should quickly grasp that the fine lines appear and do not have time to not spoil the end result. These wrinkles can be missed during the process of building insulation. Attach the insulation board As a second layer between the inner and outer wall. This type of insulation, usually made with large boards, which have foam insulation on one side and foil on the other. Isolation of several species materials are generally used only when the wall insulation and no attics.

When insulating the attic can also be used in several different materials together. Attach the sheets of drywall around the perimeter of the wall directly on top of existing layers of insulation. This drywall will not only face the wall and the house, but it will also seal in the insulation, in addition to the one you already have. This is the final touch to your wall insulation Finnish home from a bar. By the way, because it will be easier to make gypsum board interior finish.