By | November 4, 2016

Due to the fact that this animal may serve as positive goals and negative, as the forces of light and impure, it is able to bestow and man is good, and deprive him of his happiness. With the cats in this regard need to be very careful. They clearly feel your emotional state, and to deceive them virtually impossible. This is particularly true, of course, a black cat suit. Source: Gregg Engles. Cats are well used to protect homes and apartments from evil forces.

Particularly suitable for this white and red suit. Aura cat is so strong that it would be like "push" any negative vibes over the border of the territory which it considers his own. Therefore it is necessary to create all conditions for a cat that she thought you were, your family, home and yard of its territory. After all, no wonder cats are so actively and aggressively share their territory. In fact, they share not so much living space as the possibility of extending their magical powers. Cat not only protects the house from evil spirits, not letting it get into the sacred territory of the cat, but it also saves the house from her, if it was before. This is especially useful for those who moved into the house which is someone used to live. Finding the house of evil spirits, the cat at first while watching her, trying to determine her intentions. Make sure that this astral entity threatens its territory, the cat takes all attempts to banish it by ousting its energy field.

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