Housing Crisis

Ability to take ownership of a residential area with ample comfort has become an unattainable dream. In the event of a housing crisis to postpone the issue was socially dangerous, it is it was therefore decided to mass construction. Although the law on housing allocations remained the same – it was made clear valuation footage per person, minimum level of amenities, the small size of apartments. Large-scale construction has brought more and a lot of problems: panel buildings spoiling the architectural appearance of Vladivostok, has worsened the environmental situation. But everyone was happy and that.

Hundreds, thousands, of residents are New owners of small apartments. In the 60s was introduced self-financing, which in turn was the impetus for companies in the outcome of labor. In humans, there was little ability to earn more, which gave opportunity for the family budget to solve their problems condominiums. Later, there were housing cooperatives (associations of people to build houses on their own money). But the cooperative construction of houses and their subsequent proper maintenance of many was not on drugs. Control over housing payment and the introduction of state subsidies have been the basis of housing policy of the state. The possibility of obtaining almost flat was not associated with the changing capabilities of the family. In addition, the rent was high and did not reflect the real cost of housing, and applicants for housing in the social sector, not decreased, and all time increased.

The emergence of market relations greatly influenced the approach to solving the housing problem. Somewhat later it was decided to give up sponsorship of public utilities, and all the trials and tribulations shifted onto the shoulders of men, which led to an instantaneous increase in the price of rent, increased cost of utilities for the consumer. During the period of severe economic crisis, rapid, catastrophic outs of wages and pensions is so different, and fell to values that do not meet the subsistence minimum. Very low wages and pensions, the increase in utility rates led to the impossibility of the content of huge apartments. Most of all, this was reflected in the owners of old buildings that require capital repairs. There were people who decided to sell his large apartment and relocate to another more modest house. It has also become more willing to surrender their private property for rent and increased the number of people wanting to buy this apartment for lease or rent conditions. There was a possibility to privatize their own homes. Now every citizen can buy a flat in size and quality according to their income and needs. It appeared the housing market.