How To Monitor Dorgimi Hours ?

Care for hours does not require special training or scrupulosity. This necessary procedure should be your constant routine, a part of hygiene. Consider, to start caring for the mechanical clock. First, you must clear understand that the clock should be periodically, every few years to check, clean and lubricate the special service center. To conduct such procedures 'at home' is usually not possible. The smallest particle of dust or dirt can detrimental to the mechanism.

You must adhere to basic rules, such as: regular plant, whose frequency depends on the hand wound or automatic. Remember that the clock should start, took off his hands, to avoid damaging the mechanical components. Try to start a Swiss watch in the same time, it will increase their lifespan. As a rule, the clock with mechanical plant must start no more once a week. Naturally, you should understand that participation in sports, and generally active work, eliminate the fact of wearing hours. Of course, there are watches, equipped with shock-resistant and waterproof housing, but, as in every model, in case there is a certain threshold strength, which can be overcome with time. The exceptions are specially designed, branded watches for sports. Quartz watches, in turn, require less attention and care.

However, this does not mean that they do not need regular checkups specialized center. When you replace the nutrients as well use the services of authorized dealers. Not recommended for self- change the battery. You can, without even noticing, damaging the work hours.